OM A79

Sustainable Mediterranean grasslands and their multi-functions

Porqueddu C. (ed.), Tavares de Sousa M.M. (ed.). Sustainable Mediterranean grasslands and their multi-functions . Zaragoza : CIHEAM / FAO / ENMP / SPPF, 2008. 501 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 79). 12. Meeting of the Sub-Network on Mediterranean Forage Resources of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-regional Cooperative Research and Development Network on Pastures and Fodder Crop, 2008/04/09-12, Elvas (Portugal).


Développement Rural Durable, Multifonctionnalité, Politique Foncière, Sociologie Rurale


Pasture and fodder crop as part of high natural value farm systems at Mediterranean dryland agro-ecosystems
Sequeira E.M..
The multifunctional role of grasslands
Bugalho M.N., Abreu J.M.F..
Restoring semi-arid rangelands on a Greek Aegean island
Hadjigeorgiou I., Vaitsis T., Laskaridis G., Tzanni C..
Rehabilitation of degraded Espinales in the Mediterranean zone of Chile using annual legumes and multipurpose trees
Ovalle C., Del Pozo A., Zagal E., Aronson J..
The dynamics of soil organic matter accumulation in Portuguese grassland soils
Teixeira R., Domingos T., Costa A.P.S.V., Oliveira R., Farropas L., Calouro F., Barradas A., Carneiro J.P..
Landscape mosaic for enhancing biodiversity: on what scale and how to maintain it?
Gabay O., Perevolotsky A., Shachak M..
Selection of spontaneous genotypes with high pastoral value and for multiuse systems
Vargiu M., Nonnoi A., Spanu E., Salis L..
Ecologic and pastoral value of pastures of Sicilian mountains
Copani V., Riggi E., Cosentino S.L., Testa G., Virgillito S..
Productive model of evergreen oak and annual pastures in Extremadura (Spain)
Etienne A., Valderrama J.M., Díaz-Ambrona C.H..
Grazing livestock as a tool for managing natural feed resources in Sayago (Zamora, Spain)
García R., Valdés C., Andrés S., Alvarenga J., Calleja A..
Behaviour of phytocenoses and herbage production regarding variation of top soil fertility in pasturelands of national parks in Mediterranean environments
Martiniello P., Ciceretti C., Sabia E., Pacelli C., Terzano M..
Integrated multi-scale approaches to Mediterranean grasslands. A case-study on the Nebrodi Mounts (Sicily)
Mingo A., Migliozzi A., Maugeri G..
Achieving profitable and environmentally beneficial grazing systems for saline land in Australia
Norman H.C., Masters D., Silberstein R., Byrne F..
Saline effects on forage growth and quality
Oliveira M.M., Carmona M.A., Santos M.J..
Cover crops in vineyards for sustainable soil management
Ovalle C., Del Pozo A., Lavín A., Hirzel J..
Pastoral systems and agro-tourism in marginal areas of central Italy
Pardini A., Longhi F., Natali F..
Multi-functional role of grassland systems in the ecological restoration of mines, landfills, roadside slopes and agroecosystems
Pastor J., Hernández A.J..
Pasture plants of central Italy and possible traceable compounds in sheep cheese
Pratesi V., Ghiselli L., Pardini A., Buccioni A., Vecchio V..
Grassland diversity in the Mediterranean zone of Chile is greatly affected by land use system and grazing intensity
Del Pozo A., Ovalle C., Casado M.A., Acosta B., De Miguel J.M..
Recycling urban biosolids in pastures of the southeast of Portugal
Serrão M.G., Domingues H., Varela A., Castelo Branco M.A., Fernandes M., Campos A.M..
Carbon sequestration in biodiverse sown grasslands
Teixeira R., Domingos T., Canaveira P., Avelar T., Basch G., Belo C., Calouro F., Crespo D., Ferreira V.G., Martins C..
Rhizobium populations in grassland acid soils of southwest Spain which nodulate Trifolium, Medicago, Ornithopus and Biserrula
Temprano F.J., Albareda M., Rodríguez-Navarro D.N..
Environmental and energetic assessment of sown irrigated pastures vs maize
Valada T., Teixeira R., Domingos T..
