OM A99

Challenging strategies to promote the sheep and goat sector in the current global context

Ranilla M.J. (ed.), Carro M.D. (ed.), Ben Salem H. (ed.), Morand-Fehr P. (ed.). Challenging strategies to promote the sheep and goat sector in the current global context. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / CSIC / Universidad de León / FAO, 2011. 377 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 99). 13. International Seminar of the Sub-Network on Nutrition of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-Regional Cooperative Research and Development Network on Sheep and Goats, 2009/10/14-16, León (Spain).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Coping with climate change and risk management strategies for sustainable rangeland-based systems in WANA Region
Nefzaoui A., Ben Salem H..
Grazing: an alternative for low-yield barley crops
Olmos G., Keli A., Vega A. de, Delgado I., Guada J.A..
Meal criterion and feeding behaviour in sheep and goats
Gorgulu M., Boga M., Sahinler S., Kilic U., Darcan N..
A quantitative approximation to the transformation of two dairy sheep farms to organic production
Hidalgo C., Rodríguez M.P., Palacios C..
Digestibility and ruminal fermentation of diets differing in forage type and forage to concentrate ratio in sheep and goats
Ramos S., Molina Alcaide E., Cantalapiedra-Híjar G., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Tejido M.L., Carro M.D..
Effect of catalytic and energy supplementation on kid performances grazing natural rangelands in north-west Tunisia
Ammar H., Kamoun M., López S..
A comparison of the nutritive value of organically and conventionally grown barley and wheat crops
Tejido M.L., Ranilla M.J., Palacios C., Saro C., Sosa A., Díaz A., Carro M.D..
Reducing methane emissions in ruminants: is it an achievable goal ?
Morgavi D.P., Eugène M., Martin C., Doreau M..
Effect of type roughage and level of barley supplementation on digestibility, rumen fermentation and microbial-N yield
Belanche A., Fuente G. de la, Guada J.A., Balcells J..
Effect of the dietary supplementation with sunflower and fish oils on the rumen bacterial communities in dairy sheep
Belenguer A., Toral P.G., Frutos P., Bichi E., Hervás G..
In vitro predation of pure bacterial species by rumen protozoa from monofaunated sheep, determined by qPCR
Fuente G. de la, Morgavi D.P., Belanche A., Fondevila M..
Protozoa evolution in Rusitec fermenters fed diets differing in forage to concentrate ratio and forage type
Martínez M.E., Ranilla M.J., Ramos S., Tejido M.L., Carro M.D..
Study of the animal to animal variability in bacterial community structure in the goats' rumen
Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Soto E.C., Newbold C.J., Molina Alcaide E..
Effect of forage type and forage to concentrate ratio on ruminal fermentation in single-flow continuous-culture and Rusitec fermenters
Martínez M.E., Carro M.D., Cantalapiedra-Híjar G., Ranilla M.J., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Molina Alcaide E..
Effects of garlic compounds on the in vitro ruminal fermentation promoted by diets based on alfalfa hay
Martín-García A.I., García-Pareja M.P., Molina Alcaide E..
Evolution of fermentation parameters in Rusitec fermenters operated at different dilution rates and concentrate retention times
Martínez M.E., Ranilla M.J., Ramos S., Tejido M.L., Carro M.D..
Effect of diet and bacterial pellet on the bacterial N and amino acid flows from single-flow continuous-culture fermenters
Molina Alcaide E., Moumen A., Martín-García A.I., Carro M.D..
Discrimination of different categories of forages harvested from North-western Italy according to near infrared reflectance spectroscopy, chemical composition and in vitro digestibility
Opsi F., Tassone S., Fortina R., Andrés S., López S..
Validation of sheep rumen fluid frozen in liquid N as inoculum for in vitro gas production trials
Prates A., Oliveira J.A. de, Fuente G. de la, Abecia L., Fondevila M..
Effect of essential oils on ruminal fermentation, microbial population and methane emission in vitro
Sallam S.M.A., Abdelgaleil S.A.M., Bueno I.C.S., Nassera M.E.A., Araujo R.C., Abdalla A.L..
Comparison of direct and indirect methods for estimating microbial protein synthesis in sheep
Ramos S., Tejido M.L., Martínez M.E., Ranilla M.J., Saro C., Carro M.D..
The effect of olive, sunflower or linseed oils on the fermentation pattern and methane production in the rumen simulating technique
Vargas J.E., Andrés S., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., López S..
Diversity of bacterial communities isolated from the solid and liquid phase of the rumen of sheep fed diets of variable composition
Saro C., Carro M.D., Tejido M.L., Ranilla M.J..
Effects of Aspergillus oryzae on in vitro ruminal fermentation
Sosa A., Galindo J., Tejido M.L., Díaz A., Martínez M.E., Saro C., Carro M.D., Ranilla M.J..
Effects of a yeast enzymatic hydrolyzate on in vitro ruminal fermentation
Díaz A., Saro C., Tejido M.L., Sosa A., Martínez M.E., Galindo J., Carro M.D., Ranilla M.J..
The effect of undernutrition on the establishment of pregnancy in the ewe
Abecia J.A., Sosa C., Forcada F., Meikle A..
