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7th International Symposium on the Mediterranean Pig

De Pedro E.J. (ed.), Cabezas A.B. (ed.). 7th International Symposium on the Mediterranean Pig. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2012. 677 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 101). 7. International Symposium on the Mediterranean Pig, 2010/10/14-16, Córdoba (Spain).


This publication presents the Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on the Mediterranean Pig held in Cordoba (Spain) from 14 to 16 October 2010. More than twenty years have passed since the first symposium was organized in 1989 in Ajaccio (Corsica), with the participation of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish researchers. Since then, several symposia have been held and researchers from other European regions and from the rest of the world have joined the group, aiming to share, discuss and spread the scientific progress achieved in pig production linked to sylvopastoral and agroforestry systems. The objective of the Network on the Mediterranean Pig is to contribute to the progress of this production system, which brings to society all the values it possesses: it is a key element in the economic development of rural areas, it plays a key role in the environmental management of zones associated with sylvopastoral and agroforestry systems, and it offers high-quality products, demanded by consumers and very much desired by other types of livestock production systems. The pig production system must be studied within a wider context and, thus, issues related to genetics, production management, nutrition, health, product and socioeconomic aspects have been dealt with in the Symposium. This volume contains a total of 114 articles from contributions presented at the Symposium on all those topics. Given that this product quality plays an important role in the survival of these systems, 40% of the work has dealt with this aspect, as well as the traceability of the systems (12%), with the aim of contributing transparency to commercial transactions and giving a guarantee to the consumers in the different stages of the system (stockbreeders, industry, consumers).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Sequencing the Iberian pig genomes
Esteve A., Kofler R., Himmelbauer H., Groenen M., Rodríguez M.C., Pérez-Enciso M..
Analysis of the KIT gene in a Sicilian pig population and identification of the Id allele at the Dominant white locus
Fontanesi L., D'Alessandro E., Scotti E., Liotta L., Chiofalo V., Russo V..
Genetic characterization of autochthonous pig breeds from Spain with microsatellite markers
Martínez Martínez A., Landi Periati V., Martínez Domínguez M., Poto Remacha A., Peinado Ramón B., Pons A., Barba Capote C., Carril González-Barros J.A., Méndez Tur Y., Vega-Pla J.L., Delgado Bermejo J.V..
Effect of dietary oleic acid content: different genetic regulation of fatty acid metabolism on muscle and fat of Iberian pigs
Ovilo C., Fernández A., Fernández A.I., Martín Palomino P., Rodrigáñez J., Rodríguez C., Silió L., López-Bote C.J..
Δ9-desaturase polymorphism association with fatty acid profile of Italian PDO dry cured hams
Renaville B., Minelli G., Volpelli L.A., Corazzin M., Piasentier E..
New genetic tests to select Iberian pigs
Rodríguez C., Benítez R., Alves E., Fernández A.I., Ovilo C., Silió L., Barragán C..
Recovery program of Cádiz's Golden Iberian pig strain (Dorado Gaditano)
Clemente I., Pastor J.M., Jiménez J.M., Torres R., Molina A..
Genetic parameters and response to selection in several herds of Iberian pigs for piglets weight at 90 days of age
Ureta P., Alvarez F., Dieguez E., Rodríguez P., De la Rosa R.S., Barandiarán M., García Casco J.M..
Genetic parameters and trends for litter size in Black Slavonian pigs
Luković Z., Karolyi D., Klišanić V., Mahnet Z., Gantner V., Škorput D..
Genetic structure of Krškopolje pig based on pedigree data
Malovrh S., Planinc M., Kovac M..
Differences in physico-chemical composition of loin of three sires from Duroc x Iberian cross selected according to their conformation
Utrillas M., Soriano A., Villafuerte S.E., García Ruiz A..
Differences in productive parameters and carcass traits of three sires from Duroc x Iberian cross selected according to their conformation
Villafuerte S.E., Utrillas M., García Ruiz A., Soriano A..
CONBIAND Network: Following the genetic contributions of the Iberian pigs in the American Creole breeds using microsatellites
Martínez Martínez A., Landi Periati V., Barba Capote C., Bonilla E., Carril González-Barros J.A., Forero Vizcaíno F.J., Galíndez R., Gómez M., Domínguez Martínez M.A., Méndez Tur Y., Peinado Ramón B., Pérez Pineda E., Ponce A.P., Pons A., Poto Remacha A., Revidatti M.A., Sierra Vasquez A., Sponenberg J.L., Vega-Pla J.L., Delgado Bermejo J.V..
