OM A67

Sustainable grazing, nutritional utilization and quality of sheep and goat products

Molina Alcaide E. (ed.), Ben Salem H. (ed.), Biala K. (ed.), Morand-Fehr P. (ed.). Sustainable grazing, nutritional utilization and quality of sheep and goat products . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2005. 466 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 67). First Joint Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Sheep and Goat Nutrition and Mountain and Mediterranean Pasture Sub-Networks, 2003/10/02-04, Granada (Spain).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Optimum management and quality pastures for sheep and goat in mountain areas
Lombardi G..
Tools for sustainable management of mountain pastures: application to three protected natural areas in Northern Spain
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Gestion durable des alpages à moutons dans les Alpes Suisses grâce au pâturage tournant
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Burr medic: an annual legume in Mediterranean sheep systems
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Livestock grazing and biodiversity conservation in Mediterranean environments: the Israeli experience
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Survey of some highlands pastures in central Slovakia
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The impact of anthopic action and aridiy on the pastoral production in the Stipa tenacissima L. steppes of Algeria
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Meadow management, hay yields and nutritive value in the Mediterranean mountain regions of the Northeast of Portugal
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Gestion d'un alpage à moutons avec un berger dans les Alpes Suisses
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Yield and quality of mixed winter fodder crops in Mediterranean environment
Maiorana M., Ferri D., Convertini G., Montemurro F., Fornaro F..
Yield, quality and root growth analysis of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata, L.) submitted to different harvest times
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Pastoral value of mountain pastures of Monti Sibillini (Central Apennines, Italy) grazed by sheep
D'Ottavio P., Scotton M., Ziliotto U..
Effects of different management methods on the floral composition of pastures on Asiago Plateau (NE Italy)
Da Ronch F., Rigori Stern G., Ziliotto U..
Effect of the fence settings on the pastoral value of five stations of Southern Algeria
Amghar F., Kadi-Hanifi H., Sadji A..
Effects of ruminal incubation and goats' ingestion on seed germination of two legume shrubs: Adenocarpus decorticans Boiss. and Retama sphaerocarpa (L.) Boiss.
Robles A.B., Castro J., González-Miras E., Ramos M.E..
Effect of different grazing animals on the floral composition of pre-alpine pastures in Veneto (NE Italy)
Da Ronch F., Ziliotto U., Rigori Stern G..
Evaluation of different methods for restoration of species-rich grasslands
Srámek P., Kasparová J..
Effects of diets on fatty acids and meat quality
Wood J.D., Fisher A.V., Nute G.R., Whittington F.M., Richardson R.I..
Sensory quality of Italian Istrian Milk lamb meat as affected by production system
Piasentier E., Morgante M., Valusso R., Volpelli L.A..
Body and carcass composition, and meat quality of kids fed fish oil supplemented diet
Marinova P., Banskalieva V., Tzvetkova V..
Digestive ultilization of the fat and individual fatty acids of a protected fat rich in PUFAs in goats
Sanz Sampelayo M.R., Fernández Navarro J.-R., Ramos Morales E., De la Torre G., Boza J..
Influence of feeding management on lipid content and fatty acid profile of adipose tissues and muscles in goats reared in the argan tree areas of Morocco
Bas P., Dahbi E., El Aïch A., Morand-Fehr P..
Nutritional value of goat and cow milk protein
Ramos Morales E., De la Torre G., Carmona López F.D., Gil Extremera F., Sanz Sampelayo M.R., Boza J..
Relationship between feeding regimen and content of conjugated linoleic acid in sheep milk and cheese
Cabiddu A., Carta G., Decandia M., Addis M., Piredda G., Delogu A., Pirisi A., Lai V., Cera V., Taras L., Lallai C., Banni S..
Fatty acid profile of intramuscular fat from different genotype lambs slaughtered at 25 kg liveweight
Belo A.T., Almeida C.M.B., Ribeiro J.M.B., Belo C..
Influence of the diet (autochtonous forage for arid lands vs feeding stuffs) on the milk and cheese production of the Majorera goat breed
Álvarez S., Fresno M., Méndez P., Capote J., González L.A..
Fatty acid composition of milk fat in grazing dairy ewes
Marques M.R., Belo C..
The effects of the smoking materials used in the sensory characterisation of the Palmero (PDO) cheeses
Fresno M., Pino V., Álvarez S., Darmanin N., Fernández M., Guillén M.D..
Effect of concentrate supplementation on milk production, chemical features and milk volatile compounds in grazing goats
Claps S., Rubino R., Fedele V., Morone G., Di Trana A..
Kid goat adipose deposits composition in response to maternal intake of a protected fat rich in PUFAs
Fernández Navarro J.-R., Carmona López F.D., Gil Extremera F., Sanz Sampelayo M.R., Boza J..
Effects of grass feeding on milk, cheese and meat sensory properties
Martín B., Priolo A., Valvo M.A., Micol D., Coulon J.B..
Management of grazing animals for environmental quality
Etienne M..
Mediterranean pastures management by local cattle breeds for the valorization of typical products and for the development of nature tourism
Staglianò N., Argenti G., Albertosi A., Bianchetto E., Pardini A..