Difference in trace mineral status among genetic groups of goats
Radhika G., Raghavan K.C., Ajithkumar S., Reghunandanan K.V., Alex R., Thomas N..
Nutritional and animal factors affecting nitrogen excretion in sheep and goats
Decandia M., Atzori A.S., Acciaro M., Cabiddu A., Giovanetti V., Molina Alcaide E., Carro M.D., Ranilla M.J., Molle G., Cannas A..
Digestive tract contents in light lambs as affected by forage inclusion and weaning
Álvarez-Rodríguez J., Sanz A., Blasco I., Ripoll R., Joy M..
Effects of the inclusion of Knautia arvensis in the concentrate for fattening lambs on feed intake, digestibility and growth performances
Bodas R., Giráldez F.J., Rodríguez A.B., Wallace R.J., González J.S., López S..
The effect of naringin on plasma lipid profile, and liver and intramuscular fat contents of fattening lambs
Bodas R., López-Campos O., Prieto N., Giráldez F.J., López S., Andrés S..
Sunflower oil plus cholesterol and fish oil for fattening lambs: effects on plasmatic parameters
Bodas R., Richardson R.I..
Water intake of dairy goats in intensive systems
Giger-Reverdin S., Morand-Fehr P., Sauvant D..
Prediction of feeding value of some Tunisian hays using chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics
Moujahed N., Khelfa A., Bouaziz Y., Ben Mustapha C., Kayouli C..
Nutritive value and essential oils characterization of Rosmarinus officinalis and Thymus capitatus from the central region of Tunisia
Moujahed N., Bouaziz Y., Ben Jannet A., Ghrabi Z..
Whole citrus fruits in total mixed rations for Mediterranean milking ewes. Milk production and composition
Piquer O., Rodríguez M., Blas E., Cerisuelo A., Fernández C., Pascual J.J..
Effect of ash from different residual biomass used to obtain renewable energy on ruminal fermentation of diets based on wheat straw in batch cultures
Romero-Huelva M., Martín-García A.I., Nogales R., Molina Alcaide E..
Increase in water-soluble total antioxidant capacity of sheep's milk as a result of increased grazing time
Ruiz de Gordoa J.C., Bustamante M., Arranz J., Virto M., Barrón L.J.R., Beltrán de Heredia I., Amores G., Abilleira E., Nájera A.I., Ruiz R., Albisu M., Pérez-Elortondo F.J., Mandaluniz N..
Influence of quebracho tannins administration on some blood metabolites in sheep and goats
Salem A.Z.M., López S., Ranilla M.J., González J.S..
Effect of water deprivation during last pregnancy and post-partum period on Barbarine ewes performances and lamb's growth
Mleil S., Lassoued N., Ben Salem H., Kraïem K..
An in vitro evaluation of the potential use of greenhouse wastes to replace barley in goats' diets
Soto E.C., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Khelil H., Molina Alcaide E..
The anthelmintic properties of tannin-rich legume forages: from knowledge to exploitation in farm conditions
Hoste H., Manolaraki F., Brunet S., Arroyo López C., Martínez-Ortiz de Montellano C., Sotiraki S., Torres Acosta F..
Parasite-induced anorexia and its association with the immune response and plasma leptin concentrations in lambs of two genotypes
Zaralis K., Tolkamp B.J., Wylie A.R.G., Houdijk J.G.M., Stear M., Kyriazakis I..
Breed dependent nutritional sensitivity of periparturient relaxation of immunity to nematode parasites in sheep
Kidane A., Houdijk J.G.M., Athanasiadou S., Tolkamp B.J., Kyriazakis I..
Effects of the use of heather as anthelmintic in goats infected with Trichostrongylus colubriformis on ruminal fermentation and digestibility
Frutos P., Hervás G., Celaya R., Moreno-Gonzalo J., Rodríguez A.B., García U., Ferre I., Ortega-Mora L.M., Osoro K..
Alternative treatments in the control of psoroptic mange in a sheep flock under organic production conditions
Palacios C., Lafuente M.A., Fuente L.F. de la.
Milk production and fatty acid profile after three weeks of diet supplementation with sunflower oil and marine algae in dairy ewes
Toral P.G., Gómez-Cortés P., Frutos P., Fuente M.A. de la, Juárez M., Hervás G..
Effect of the administration of PEG on milk yield and composition in sheep browsing a tanniniferous fodder tree
Ammar H., López S., Opsi F., Bodas R., González J.S., Andrés S..
Effect of part-time grazing and alfalfa hay supplementation on fatty acid content of sheep's milk
Ruiz R., Albisu M., Pérez-Elortondo F.J., Mandaluniz N., Renobales M. de, Virto M., Arranz J., Barrón L.J.R., Abilleira E., Beltrán de Heredia I., Ruiz de Gordoa J.C., Nájera A.I..
Effect of the production system in the fatty acid profile of Payoya goat kids
Guzmán J.L., Zarazaga L.A., Celi I., Delgado-Pertiñez M..
Fatty acid composition of lambs suckling ewes fed with different vegetable oils
Manso T., Bodas R., Vieira C., Castro T., Mantecón A.R..
Effects of local crop residues and agro-industrial by-products on milk yield and quality of Syrian Awassi ewes
Abbeddou S., Hess H.D., Rischkowsky B., Kreuzer M..