Alentejo pig breed nipple (Sus ibericus) preliminar scientific notula (I)
Oliveira A.R..
Production systems and sustainable management of pigs in the Mediterranean region
Santos Silva J..
The relative role of ovulation rate and embryo losses on prolificacy of Iberian sows
González-Bulnes A., Encinas T., Gómez-Izquierdo E., González-Añover P., Pallarés P., Pérez-Solana M.L., Sánchez-Sánchez R., Torres-Rovira L..
The breeding of the main local pig breeds in Mediterranean Europe
Bonanzinga M., Franci O., Cappè F., Sirtori F., Crovetti A., Esposito S., Pugliese C..
The link between breed, territory and product quality: the case of the Cinta Senese
Crovetti A., Sirtori F., Esposito S., Pugliese C., Acciaioli A., Franci O..
Evaluation of forest damage derived from the rearing of Apulo-Calabrese pig
Acciaioli A., Grifoni F., Fontana G., Esposito S., Franci O..
Effectiveness of immunocastration in adult boars
Agudelo-Trujillo J., Estrada-Pineda J., Guzmán-González P..
Proposal of sustainable management of pig farming on pastures in Tuscany
Campodoni G., Acciaioli A., Bozzi R..
The Nebrodi Black Pig: description of the regional situation with particular attention to the environment and the techniques and types of farming
Zumbo A., Aronica V., Spartà G., Pruiti V., Lazzara A., Di Rosa A., Fiasconaro M., Di Marco V..
Effect of litter size on post-weaning growth of Iberian piglets
Duarte J.L., Izquierdo M., Bazán J., Ayuso D., Hernández F.I., Corral J.M., García Casco J.M..
Study on the behaviour of Cinta Senese sows and piglets reared outdoors
Esposito S., Acciaioli A., Franci O., Goracci J..
Study of fertility, fetal survival and prolificacy in relation to social rank in multiparous Iberian sows
Hernández-García F.I., Bazán J., Ayuso D., Izquierdo M., Corral J.M., Pérez M.A..
Volatile fatty acids and meat composition
Hernández-Matamoros A., Paniagua Breña M., Izquierdo Cebrián M., Tejeda Sereno J.F., González Sánchez E..
The fiber in the diet of Iberian pigs and ability to limit growth
Paniagua Breña M., Izquierdo Cebrián M., Ayuso Carrizosa D., Hernández-Matamoros A., González Sánchez E..
Assessment of the "recebo with postre" system
Hernández-Matamoros A., Pimienta Ingelmo J., Tejeda Sereno J.F., González Sánchez E..
Soil degradation by grazing pig in Mediterranean environment
Pistoia A., Bondi G., Balestri G., Mani D., Masciandaro G..
Reproduction performance parameters in Iberian pig farms
Piñeiro C., Aparicio M., De Andrés M.A., Rainho N., Rodríguez-Estévez V..
Influence of farrowing number on prolificacy and lactating performance in Iberian pig farms
Piñeiro C., Aparicio M., De Andrés M.A., Rainho N., Rodríguez-Estévez V..
Effect of number of utilizations in a barley grass in Mediterranean conditions on biomass production and the admissible stocking rate of Majorcan Black Pig
Moya J., Jaume J., Joy S., González J..
Growth of the Krškopolje pig
Planinc M., Kovac M., Malovrh S..
Effect of dietary fat and restriction on carcass and meat quality of Iberian pigs
Viguera J., Cortés M., Peinado J., Señorón M., Ruiz J..
Preliminary results of productivity of Gochu Asturcelta’s breed in semi-extensive systems
De la Roza-Delgado B., Cueto M.A., Menéndez J., Argamentería A..
Physicochemical characterization of Majorcan Black Pig lard
Jaume J., Garí F., González J., Sola L..
Acorn chemical composition depending on shedding date and Quercus species
Ferraz de Oliveira M.I., Machado M., Cancela d’Abreu M..
Iberian pig raising: Animal health and food safety
Astorga Márquez R.J..
Serological study of potential zoonotic pathogens in Iberian pigs
Gómez Laguna J., Hernández García M., García-Valverde R., Moreno Moreno P.J., Huerta Lorenzo B., Astorga Márquez R.J..
Litter size and health management as limiting factors of "in situ" conservation of Turopolje pig
Salajpal K., Karolyi D., Spicic S., Cvetnic Z., Klišanić V., Mahnet Z., Dikic M..