Diet selection of sheep and goats grazing on cereal stubble in northern Greece
Yiakoulaki M.D., Papanastasis V.P..
Excrement distribution by different grazing animals in mountain pastures of Cansiglio upland plain (NE Italy)
Scotton M., Da Ronch F., D'Ottavio P., Ziliotto U..
Energy expenditure of dairy goats supplemented with PEG browsing on Mediterranean bushland
Decandia M., Molle G., Cabiddu A., Giovanetti V., Brosh A..
Volatile compounds in herbage intake by goats in two different grazing seasons
Fedele V., Claps S., Rubino R., Sepe L., Cifuni G.F..
Relationships among diet botanical composition, milk fatty acid and herbage fatty acid content in grazing goats
Di Trana A., Cifuni G.F., Impemba G., Braghieri A., Claps S., Rubino R..
Effects of time spent on pasture on milk yield, body reserves, herbage intake and grazing behaviour
Perojo A., García-Rodríguez A., Arranz J., Oregui L.M..
Studies and experiences of a sustainable grazing system in the mountain areas of the Dolomites
Andrich O., Pellegrini G., Da Deppo F..
Methodology for studying vegetation of grazing lands and determination of grazing animal responses
Ben Salem H., Papachristou T.G..
Energy and protein evaluation of conventional and non-conventional feedstuffs. Possiblities and pitfalls
Weisbjerg M.R., Hvelplund T..
How to evaluate the degradation of feedstuffs for ruminants? Comparison of the gas-test and in situ methods from a literature review
Giger-Reverdin S., Morand-Fehr P., Sauvant D..
Relationship between chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of some Spanish browse plants species
Ammar H., López S., González J.S., Ranilla M.J..
Supplementation of Acacia cyanophylla Lindl. foliage-based diets with feed blocks and PEG 4000 and its effects on in vitro fermentation and performance in sheep
Moujahed N., Kayouli C..
Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of diet by analysis of NIR spectra of goat faeces: a preliminary study
Glasser T., Dvash L., Perevolotsky A., Landau S..
Effect of species and plant part on n-alkane concentrations in the cuticular wax of common browse mpastures from Middle Ebro Valley (Spain)
Pueyo Y., De Vega A., Askar A.R., Guada J.A..
Ensiling capacity, chemical composition and multiresidue evaluation of fresh artichoke (Cynara scolymus, L.) by-product to be used in ruminant feeding
Meneses M., Megías M.D., Madrid M.J., Martínez-Teruel A., Hernández F..
Chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and kinetics of gas production of floiage of some Tunisian shrubs
Ammar H., Boubaker A., Kayouli C., López S..
Gas production technique to evaluate the nutritive value of tannin-containing shrub species from a mountain area in northern Tunisia
Ammar H., Boubaker A., Kayouli C., López S..
Does type of diet fed to animals affect in sacco degradability of feedstuffs?
Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Moumen A., Martín García A.I., Molina Alcaide E..
Effect of PEG supply on rumen degradability of a concentrate in a continuous culture system
Moumen A., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Martín García A.I., Molina Alcaide E..
Intraspecific variation in Atriplex halimus: chemical composition of edible biomass
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Delgado I., Correal E..
Microbial fermentation of a high forage diet in sheep rumen, semi-continuous (Rusitec) and continuous culture systems
Carro M.D., Ranilla M.J., Martín A.I., Molina Alcaide E..
Digestibility, nitrogen balance, purine derivatives and microbial nitrogen yield in Murciano-Granadino goats fed with total mixed ration (TMR) and conventional rations (CR)
Andrade-Montemayor H.M., Hernández F., Madrid M.J., Megías M.D..
Modelling the voluntary dry matter intake in Murciano-Granadino dairy goats
Fernández C., Sánchez-Séiquer P., Navarro M.J., Garcés C..
Digestion and digesta flow kinetics in goats fed two diets differing in forage to concentrate ratio
Ranilla M.J., Carro M.P., Valdés C., González J.S..
NIRS-aided evaluation of faecal output in goats browsing on Mediterranean woodland
Landau S., Decandia M., Molle G., Cabiddu A., Scanu G., Dvash L., Brosh A..
Effect of maturity stage on chemcial composition in sacco degradation and in vitro fermentation of acorns (Quercus coccifera L.)
Moujahed N., Ben Mustapha C., Kayouli C..
Traceability of grass-feeding in small ruminants meat and milk: a review
Prache S., Cornu A., Berdagué J.L., Priolo A..
Alternative methods for the sustainable control of gastrointestinal nematodes in small ruminants
Hoste H..
Biodiversity indicators as a tool to assess sustainability levels of agro-ecosystems, with a special consideration of grassland areas
Biala K., Peeters A., Muys B., Hermy M., Brouckaert V., García V., van der Veken B., Valckx J..
Preliminary ideas on the development of a framework for assessing sustainability levels in agricultural systems (SAFE)
Peeters A., Biala K., Brouckaert V., García V., Hermy M., Muys B., van der Veken B., Valckx J., Mathijs E., Franchois L., Vanclooster M., Bielders C., Reijnders J., van Cauwenbergh N..
Meeting conclusions
Nefzaoui A., Etienne M..