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Forage resources and ecosystem services provided by Mountain and Mediterranean grasslands and rangelands

Baumont R. (ed.), Carrère P. (ed.), Jouven M. (ed.), Lombardi G. (ed.), López-Francos A. (ed.), Martin B. (ed.), Peeters A. (ed.), Porqueddu C. (ed.). Forage resources and ecosystem services provided by Mountain and Mediterranean grasslands and rangelands. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / INRA / FAO / VetAgro Sup Clermont-Ferrand / Montpellier SupAgro, 2014. 843 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 109). Joint Meeting of the "Mountain Pastures, Mediterranean Forage Resources (FAO/ESCORENA-CIHEAM) and Mountain Cheese" Network, 2014/06/24-26, Clermont-Ferrand (France).


In constrained environments such as mountainous and Mediterranean areas the sustainable use of forage resources by domestic herbivores has to combine production, conservation of high environmental value areas and product quality. The sustainability of animal production systems relies on their ability to reconcile economic performance based on the added value of high quality animal products and ecological performance based on the implementation of management practices relying on agro-ecological principles and allowing compensatory payments for the production of public goods. This publication is the outcome of a joint meeting of the "Mountain Pastures, Mediterranean Forage Resources (FAO/ESCORENA - CIHEAM) and Mountain Cheese" networks entitled "Forage resources and ecosystem services provided by mountain and Mediterranean grasslands and rangelands" which was organized in Clermont-Ferrand (France) from 24 to 26 June 2014. This multidisciplinary meeting aimed at sharing/contrasting viewpoints, methods and results of specialised scientists working on grassland and rangeland assessment and use. In a context of climate change and environmental concerns, livestock farming systems in Mediterranean and mountain areas share issues common to harsh environments, which can be dealt with by using similar theoretical and methodological frameworks. Cultivated or spontaneous vegetation, herbaceous or ligneous species, all forage resources should be considered together, as complementary items contributing to the multiple performances of livestock systems. More than 140 scientific contributions were presented and discussed including introductory and invited papers, short oral communications and posters. The contributions were presented by specialists from 22 different countries of mountain and mediterranean climate areas all over the world (Europe, Africa, South-America, Oceania and Asia).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Supporting HNV extensive livestock systems in Mountain and Mediterranean areas – The need for an adapted European Policy
Beaufoy G., Poux X..
Potentials and challenges for future sustainable grassland utilisation in animal production
Leiber F., Jouven M., Martín B., Priolo A., Coppa M., Prache S., Heckendorn F., Baumont R..
A meta-analysis of climate change effects on forage quality in grasslands: perspectives for mountain and Mediterranean areas
Dumont B., Andueza D., Niderkorn V., Lüscher A., Porqueddu C., Picon-Cochard C..
Intake of plants containing secondary compounds by sheep grazing rangelands in the province of Boulemane (Morocco)
Gobindram N.-E., Boughalmi A., Moulin C.H., Meuret M., Araba A., Jouven M..
Genetic affinity, ß–ODAP, homoarginine and asparagine contents of Turkish grass pea landraces
Acar Z., Onar N., Uysal H., Can M., Kumbasar F., Tuzen E..
Livestock winter feeding in prehistory: role of browse leaves, annual twigs of woody plants, senescent grasses, Hedera helix and Viscum album
Hejcmanová P., Hejcman M., Stejskalová M., Pavlù V..
The DNA based characterization of the diet from digested samples: a reliability study in ruminants
Niderkorn V., Farruggia A., De Barba M., Rioux D., Baumont R., Pompanon F..
Dairy cattle on Norwegian alpine rangelands – grazing preferences and milk quality
Sickel H., Abrahamsen R.K., Eldegard K., Lunnan T., Norderhaug A., Petersen M.A., Sickel M., Steenhuisen F., Ohlson M..
Effects of pasture type on carcass and meat characteristics of kid goats
Smeti S., Slimeni O., Hajji H, Mekki I., Mahouachi M., Saadani F., Atti N..
Visible spectroscopy on carcass fat to distinguish pasture-fed, concentrate-fed and concentrate-finished pasture-fed lambs
Huang Y., Andueza D., Ballet J., de Oliveira L., Zawadzki F., Prache S..
Fatty acid composition of Murazzano PDO cheese as affected by pasture vegetation types
Renna M., Lussiana C., Cornale P., Armellino S., Piccollo D., Battaglini L.M..
