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Nutritional and foraging ecology of sheep and goats

Papachristou T.G. (ed.), Parissi Z.M. (ed.), Ben Salem H. (ed.), Morand-Fehr P. (ed.). Nutritional and foraging ecology of sheep and goats. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / FAO / NAGREF, 2009. 491 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 85). 12. Seminar on: Nutritional and Foraging Ecology of Sheep and Goats, 2007/10/11-13, Thessaloniki (Greece).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Behavior-based management of ecosystems
Provenza F.D., Papachristou T.G..
Nutritional consequences on the outcome of parasitic challenges on small ruminants
Athanasiadou S., Kyriazakis I., Giannenas I., Papachristou T.G..
The anthelmintic effect of heather supplementation may not always be associated with antinutritional effects in grazing goats
Frutos P., Ferreira L.M.M., Hervás G., García U., Moreno-Gonzalo J., Ferre I., Celaya R., Ortega-Mora L.M., Osoro K..
Impact of animal sheds on vegetation configuration in Mediterranean landscapes
Papanastasis V.P., Ghossoub R., Scarpelo C..
The effect of different grass-legume mixtures on nitrogen excretion of grazing sheep
Molle G., Giovanetti V., Cabiddu A., Cuccureddu M., Sitzia M., Decandia M..
Effects on the environment of a flock of sheep when free ranging or under the guidance of a shepherd
Rochon J.J., Duval M., Goby J.P..
Habitat use of free and mixed livestock ranging in grassland-heathland mosaics of Atlantic Mountains
Mandaluniz N., Ruiz R., Oregui L.M..
Long-term effects of grazing on composition in various habitats of a mountainous area in Central Greece
Abraham E.M., Karatassiou M., Parissi Z.M., Koukoura Z., Tsiouvaras C.N..
Foraging behaviour of sheep and goats grazing on silvopastoral systems in Northern Greece
Yiakoulaki M.D., Zarovali M.P., Papanastasis V.P..
Behavioural strategies of dairy goats fed an acidogenic diet
Giger-Reverdin S., Desnoyers M., Rigalma K., Morand-Fehr P., Sauvant D., Tessier J., Dhumez O., Duvaux-Ponter C..
Interactions between grazing behaviour and plant community structure in shrubland and their consequences on desertification
Kyriazopoulos A.P., Sklavou P., Nastis A.S., Papanastasis V.P..
Protection from grazing: a way to restore vegetation in semiarid grasslands in Northern Greece
Karatassiou M., Koukoura Z..
The grazing preferences of sheep on pastures containing drunken horse grass (Achnatherum inebrians) in Xinjiang province, China
Norton B.W., Li X.S., Fletcher I..
Weed selection by sheep grazing dryland lucerne
Pérez E., Vega A. de, Delgado I., Pueyo Y..
Assessment of edible biomass production of Acacia senegal, Guiera senegalensis and Pterocarpus lucens in the Sahelian zone of West Africa
Sanon H.O., Ledin I..
Seasonal variations of chemical composition, intake and digestibility by ewes of natural pasture in the south-eastern regions of Algeria
Chemmam M., Moujahed N., Ouzrout R., Guellati M.A..
Botanical and chemical composition of fallow lands grazed by sheep under extensive conditions
Glowacz K., Niznikowski R., Popielarczyk D., Strzelec E., Lozicki A., Klimaszewski K., Poleszczuk O..
Faecal NIRS to assess the chemical composition and the nutritive value of dairy sheep diets
Decandia M., Giovanetti V., Boe F., Scanu G., Cabiddu A., Molle G., Cannas A., Landau S..
Milk urea as nutritional indicator in sheep grazing legume-based pastures
Molle G., Giovanetti V., Cabiddu A., Cuccureddu M., Scanu G., Decandia M..
The effects of endophyte content on the nutritive value of drunken horse grass (Achnatherum inebrians) fed to sheep in Xinjiang province, China
Norton B.W., Li X.S., Fletcher I..
The mineral content of river saltbush (Atriplex amnicola) changes when sodium chloride in the irrigation solution is increased
Masters D., Tiong M., Norman H., Vercoe P.E..