Pathogenic bacterial contamination of carcasses from outdoor organically reared pigs: preliminary results from a survey in Northern Italy
Rampin F., Schiavon E., Luciano I., Sartori A., Bondesan V..
KRL test to objective evaluation of welfare: sensibility to housing conditions and dietary supplements
Rossi R., Pastorelli G., Cannata S., Corino C..
Quality of meat and cured products of Mediterranean autochthonous pigs
Pugliese C..
Proteomic profile of dry cured ham adapted to low salt content
Santé-Lhoutellier V., Candek-Potokar M., Skrlep M., Gou P., Hortós M., Chambon C., Robert N..
Physicochemical, hygienic and organoleptic characterisation of Slavonian Kulen, a traditional pork sausage from eastern Croatia
Karolyi D., Salajpal K., Luković Z., Kovačić D..
Effect of the slaughterhouse on behaviour, blood parameters, meat quality and raw ham defects in heavy pigs
Nanni Costa L., Tassone F., Comellini M., Lelo M.C., Dall’Olio S., Lo Fiego D.P..
Effect of the use of chestnuts in the finishing diet on fatty acid profile in different tissues of the Celta pig breed
Domínguez R., Martínez S., Franco I., Carballo J..
Natural antioxidant in pig feeding: Effects on meat and on salami quality
Pastorelli G., Rossi R., Cannata S., Corino C..
Ultrasonographic in vivo estimation of back fat depth and Longissimus dorsi area in Iberian pigs
Ayuso D., Izquierdo M., Hernández F.I., Bazán J., Corral J.M..
Acidic profile in two different muscles of Nero Siciliano pigs as affected by different finishing diets
Di Rosa A., Chiofalo V., Lo Presti V., Scianò S., Zumbo A..
Influence of finishing diet on fatty acid profile in Psoas major muscle of Nero Siciliano pig
Di Rosa A., Chiofalo V., Lo Presti V., Scianò S., Zumbo A..
Ripening technology and microbial biodiversity in the preparation of Nebrodi salame
Diaferia C., La Pietra L., Pirone G., Belfiore A., Sarra P.G., Baldini P., Pruiti V., Spartà G..
Aroma components in Sobrasada of Mallorca from black pig
Gianelli M.P., Olivares A., Flores M..
Effect of sex and slaughter weight on carcass traits measured in vivo with ultrasound and post-mortem in the carcass in Iberian pigs
Izquierdo M., Ayuso D., Hernández-García F.I., Pérez M.A..
Presentation’s effect of granulated or wet barley during the finishing phase on the productive yield of Majorcan Black Pig
Jaume J., Joy S., González J..
Effect of packaging material on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of sliced and MAP packaged typical Italian and Spanish dry-cured hams
Latorre M.A., Pinna A., Montanari A., Virgili R..
Meat quality traits of heavy pigs for the production of traditional Tuscan salami
Mani D., Balestri G., Pistoia A., Casarosa L., Poli P., Ferruzzi G..
Colour stability during prolonged storage of dry fermented sausages from Iberian pork
Martín M.J., Andrés A.I., Sanabria M.C..
A further look on genetic basis of carcass fat deposition in pigs of 'Casertana' ancient autochthonous genetic type
Matassino D., Braglia S., Comella M., Grasso M., Occidente M., Pane F., Annaratone C., Davoli R..
Effect of feeding and rearing system on growth performance of Sarda breed pig: Preliminary study
Porcu S., Decandia M., Pintus S., Lei P.N., Sanna M.A., Ligios S..
Biometric and rheologic parameters and qualitative properties of meat from "Sarda" breed pigs: Preliminary results
Porcu S., Mazzette R., Manca C., Decandia M., Busia G., Riu G., Ligios S..
Effects of feeding and rearing system on carcass characteristics of Sarda breed pig: Preliminary study
Porcu S., Mazzette R., Manca C., Decandia M., Meloni D., Ligios S..
Characterization of dry-cured shoulders: Quality traits
Reina R., Ventanas J., López P., García C..
Comparison between Cinta Senese and Mora Romagnola crossed with Large White pigs
Sirtori F., Crovetti A., Campodoni G., Bozzi R., Franci O..
Vertical protein spot chains – proteomic indicators of proteolysis in dry-cured ham?
Skrlep M., Candek-Potokar M., Šegula B., Chambon C., Santé-Lhoutellier V..
Effect of production system and sex on different carcass traits of Iberian pigs
Tejerina D., García-Torres S..