Performances of some fodder cultivars cultivated in pure stand or in association under semi-arid conditions of Algeria
Abbas K., Mébarkia A., Mohguen K..
Comparative study of chemical composition of three forages from South-East Algeria
Arab H., Mehennaoui S..
Chemical composition and fatty acid profiles of some local forage resources in southern Tunisia
Ayeb N., Hammadi M., Addis M., Khorchani T..
The effects of forage turnip (Brassica rapa L. var. rapa) as companion crop on alfalfa yield and quality
Basaran U., Gulumser E., Dogrusoz M., Mut H..
Trifolium isthmocarpum Brot: biosaline agriculture for forage and livestock production
Bennani K., Al Faiz C..
Rumen degradability of some Algerian browse plant species from Algerian arid rangelands
Boufennara S., Bouazza L., Bodas R., Ammar H., Bousseboua H., López S..
Biomass production and quality value of pastoral species in the Rif Mountains
Chebli Y., Chentouf M., El Otmani S..
Evaluation of forage yield and quality of forage turnip x legume mixtures
Dogrusoz M.C., Mut H., Gulumser E., Basaran U..
Evaluation of the competition between alfalfa and sainfoin sown in mixture
Delgado I., Muñoz F., Andueza D..
The water relations of two perennial grasses in a Mediterranean grassland
Exadactylou P., Karatassiou M..
Rate of progress to flowering in annual species of genus Trifolium grown for silage in Galicia (NW of Spain) as affected by sowing date
Flores-Calvete G., Valladares-Alonso J., Pereira-Crespo S., Díaz-Díaz N., Díaz-Díaz D., Resch-Zafra C., Fernández-Lorenzo B., Dagnac T., Crecente-Campo S., Salvatierra-Rico J.A..
Nutritive value of by-product from dates for use in animal feed
Gasmi-Boubaker A., Ben Ismail H., Boubaker B., Zine Elabidine E..
Floristic and chemical composition of an organic, natural pasture used for fattening lambs in the region of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia
Hamdi H., Majdoub-Mathiouthi L., Znaïdi I.A., Kraiem K..
Nutritive value of Paliurus spina-christi and herbaceous vegetation in Mediterranean shrub-lands of central and northern Greece
Hormova E., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Parissi Z.M., Korakis G., Abraham E.M..
Medium term effects of water availability and N-P fertilization interactions on the productivity and composition of natural grasslands of Uruguay
Jaurena M., Giorello D., Cruz P., Lemaire G., Nabinger C..
Impact of limited irrigation on the growth characteristics of Lotus corniculatus
Karatassiou M., Kostopoulou P., Lazaridou M., Merou T., Giagourta P., Noitsakis B..
Grassland yield variation and botanical composition in mountainous areas of Norway
Lunnan T., Todnem J..
Agronomic performance of some perennial grass cultivars in Algerian semi-arid conditions
Mefti M., Djemel A., Bouzerzour H., Chebouti A., Abdelguerfi A..
Yielding ability of different annual cereal-legume mixtures
Melis R.A.M., Nieddu D., Dettori D., Porqueddu C..
Dairy cow’s pastures quality in Jura Mountains and Comté cheese area: maintenance with draught horses
Mugnier S., Bigot G., Perret E., Gaillard C., Ingrand S..
Evaluation and characterization of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) genotypes collected from natural flora
Mut H., Gulumser E., Dogrusoz M., Basaran U., Ayan I., Gulumser A..
Changes in forage quality of an upland permanent grassland under climate change including a summer extreme drought combined with a heat wave
Niderkorn V., Ginane C., Dumont B., Andueza D., Le Morvan A., Decaux M.L., Morvan-Bertrand A., Picon-Cochard C..
Effect of grass height and species on nutritive value of winter stockpiled forage
Note P., Picard F., Pottier E..
Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roem. e Schult affects grassland botanical composition and forage nutritive value
Orlandi S., Nucera E., Mosimann E., Lonati M., Lombardi G., D'Adda G., Garzoli D., Bertossa M..
Impact of maturation on extractable polyphenols in leguminous fodder species
Parissi Z.M., Karameri E., Abraham E.M., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Petridis A..
The effects of P fertilization on spontaneous annual self-reseeding legume species of Mediterranean pastures
Sulas L., Canu S., Carroni A.M., Sassu M.M., Salis M..