The use of biomass stability as a grazing indicator in Mediterranean areas
Patón D., Fanlo R., Toboso A., Venegas F.M..
Plant species-area relationships in grasslands and woodlands of the Mediterranean Basin: Consequences for the size of reserves
Venegas F.M., Fanlo R., Toboso A., Patón D..
Perennial grasses in rainfed Mediterranean farming systems: current and potential role
Lelièvre F., Norton M.R., Volaire F..
Ecophysiological survey of some perennial grass cultivars in the semi-arid region of Setif
Mefti M., Bouzerzour H., Nouar H., Maameri K., Trabelsi M., Khedim A., Abdelguerfi A..
Pure stands vs four-species mixtures: agronomic and ecological implications in Mediterranean rainfed conditions
Porqueddu C., Dettori G.P., Maltoni S., Brophy C., Connolly J..
Forage species for long duration artificial mixtures characterised by different complexity
Staglianò N., Argenti G., Gentili G..
System approach to grazing in desert ecosystems: a case study in Saudi Arabia
Mirreh M.M..
Qualitative changes in the fodder obtained from forage legumes and Lolium multiflorum in the ecological conditions of Eastern Europe
Cojocariu L., Moisuc A., Radu F., Marian F., Horablaga M., Bostan C., Sarateanu V..
Determination of yields and agricultural characters of some perennial forage grasses under Samsun (Turkey) ecological conditions
Acar Z., Ayan I., Basaran U., Mut H., Onal Asci O..
Evaluation of a regenerated natural meadow in a semi-arid area of Algeria
Abbas K., Madani T., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Laouar M., Abdelguerfi A., Tedjari N..
Evaluation of a multi-species fodder surface area replacing a cereal crop in semi-arid areas of Algeria
Abbas K., Madani T., Laouar M., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Abdelguerfi A..
Pasture improvement in montado extensive farming systems
Carneiro J.P., Simões N., Maçãs I.D., Tavares de Sousa M.M..
Effect of the environmental conditions on different morphological and agronomical characteristics of sainfoin
Delgado I., Andrés C., Muñoz F..
Introducing new grass-legume mixtures for pasture improvement in agro-pastoral farming systems
Franca A., Caredda S., Dettori D., Sanna F..
Etude de comportement de trois graminées fourragères : Dactylis glomerata L., Festuca arundinacea Schreb., Phalaris aquatica Desf., en Algérie
Khedim A., Khelifi H.E., Nabi M., Hadj-Omar K., Mefti M., Maouche S., Bellague D., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Laouar M., Merabet B.A., Bouzerzour H., Abdelguerfi A..
Herbage production and nutritive value of Dactylis glomerata L. and Trifolium subterraneum L. alone and in mixture
Kyriazopoulos A.P., Abraham E.M., Parissi Z.M., Nastis A.S..
Sustainable management of fodder crops by compost application
Maiorana M., Montemurro F., Convertini G., Fornaro F., Fiore A..
Dry matter production and agronomical characteristics of perennial grass genotypes grown under drought conditions in the semi-arid climate of the Algerian high plateaus
Mefti M., Bouzerzour H., Abdelguerfi A., Nouar H..
Yield potential and persistency of cocksfoot and tall fescue in mixtures with lucerne at different levels of nitrogen fertilization
Nesic Z., Tomic Z., Krnjaja V., Ruzic-Muslic D..
Instantaneous determination of chemical composition of Festuca sp. and Dactylis sp. at two different cut times using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Poblaciones M.J., Rodrigo S., Simões N., Tavares de Sousa M.M., Bagulho A., Olea L..
Drought survival of some perennial grasses in Mediterranean rainfed conditions: agronomic traits
Porqueddu C., Nieddu S., Maltoni S..
Phenologic observations and agronomic features of three local Poaceae fodder grasses in North East Algeria
Slimani S., Boudelaa M., Boutebba A., Tahar A..
Dry mass yield from sainfoin in binary mixtures with ryegrass and cocksfoot
Vasilev E..
Ecophysiological strategies to overcome water deficit in herbaceous species under Mediterranean conditions
Moreno M., Gulías J., Lazaridou M., Medrano H., Cifre J..