Comparison of technological quality of meat and nutritional quality of backfat of Krškopolje pigs and commercial fatteners in Slovenia
Zemva M., Malovrh S., Levart A., Kovac M..
Evaluation of the fat content in a small-calibre Salami made with pork from Chato Murciano breed
Bañón Arias S., Méndez Cazorla L., Almela Pérez E., Bedia Gea M..
Development of Chato Murciano sobrasada prepared using "Appellation of Murcia Origin" paprika
Bedia Gea M., Méndez Cazorla L., Serrano Espada R., Aznar González A., Bañón Arias S..
The weight loss in the production of non-fermented salami "capocollo", "fiocco" and dry cured ham from "casertana" pig ancient autochthonous genetic type (AAGT). Further contribution
Matassino D., Gigante G., Grasso M., Barone C.M.A..
The weight loss in the production of dry cured sausages "salsiccia" and "soppressata" from "Casertana" pig ancient autochthonous genetic type (AAGT). Further contribution
Matassino D., Gigante G., Grasso M., Barone C.M.A..
Selection of staphylococci strains isolated from a Portuguese traditional fermented/dry sausage for potential use as starter cultures
Carvalho L., Fernandes M.J., Fernandes H., Semedo-Lemsaddek T., Elias M., Barreto A.S., Fraqueza M.J..
Quality of the sirloin "presa" of the Iberian pork in two types of package
Fernandes O., Ferro Palma S., Barata de Carvalho M.J., Alvarenga N., Canada J..
Characterization of surface mycoflora in Nebrodi hams
Berni E., Cacchioli C., Diaferia C..
Comparison of pork quality from pure and crossbred Iberian pig
Clemente I., Polvillo O., Juárez M., Avilés C., Membrillo A., Horcada A., Dieguez E., Racero J.C., Molina A..
Study of shelf life of liver pâté elaborated from Celta pig breed
Lorenzo J.M., García-Fontán M.C., García G., Valledor P., Franco D..
Manufactured of "chanfaina", from Celta pig breed. Study of shelf life vacuum packaging
Lorenzo J.M., García-Fontán M.C., Rodríguez E., Valledor P., Franco D..
Manufactured of "Mestura cocida" from Celta pig breed. Study of shelf life vacuum packaging
Lorenzo J.M., García-Fontán M.C., Purriños L., Valledor P., Franco D..
Consumers attitudes to Iberian pork meat
Martínez B., Rubio B., Vaquero M., Sánchez M.J..
Influence of genetic type on the characteristics of subcutaneous adipose tissue of pig thighs destined for the PDO production
Minelli G., Cino A., Comellini M., Lelo M.C., Volpelli L.A., Lo Fiego D.P..
Effets de la supplémentation alimentaire en acide pantothénique sur la composition en acides gras de la bardière chez le porc lourd en finition
Minelli G., Macchioni P., Lo Fiego D.P., Santoro P..
Physical measures of the carcass and the chemical composition of Longissimus dorsi muscle of Alentejano pigs between 70 and 110 kg LW
Neves J.A., Freitas A., Martins J.M., Tirapicos Nunes J..
Consumers perception of iberian cooked meat products
Rubio B., Martínez B., Vieira C., García M.D..
Study of the characteristics of conventional cooked hams and organic cooked hams
Sánchez Iglesias M.J., Vaquero Martín M., Rubio Hernando B., Martínez Domínguez B..
Gochu Asturcelta semiextensive production: Carcass and meat quality and fatty acid profile
Vieira C., Martínez B., Fernández A.M., Sánchez C.I., Rubio B., Menéndez J..
Carcass performance of fresh meat pieces: sirloin, "presa" and "secreto" in Iberian pig finished at montanera
León Ramírez R.C., Rodríguez-Estévez V., Galán Soldevilla H., López Rivero J.L., Rodríguez Sánchez M..
Leaf lard and backfat thickness relation at slaughter in pure breed Iberian pigs finished at montanera
León Ramírez R.C., Rodríguez-Estévez V., Díaz Gaona C., Rodríguez Sánchez M..
Lipids performance of biopsies from the subcutaneous back tissue of Iberian pig along montanera fattening period
León Ramírez R.C., Rodríguez-Estévez V., Díaz Gaona C., Rodríguez Sánchez M..
Sex influence in carcass (hams and shoulders) performance of Iberian pigs fattened at montanera
León Ramírez R.C., Rodríguez-Estévez V., Díaz Gaona C., Rodríguez Sánchez M..