Characterization of Algerians populations of Medicago for cold tolerance by morphological traits and molecular markers
Yahia N., Fyad-Lameche F.Z., Bakhti N., Barré P..
Phenology and grain yield of some common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) accessions in Tunisia
Zoghlami Khélil A., Hassen H., Benyoussef S..
Effects of temperature, drought and salinity on seed germination of Fabaceous species (Anthyllis henoniana)
Zoubayda I., Lotfi A..
Mediterranean forage resources and Pélardon cheese content of terpenes and fatty acids
Agabriel C., Ferlay A., Buchin S., Napoléone M., Genevet E., Marty P., Hulin S., Martín B..
In vitro anthelmintic activity of Thymus capitatus from southern Tunisia on gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep
Akkari H., Boubaker Elandalousi R., Gharbi M..
Milk production and quality in Sicilo-sarde ewes drenched with Artemisia herba alba or Rosmarinus officinalis essential oils
Aouadi D., Ben Salem H..
Effect of the level of incorporation of olive cake in the diet on lamb fattening performance and carcass characteristics
Benbati M., Belafqih B., El Otmani S., Mounsif M., Keli A..
Influence of different alpine farming systems on animal activities, heart rate, and milk yield of primiparous cows
Berard J., Goiset L., Turille G., Bruckmaier R..
Carcass and lamb quality from agro-pastoral system in the Middle Atlas (Morocco)
Boughalmi A., Araba A., Chatibi S., Yessef M..
Applicability of the genuineness official parameters to the milk fat from cows consuming mountain pasture: the case of triglyceride composition
Contarini G., Povolo M., Pelizzola V., Passolungo L., Tamburini A..
Dairy cow grazing selection on upland pasture affects milk fatty acid concentrations
Coppa M., Farruggia A., Ravaglia P., Pomiès D., Borreani G., Le Morvan A., Ferlay A..
The main fatty acids of bulk milks can be predicted with rapid farm surveys
Coppa M., Ferlay A., Chassaing C., Agabriel C., Glasser F., Chilliard Y., Borreani G., Barcarolo R., Baars T., Kusche D., Harstad O.M., Verbic J., Golecky J., Martín B..
The effect on milk production and composition of incorporating lupin and triticale into dairy goat diets
El Otmani S., Ayadi M., Chentouf M..
Influence of Alpine highland pasture on the fatty acid and terpene composition of milk and Plaisentif cheese from various Piedmont farms
Gai F., Battelli G., Bottero M.T., Civera T., Dalmasso A., Pattono D., Peiretti P.G..
Sensory characteristics and fatty acid composition of Raschera PDO cheese according to the production system
Giaccone D., Coppa M., Revello-Chion A., Galassi L., Bianchi P., Tabacco E., Borreani G..
Influence of grazing on meat oxidation in light lamb
González-Calvo L., Blanco M., Ripoll G., Molino F., Calvo J.H., Joy M..
Rumen fermentation pattern and blood metabolites of lambs from three breeds reared on pasture or feedlot
Hajji H, Smeti S., Mekki I., Bouzid K., Abdelmoula J., Joy M., Molino F., Atti N..
Protein and fat content in colostrum and milk of Barbarine ewes treated by water deprivation during late gestation-early lactation
Khnissi S., Lassoued N., Ben Salem H., Rekik M., Kraiem K..
Range management and cows’ consumption of Trichloris crinita
Klich M.G..
Riboflavin secretion in cow’s milk varies according to diet composition and season
Laverroux S., Vallet J., Chassaing C., Girard C.L., Agabriel C., Graulet B., Martín B..
Climate-impacts on autumn lamb weight
Lind V., Nielsen A..
Effect of whole or extruded linseed and of Acacia cyanophylla foliage intake in grazing dairy ewes
Maamouri O., Atti N., Kraiem K., Mahouachi M..
Seasonal preferences of grazing goats in a Mediterranean oak-juniper rangeland
Manousidis T., Abas Z., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Parissi Z.M., Abraham E.M..
Effect of growth hormone polymorphisms and of diet on the productive performance and technological quality of Serra da Estrela sheep milk
Marques M.R., Martins A.P.L., Belo A.T., Ribeiro J.M., Martins M.P.V., Miranda R., Duthoit T.M., Belo C.C..
Response of pregnant sheep to sadrinking water during early pregnancy
Mehdi W., Ben Salem H..