Water use efficiency in a mild season and water cost of summer survival of perennial forage grasses in Mediterranean areas
Lelièvre F., Satger S., Volaire F..
Comportement et efficience d'utilisation de l'eau de quelques cultivars de luzerne pérenne dans une région semi-aride en Algérie
Bellague D., Chedjerat A., Khedim A., Khelifi H.E., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Merabet B.A., Laouar M., Abdelguerfi A..
A model to simulate tiller dynamics of perennial forage grasses under severe Mediterranean drought
Satger S., Ruget F., Volaire F., Brisson N., Lelièvre F..
Modelling growth responses of annual legumes to water shortage
Vrahnakis M.S., Kostopoulou P., Lazaridou M., Merou T., Fotiadis G..
Effect of the interaction between elevated CO2, temperature and drought during regrowth of nodulated alfalfa plants
Erice G., Irigoyen J., Sánchez-Díaz M., Avice J.C., Ourry A..
Relationship between seed survival and seed characteristics of nine Mediterranean legumes after ingestion by sheep
Cardoso J.A., Zaitegui M., Robles A.B..
Germination capability of immature seeds of Lotus ornithopodioides L. and Scorpiurus subvillosus L.
Cristaudo A., Gresta F., Avola G., Miano V..
The effect of salinity and high temperature on biomass production of some alfalfa landraces
Elboutahiri N., Thami Alami I., Ibriz M., Alfaiz C..
Growth development and dry matter yield of 16 Lucerne genotypes cultivated in south Tunisia
Hayek T., Loumerem M., Nagaz K., Thabet M..
Ecophysiological responses of perennial grasses Stipa lagascae and Dactylis glomerata under soil water deficit
Jaballah S., Gribaa A., Volaire F., Ferchichi A..
Water stress effects on perennial grasses growth and behaviour
Kallida R., Al Faïz C., Shaimi N..
Growth of Morus alba L. under water deficit conditions
Karatassiou M., Parissi Z.M., Abraham E.M., Kyriazopoulos A.P..
Etude du comportement vis a vis de la sécheresse estivale de trois graminées fourragères : Dactylis glomerata L., Festuca arundinacea Schreb., Phalaris aquatica Desf.
Khedim A., Khelifi H.E., Nabi M., Hadj-Omar K., Mefti M., Maouche S., Bellague D., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Laouar M., Merabet B.A., Bouzerzour H., Abdelguerfi A..
Etude du comportement de seize cultivars de luzerne pérenne (Medicago sativa L.) conduits sous deux régimes hydriques, dans deux régions (subhumide et semi-aride) de l'Algérie
Khelifi H.E., Bellague D., Khedim A., Chedjerat A., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Merabet B.A., Laouar M., Benmessaoud A., Lazali M., Alouane Y., Hadj-Omar K., Nabi M., Oumata S., Abdelguerfi A..
Résultats préliminaires de production et d'efficience d'utilisation de l'eau chez des cultivars de luzerne pérenne (Medicago sativa) en régime hydrique pluvial et irrigué
Khelifi H.E., Khedim A., Merabet B.A., Benmessaoud A., Hadj-Omar K., Nabi M., Alouane Y., Lazali M., Bellague D., Oumata S., Laouar M., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Abdelguerfi A..
Annual ryegrass yields under supplemental irrigation
Lourenço M.E.V.L., Palma P.M.M., Silva L.L., Massa V.M.L..
Differential response to drought, disturbance and increasing temperature of endemic and non-endemic species of a mountain-Mediterranean grassland
Mingo A., Cristaudo A., Vitale L., Magliulo V..
Study of seasonal variation on WUE of eight varieties of lucerne plants exposed to drought
Molero G., Aranjuelo I., Nogués S..
Hardseededness in two Medicago species as affected by water stress during seed development
Patanè C., Cosentino S.L., Copani V..
Water use efficiency in grass species: Dactylis glomerata and Festuca arundinacea
Simões N., Maçãs I.D., Carneiro J.P., Tavares de Sousa M.M..
Effect of fertilizer and water deficiency stress on nitrogen in the root mass yield of lucerne for seeds
Vasileva V..
Morpho-physiological traits associated with drought survival in bi-specific perennial herbaceous swards
Volaire F..