Effect of fertilization and artificial shading on N and various mineral content of herbaceous species
Parissi Z.M., Koukoura Z..
Effects of shading on herbaceous plant patches transplanted reciprocally between three shading treatments
Kyriazopoulos A.P., Nastis A.S..
Small ruminants as manipulators of brown hare (Lepus europaeus) habitat in kermes oak rangelands
Karmiris I., Nastis A.S..
Quantitative aspects of phosphorus absorption and excretion in sheep
Bueno I.C.S., Lopes J.B., Sallam S.M.A., Abdalla A.L., Vitti D.M.S.S..
Growth performance of hair sheep at pasture, supplemented with tropical legume (Mimosa caesalpiniifolia Benth) rich in condensed tannins
Campos G.M., Louvandini H., McManus C.M., Cabral Filho S.L.S., Garcia J.A.S., Abdalla A.L..
Monitoring and analysis of the natural vegetation in the area of Argithea, Central Greece
Tsiouvaras C., Platis P.D., Ainalis A., Meliadis I., Karmiris I., Sklavou P., Tantos V., Athanasiou Z..
Responses of lambs to camphor highlight opportunities for management of savannas
Dziba L.E., Provenza F.D., Hall J.O..
Control of Lymantria dispar L. for eliminating the risk of forage production loss for small ruminants
Papadopoulou S., Chryssochoides C., Katanos J..
Risk assessment of mycotoxins in ruminants and ruminant products
Jouany J.P., Yiannikouris A., Bertin G..
Rumen microbial ecology: helping to change landscapes
Vercoe P.E., Durmic Z., Revell D.K..
Analysis of microbial communities in Rusitec and single-flow continuous culture fermenters by PCR-SSCP: effects of basal diet
Ranilla M.J., Martín García A.I., Molina Alcaide E., Carro M.D..
Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia L.) reduces efficiency of rumen fermentation in sheep
Mayberry D.E., Masters D.G., Vercoe P.E..
Cellulolytic activity in the rumen of lambs fed a high concentrate diet is not affected by the removal of protozoa
Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Martín-García A.I., Hart K.J., Molina Alcaide E., Newbold C.J..
Investigation of potential new opportunities for plant extracts on rumen microbial fermentation in vitro
Sallam S.M.A., Bueno I.C.S., Brigide P., Godoy P.B., Vitti D.M.S.S., Abdalla A.L..
In vitro gas production measurements and estimated energy value and microbial protein to investigate associative effects of untreated or biological treated linen straw and berseem hay
Nasser M.E.A., El Waziry A.M., Sallam S.M.A..
Efficacy of eucalyptus oil on in vitro ruminal fermentation and methane production
Sallam S.M.A., Bueno I.C.S., Brigide P., Godoy P.B., Vitti D.M.S.S., Abdalla A.L..
Ruminal degradation evaluation of different feedstuffs by using single-flow continuous culture fermenters
Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Moumen A., Molina Alcaide E..
Phytogenic additives to decrease in vitro ruminal methanogenesis
Bodas R., López S., Fernández M., García-González R., Wallace R.J., González J.S..
Changes in ruminal fermentation in sheep fed either alfalfa hay or grass hay after changing to a high-concentrate diet
Ramos S., Tejido M.L., Martínez M.E., Ranilla M.J., Carro M.D..
In vitro forage digestibility under suboptimal microbial inoculum and culture media pH conditions
Vargas J.E., López S., Giráldez F.J., González J.S..
Influence of direct-fed exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on ruminal fibrolytic activity in sheep
Giraldo L.A., Tejido M.L., Ranilla M.J., Ramos S., Mantecón A.R., Carro M.D..
Protozoa evolution in single-flow continuous culture and Rusitec fermenters fed high-forage diets
Moumen A., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Carro M.D., Molina Alcaide E..
Effect of slow nitrogen intake supplementation with or without a lactic probiotic on Pelibuey lamb growth
Ortiz-Rubio M.A., Galina M.A., Pineda L.J..