Lamb’s growth and carcass characteristics as affected by herbaceous or woody pasture in Tunisian North West
Mekki I., Smeti S., Hajji H, Mahouachi M., Trabelsi A., Atti N..
Effect of grazing alfalfa on α-tocopherol content and FA composition in Longissimus and Semitendinosus muscles of light lambs
Molino F., Blanco M., González-Calvo L., Ripoll G., Calvo J.H., Joy M..
Are bedding materials a source of useful microorganisms for dairy cow and ewe milk?
Monsallier F., Feutry F., Bouton Y., Convert T., Verdier-Metz I., Montel M.C..
Utilisation of whey by finishing beef cattle in alpine cheese production regions
Morel I., Meisser M., Dufey P.-A..
Safety status and physicochemical composition of Plaisentif Cheese
Pattono D., Civera T., Dalmasso A., Battelli G., Gai F., Peiretti P.G., Bottero M.T..
Prediction of fatty acids composition of annual forage clovers and serradella by near infrared spectroscopy
Pereira-Crespo S., Flores-Calvete G., Valladares-Alonso J., Díaz-Díaz N., Díaz-Díaz D., Resch-Zafra C., Fernández-Lorenzo B., Latorre A., González L., Dagnac T..
Cattle distribution under rotational grazing as affected by mineral mix supplements and traditional salt placement in Alpine environments
Pittarello M., Probo M., Iussig G., Lonati M., Lombardi G., Bailey D.W..
Milk production without wet forage for Saint-Nectaire PDO cheese
Pomiès D., Barbet M., Fages M., Hulin S., Jacquot A.-L., Blay B..
Genetic polymorphism study of the Tunisian Barbarine breed
Ressaissi Y., Bedhiaf-Romdhani S..
Recent results supporting the Montasio PDO cheeses labelled “Mountain product” and “Only Italian Simmental breed”
Romanzin A., Corazzin M., Fontana C., Piasentier E., Bovolenta S..
Use of wrapped hay silage to fatten Charolais bulls in grassland territories
Sepchat B., Ortigues-Marty I., Mialon M.M., Faure P., Agabriel J..
Reticuloruminal pH values in dairy cows during the transition period from barn to pasture feeding
Steinwidder A., Horn M., Gasteiner J..
Effect of post-milking treatment on teat skin and milk microbial diversity of dairy cows
Verdier-Metz I., Pradel P., Monsallier F., Montel M.C..
Effect of transhumance and the use of a native breed on infection of sheep with pasture borne parasites
Werne S., Maurer V., Perler E., Isensee A., Drewek A., Heckendorn F..
Multifunctionality and dynamics of silvopastoral systems
Moreno G., Franca A., Pinto Correia M.T., Godinho S..
Grazing management aimed at producing landscape mosaics to restore and enhance biodiversity in Mediterranean ecosystems
Glasser T.A., Hadar L..
Biodiversity provides ecosystem services: scientific results vs stakeholders’ knowledge
Martin G., Lugnot M..
Effect of long term defoliation by cattle grazing with and without trampling on soil compaction and plant species composition in temperate grassland
Ludviková V., Pavlù V., Gaisler J., Pavlu L., Hejcman M..
A methodological approach to model the grass-tree relationship in Quercus suber Mediterranean forest ecosystems
Jarradi S., Louhaichi M., Qarro M., Ammari Y., Gmira N..
Assessing ecosystem services provided by livestock farms in upland areas in the French Massif Central
Zapata J., Lacour C., Violleau S., Dupic G., Faure P., Baumont B., Carrère P., Hulin S., Farruggia A..
Wildfire effects on species composition and nutritive value in different thermo-Mediterranean vegetation types
Abraham E.M., Parissi Z.M., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Korakis G., Papaioannou P..
Analysis of ecosystem services provided by grassland-based livestock systems
Duru M., Theau J.P., Martin G..
Effects of extreme drought on grasslands Evaluation of the buffering effect of plant diversity using an experimental approach
Hernández P., Picon-Cochard C..
Quantifying grazing intensity and ecosystem services in subalpine pastures
Homburger H., Schneider M.K., Scherer-Lorenzen M., Lüscher A..
The impact of transhumant livestock system on the diversity of two mountainous grasslands in Northern Greece
Karatassiou M., Parissi Z.M., Sklavou P., Ispikoudis S..