Slaughter weight, carcass performance and backfat thickness relations with losses during the cutting process of hams and shoulders from Iberian pigs fattened at montanera
León Ramírez R.C., Rodríguez-Estévez V., Díaz Gaona C., Rodríguez Sánchez M..
Physico-chemical and sensorial characteristics evolution of vacuum packaged Iberian dry-cured ham stored at refrigerated temperature
Elias M., Santos A.C., Fraqueza M.J., Barreto A..
Effect of fermentation temperature and nitrite nitrate on properties of dry fermented sausage
Schivazappa C., Grisenti M.S., Frustoli M.A., Barbuti S..
Volatile hydrocarbon profile of Iberian dry-cured hams. A possible tool for authentication of hams according to the fattening diet
Narváez-Rivas M., Gallardo E., Vicario I.M., Alcalde M.J., León-Camacho M..
Quality of dry cured ham: methods for authentication of geographical origin, rearing system and technology
Gandemer G..
Chemical composition of dry ham "Kraški pršut" predicted by NIR spectroscopy
Prevolnik M., Povse Z., Skrlep M., Skorjanc D., Candek-Potokar M..
Evaluation of a handheld near infrared (NIR) spectrometer for the discrimination of Iberian pigs according to their feeding regime
Zamora-Rojas E., Garrido-Varo A., De Pedro-Sanz E., Guerrero-Ginel J.E., Pérez-Marín D.C..
Differential expression of sarcoplasmic protein in 'Casertana', 'Calabrese' and PEN AR LAN Pork
Matassino D., Di Prisco C., Inglese F., Romagnuolo F., Di Luccia A..
Is it possible the breed origin traceability of Iberian pigs?
Alves E., Fernández A.I., García-Cortés L.A., Lopez A., Benítez R., Rodríguez C., Silió L..
Transcriptome analysis of the Iberian pig
Dorado G., Membrillo A., Clemente I., Javier Azor P., Winter P., Hernández P., Rodero A., Molina A..
Classification of Iberian pigs as to their nutrition through the ChemSensor technique
Carrasco J.A., Giménez L., Duque J.P..
Genetic certification of the Iberian ham
Martínez A., Vega-Pla J.L., Landi V., Cañón J., Delgado J.V..
Profil en acides gras dans différentes zones de jambons séchés et leur utilisation possible dans le cadre de la prévision de la qualité
Perez Almero J.L., Porras Tejeiro C.J., Brun P., Casas C..
Utilization of tocopherols quantification for the differentiation of Iberian pigs fed in free-range or with feeds in intensive or extensive systems in different geographical regions
Rey A.I., Amazan D., García-Cascos J., López-Bote C.J..
Volatile compounds and sensorial traits of "Toscano" dry-cured ham
Sirtori F., Calamai L., Giorgi W., Tardelli L., Pugliese C..
Non-destructive analysis of fresh Iberian pork loins by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Zamora-Rojas E., Garrido-Varo A., Pérez-Marín D.C., Guerrero-Ginel J.E., De Pedro-Sanz E..
1 H-NMR as a tool to determine the type of feeding of Iberian pigs
García-Olmo J., Corredor-Coca J.I., De Pedro-Sanz E..
Acidic composition of fresh and dry-cured lard in pigs of Apulo-Calabrese (Calabrese) and Casertana ancient autochthonous genetic types (AAGT)
Matassino D., Gigante G., Grasso M., Rillo L., Varricchio G., Di Luccia A..
Individual characterization of Iberian pig through NIRS technology: Implementation in Sierra de Sevilla, S.A.
Serrano A., De Pedro E., Morera C., Vázquez P., Moreno A., Garrido-Varo A., Guerrero J.E., Pérez Marín D.C., Fernández-Cabanás V.M., García-Olmo J., Núñez-Sánchez N..
Parma PDO Ham in pork production chain and in Parma economy
Bonazzi G., Iotti M..
The Nebrodi Black Pig: socio-economic analysis and perspectives (opportunities) of development
Aronica V., Di Rosa A., Spartà G., Pruiti V., Lazzara A., Russo M., Zumbo A., Di Marco V..
Pig breeders in extensive systems based on local breeds: Stakes of their insertion in the development of the territories
Casabianca F., Lauvie A., Maestrini O..
Iberian pig price cycle: Extremadura market
Cabezas A.B., Romero L., Lara P., De Pedro E.J..
Technology watch study of the Iberian pig
Benítez Nieto Y., Escorsa Castells P., Cruz Jiménez E., Escorsa O'Callaghan E..