Goat kid's growth improvement with a lactic probiotic fed on a standard base diet
Galina M.A., Ortiz-Rubio M.A., Delgado-Pertiñez M., Pineda L.J..
Effect of live yeast supplementation on ruminal polysaccharidase activities in goats fed a high concentrate diet
Desnoyers M., Martin C., Duvaux-Ponter C., Morgavi D.P., Jouany J.P., Sauvant D., Bertin G., Giger-Reverdin S..
Phosphorus kinetics in tissues of young Santa Ines sheep
Louvandini H., Vitti D.M.S.S., Bueno I.C.S., Portilho F.P., McManus C.M..
The impact of in utero nutritional programming on small ruminant performances
Ashworth C.J., Dwyer C.M., McEvoy T.G., Rooke J.A., Robinson J.J..
Focus feeding to improve reproductive performance in male and female sheep and goats: how it works and strategies for using it
Blache D., Martin G.B..
Effect of goat's alpha-s1 casein genotype on diet selection in a free choice feeding system
Avondo M., Pagano R., Guastella A.M., Criscione A., Di Gloria M., Valenti B., Lutri L., Pennisi P..
Weaner lambs perform better on saltbush if their mothers grazed saltbush while pregnant
Chadwick M.A., Vercoe P.E., Williams I.H., Revell D.K..
Comparison of the performance of Shami (Damascus) and Saanen goats raised under similar environmental conditions in Lebanon
Khazaal K..
Grazing management systems: creep grazing for suckling goat kids
Yiakoulaki M.D., Goetsch A.L., Sahlu T..
Effects of management system on performances of the Sicilo-Sarde ewes farmed in Northern Tunisia
Moujahed N., Jounaidi A., Kayouli C., Damergi C..
Effects of different dietary energy contents on milk urea concentration in stall-fed dairy sheep
Giovanetti V., Decandia M., Boe F., Zerbini E., Cannas A., Molle G..
Influence of supplementary feeding and the ram effect on conception rate of Barbarine ewes during spring mating
Lassoued N., Rekik M., Ben Salem H..
Status of sheep and goat farming in Lagkada Province of Thessalonika prefecture, in Central Macedonia, Greece
Katanos J., Karabalis K., Papadopoulou S..
Consequences of protein supplementation on anorexia and expression of immunity in two parasitized sheep breeds
Zaralis K., Tolkamp B.J., Houdijk J.G.M., Kyriazakis I..
Effects of heather (Ericaceae) supplementation on gastrointestinal nematodes and live weight changes in naturally-infected Cashmere goats managed under two different stocking rates
Moreno-Gonzalo J., Osoro K., Mateos-Sanz A., García U., Frutos P., Celaya R., Ferreira L.M.M., Hervás G., Ortega-Mora L.M., Ferre I..
Compared in vitro anthelmintic effects of eight tannin-rich plants browsed by goats in the southern part of France
Hoste H., Brunet S., Paolini V., Bahuaud D., Chauveau S., Fouraste I., Lefrileux Y..
Effect of supplementation of grazing dairy ewes with a cereal concentrate on milk fatty acid profile
Hervás G., Gómez-Cortés P., De la Fuente M.A., Mantecón A.R., Juárez M., Giráldez F.J., Frutos P..
An oleaginous supplement to improve the nutritional quality of goat's milk and cheese (whole or extruded linseed, rapeseed cake)
Delmotte C., Rondia P., Dehareng F., Laloux J., Famerée J..
Characterisation of Sicilian Cheese made from the milk of Sicilo-Sarde breed ewes in the North West of Tunisia
Damergi C., Moujahed N., Ben Sid Elhaj S., Kayouli C..
Effect of substitution of barley and tickbean to maize and extruded soybean in the diet on milk and cheese from ewes grazing under two different stocking rates
Di Grigoli A., Pollicardo A., Mele M., Bonanno A., Tornambè G., Vargetto D..
Performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of Timahdite-breed lambs finished on pasture or on hay and concentrate
Araba A., Bouarour M., Bas P., Morand-Fehr P., El Aïch A., Kabbali A..
Main conclusions and recommendations 473-477