Predicting annual grassland productivity from community-level mean traits: how does a rapid method based on botanical survey perform?
Louault F., Note P., Carrère P., Pottier J..
Effects of drought and cutting frequency on agronomic value and functional traits of two pastures of the Jura mountains
Meisser M., Le Danvic M., Deléglise C., Mosimann E..
Restoration of degraded rangeland by the use of Cenchrus ciliaris, a high value perennial forage grass, in Hail region (Saudi Arabia)
Mseddi K., Shammari A., Dghimen M., Abdallah L..
Grazing as a tool to maintain floristic diversity and herbage production in mountainous areas: a case study in north western Greece
Parissi Z.M., Rapti D., Sklavou P., Karatassiou M..
Seasonal variations of herbage yield and quality in Karst pastures for sustainable management: first results from the BioDiNet project
Pornaro C., Macolino S., Tardivo G., Zanatta K., Poldini L., Ziliotto U..
Modeling spatial distribution of goat grazing as a fuelbreak management tool in Mediterranean ecosystems
Segal E., Carmel Y., Ungar E.D., Glasser T.A., Landau S.Y..
Forage legumes and grasses: more advantages in pure crop rotation or intercropping?
Vargiu M., Spanu E., Mulè P..
Diverse and resilient agro-pastoral systems: a common goal for the Mediterranean regions
Ates S., Casasús I., Louhaichi M..
Multiple services provided at territory scale from Mountain and Mediterranean livestock systems
Moulin C.H..
Mountainous grasslands sustaining traditional livestock systems: The economic performance of sheep and goat transhumance in Greece
Ragkos A., Siasiou A., Galanopoulos K., Lagka V..
Does water availability influence the choice of a forage strategy in Swiss lowlands?
Mosimann E., Deléglise C., Sinaj S., Charles R..
Growth performance and meat quality of suckling beef calves as affected by alpine pasture topography
Gangnat I.D.M., Kreuzer M., Dufey P.-A., Leiber F., Berard J..
Is the increase in beef cattle in upland farms driving environmentally-friendlier farming?
Rapey H., Beyle R..
The role of grazed pasture in dairy Mediterranean sheep farming system
Sitzia M., Peana I., Marrosu G.M., Manca C., Epifani G., Acciaro M., Decandia M..
Portuguese annual Mediterranean pastures: an economic approach to understand sown pastures failure
Almeida J.P.F., Alberto D., Maçãs B.M..
Supporting herders and improving forage production in the South side of Alps – A development project
Nucera E., Orlandi S., D'Adda G., Garzoli D., Bertossa M., Mosimann E..
The performance of the strategy of differentiation of dairy farms in France
Jeanneaux P., Dakpo H., Blasquiet-Revol H..
Study on range plants of Al-arshkol Mountains in semi-arid zone, White Nile State, Sudan
Abdelkreim M..
The profitability of seasonal mountain dairy farming
Asheim L.J., Lunnan T., Sickel H..
Manure nitrogen excretion from dairy cattle on the valley floor of Valle d’Aosta (NW Italy)
Bassignana M., Machet F., Madormo F..
Sustainability of sheep farming systems: the case of the northern area of Laghouat/Algeria
Benhassine L.M., Bedrani S., Oubraham F..
Quality labels: a way to support the development of pastoral resources? Methodological insights based on the monographic analysis of Hasi Region – Northern Albania
Bernard C., Boutonnet J.P., Garnier A., Lerin F., Medolli B..
Brisket disease of dairy cattle and risk factors in Mantaro Valley, Peru
Bes C., Vargas J., Gonzales E., Rojas M., Arana C., Brunschwig G..
Predation impacts due to dogs on sheep herds in wolf-free areas: a synthesis based on surveys in eleven breeding territories in France
Brunschwig G., Pinot A., Brosse-Genevet E., Garde L..
Diversity of efficient dairy farming systems in the PDO Saint-Nectaire cheese area
Chassaing C., Roquefeuil O., Agabriel C..
Agri-environmental measures for the conservation of semi-natural grasslands: a case study in Natura 2000 sites in Marche region (Italy)
Francioni M., Toderi M., Catorci A., Pancotto D., D'Ottavio P..
Diversity of goat livestock systems in Livradois-Forez (France) and forms of ecological intensification
Gomes L.C., Pailleux J.Y., Dedieu B., Cournut S..