Effect of the seeding rate on yield components and regeneration of a local variety of Scorpiurus muricatus L. in the semi-arid conditions of Tunisia
Zoghlami Khélil A., Ben Youssef S., Ben Salem H., Hassen H..
Seed production of Bituminaria bituminosa: size, production, retention and germination capacity of the legumes
Correal E., Hoyos A., Ríos S., Méndez P., Real D., Snowball R., Costa J..
Phenological variation within several Algerian populations of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L., Fabaceae)
Issolah R., Yahiaoui S..
Ecological studies in coastal sand dune rangelandsin the north-west of Egypt
Abbas M.S., El Morsy M.H., Shahba M.A., Moursy F.I..
Characterization of native populations of Trifolium spp.
Tuttobene R., Gresta F., Sortino O., Frasca Polara F., Dipasquale M., Abbate V..
Measurements of aerial biomass of Cenchrus ciliaris L. under the arid bioclimate of Tunisia
Abdelkader I., Ferchichi A., Chaieb M..
Effect of magnesium sulphate on the first stage of development of Lucerne
Abid M., Haddad M., Ferchichi A..
Effet d'un compost oasien sur la culture de la luzerne (Medicago sativa L.)
Abidi S., Haddad M., Ferchichi A..
Morphological and nutritional properties of some Lathyrus species
Basaran U., Onal Asci O., Mut H., Ayan I., Acar Z..
Essai d'adaptation de 16 cultivars de luzerne pérenne (Medicago sativa L.) dans un système oasien du sud tunisien : Gabès (local) et 15 cultivars étrangers
Benabderrahim M.A., Haddad M., Ferchichi A..
Dry matter yield, earliness and plant regeneration of different subclover cultivars in southern Italy
Corleto A., Cazzato E..
Seed production in Atriplex halimus: effect of ploidy on seed size, germination capacity and initial plant vigour
Correal E., Walker D.J., De Hoyos A..
The effect of organic fertilizer on biomass yield and quality of natural meadows
Djukic D., Stevovic V., Djurovic D., Ilic O..
Productive performance of pure breeds and cross-bred goat genotypes in southern Tunisia
Gaddour A., Najari S., Ouni M..
Nutrient composition of native vegetation growing in the pastures of central Tunisia
Gasmi-Boubaker A., Mosquera Losada R., Kayouli C., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A., Najar T..
Bioactivators and nitrogen fertilization applied to durum wheat: effects on the chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of straw
De Giorgio D., Lestingi A., Bovera F., Convertini G..
Caractérisation de quelques populations spontanées de deux espèces de graminées fourragères pérennes : Dactylis glomerata L. et Festuca arundinacea Schreb
Khedim A., Khelifi H.E., Djaouchi S., Chafaï S., Laouar M., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Abdelguerfi A..
Improvement of native perennial forage plants for sustainability of Mediterraean farming systems. Lucerne (Medicago sativa) breeding work in south Tunisia
Loumerem M., Tavares de Sousa M.M., Annicchiarico P., Pecetti L., Hayek T., Boubakri C..
Determination of the relationship between soil structure and botanical composition of the plain pastures in the coastal region of Samsun province
Mut H., Ayan I., Acar Z., Basaran U., Tongel O., Onal Asci O..
The effect of mycorrhizal inoculation on forage and non-forage plant growth and nutrient uptake under field conditions
Ortas I..
Adaptation, summer survival and autumn dormancy of lucerne cultivars in a south European Mediterranean region (Sardinia)
Pecetti L., Carroni A.M., Annicchiarico P., Manunza P., Longu A., Congiu G..
Genetic erosion of perennial forage grasses in Morocco: first observations
Shaimi N., Alfaiz C., Saidi N..
Morphological and bio-agronomic evaluation of populations of Scorpiurus subvillosus L.
Sortino O., Gresta F., Avola G., Abbate V..
Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.) seed production at different sowing rates
Sulas L., Ledda M..
Phytomass production from Silybum marianum for bioenergy
Sulas L., Ventura A., Murgia L..
Domestication of new annual pasture legumes for resilient Mediterranean farming systems
Loi A., Nutt B.J., Revell C.K..