Rangeland degradation and adaptation of livestock farming in the Algerian steppe: The case of Hadj Mechri (Wilaya of Laghouat)
Hammouda R.F., Huguenin J., Bouchareb B., Nedjraoui D..
Conflict of goals? Animal welfare and greenhouse gas emissions in Swiss beef production systems of different intensity
Hoffmann F., Meier M.S., Spengler Neff A., Leiber F., Oehen B..
Agricultural added value and its evolution in the Entlebuch UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Switzerland)
Hofstetter P..
Designing a multicriteria index to assess on-farm working conditions to maintain farms in mountain areas
Jacquot A.-L., Hostiou N., Brunschwig G., Laurent C..
Red meat production in south-east Tunisia: typological outline of producers
Jaouad M., Sadraoui R., Benslimen H..
Horses and rangelands: Mutual contributions and perspectives
Jouven M., Launay F., Vial C..
Milking and reproduction management practices of transhumant sheep and goat farms
Lagka V., Siasiou A., Ragkos A., Mitsopoulos I., Bampidis V., Kiritsi S., Michas V., Skapetas V..
Rangeland Rummy to support adaptive management of rangeland systems
Martin G., Farrié B., Jouven M., Launay F., Moreau J.-C., Moulin C.H., Piquet M., Taverne M., Tchakérian E., Thénard V..
The contribution of livestock to farm income in different agro-ecological zones of Egypt
Metawi H..
Feeding strategies and main expenses in sheep breeding in mountainous area of Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria
Mouhous A., Chibane F., Segheir S., Brabez F., Kadi S.A..
“Alpine Pasture-Farms System”: A concept to analyse the management of alpine pastures
Nettier B., Dobremez L., Brunschwig G..
Rangeland management in Nepal with South Asian experiences
Pandey S..
Structural productive and management traits in two Mediterranean large-scale grazing systems
Salis L., Sitzia M., Bagella S., Marrosu M., Roggero P.P..
Trends and drivers of change of cattle systems in the Western Balkans
Sedic E., Brka M., D'Ottavio P..
The emerging dairy sheep industry in New Zealand
Stevens D., Bibiloni R..
Contribution of camel breeding to the household economy in southeast Tunisia
Tardif N., Jaouad M., Khorchani T., Faye B..
Agroecology and herbivore farming systems – principles and practices
Wezel A., Peeters A..
Impact of grazing on the agro-ecological characteristics of a Mediterranean oak woodland. Five years of observations at Monte Pisanu forest
Re G.A., Franca A., Saba P., Nieddu D., Sassu M., Sanna F..
Investigating genotype by supplementation interaction in an Alpine low-input dairy system
Horn M., Steinwidder A., Pfister R., Zollitsch W..
Analysis of the feed self-sufficiency as indicator of the durability of the Majorera breeding goat systems in the Canary Islands
Navarro-Ríos M.J., Fernández G., Costera A., Perezgrovas R..
Applying agroecological principles to redesign and to assess dairy sheep farming systems
Thénard V., Jost J., Choisis J.P., Magne M.-A..
Trade-offs between stocking rate, forage properties and livestock performance in a Mediterranean grassland
Henkin Z., Perevolotsky A., Ungar E.D., Landau S.Y., Sternberg M., Seligman N.G..
Methane production from the rumen fermentation of Algerian Acacia tree foliage
Bouazza L., Boufennara S., Bodas R., Bousseboua H., Tejido M.L., Ammar H., López S..
Changing farm management practices using lucerne for sheep grazing
Stevens D.R., Casey M.J..
Vegetative development, blooming and chemical composition of some Algerian populations of sulla
Issolah R., Sadi S., Adjabi A., Tahar A., Alane F., Chellig-Siziani Y., Lebied M., Yahiatene S..
Livestock farming systems in the eastern Italian Alps: Ecosystem services and product quality
Ramanzin M., Salvador S., Sturaro E., Bovolenta S..
Carotenoids and tocopherol in plasma and fat to authenticate forage feeding in cattle
Blanco M., Molino F., Ripoll G., Casasús I., Joy M..
To what extent do French mountain grasslands provide simultaneously biodiversity and forage services?
Michaud A., Baumont R., Pottier E., Plantureux S..
AlpFUTUR – Herders, home farm size and direct payments are key factors for the future of summer farming in Switzerland
Hofer G., Böni R., Herzog F., Lauber S., Seidl I..