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Advanced nutrition and feeding strategies to improve sheep and goat

Priolo A. (ed.), Biondi L. (ed.), Ben Salem H. (ed.), Morand-Fehr P. (ed.). Advanced nutrition and feeding strategies to improve sheep and goat . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2007. 470 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 74). 11. Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Sub-Network on Sheep and Goat Nutrition, 2005/09/08-10, Catania (Italy).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Effect of types of forage on terpenes content and profile in goat milk
Fedele V., Pizzillo M., Claps S., Cifuni G.F..
Intake patterns of sheep offered nutritious alternatives associated with plant secondary compounds
Papachristou T.G., Dziba L.E., Villalba J.J., Provenza F.D..
Effect of dietary condensed tannins on lamb intramuscular fatty acids
Vasta V., Lanza M., Pennisi P., Bella M., Priolo A..
Omega 3 and CLA naturally enhanced levels of animal products: Effects of grass and linseed supplementation on the fatty acid composition of lamb meat and sheep milk
Delmotte C., Rondia P., Raes K., Dehareng F., Decruyenaere V..
The use of linseed and cottonseed to change the milk fatty acid profile in early lactation dairy goats
Nudda A., Battacone G., Fancellu S., Carboni G.A., Pulina G..
Effects of fish meal in lamb diets on growth performance, carcass characteristics and subcutaneous fatty acid composition
Atti N., Mahouachi M., Rouissi H..
Effect of condensed tannins in sainfoin on in vitro protein solubility of lucerne as affected by the proportion of sainfoin in the mixture and the preserving conditions
Aufrère J., Dudilieu M., Poncet C., Baumont R., Dumont B..
Goat intake, diet selection and milk quality as affected by grazing time of day
Avondo M., Bonanno A., Pagano R., Di Grigoli A., Giambalvo D., Alicata M.L..
Effect of maturity in timothy on silage quality and lamb performance
Bernes G., Hetta M., Martinsson K..
Effects of different particle size of rapeseed and linseed in fattening lamb diets. I. Growth and slaughter performance
Borys B., Jarzynowska A., Janicki B., Borys A..
Influence of organic systems on milk yield and quality of Cilentana goats
Bovera F., Piccolo G., Calabrò S., Cutrignelli M.I., Zicarelli F., Infascelli F..
Effects of dietary NDF concentration on milk yield and composition in dairy goats in mid-late lactation
Cannas A., Porcu G., Rubattu R., Bomboi G..
Influence of feeding system on fatty acid composition of suckling lambs
Caparra P., Foti F., Scerra M., Cilione C., Vottari G., Galofaro V., Sinatra M.C., Scerra V..
Effects of olive cake, citrus pulp and wheat straw silage on milk fatty acid composition of Comisana ewes
Caparra P., Foti P., Scerra M., Postorino S., Vottari G., Cilione C., Scerra V., Sinatra M.C..
Influence of goat livestock systems on the performance of Cilentana kids
Cutrignelli M.I., Tudisco R., Bovera F., Piccolo G., D'Urso S., Infascelli F..
Effect of ewe feeding on performance and meat quality of suckling lambs
D'Agata M., Russo C., Preziuso G., Verità P..
The effect of ewes synchronization on growth and fattening performances of synthetic ram-lambs
Darcan N., Ocak S., Güney O., Torun O..
Effect of nutrition-genotype interaction on protein and casein synthesis in goat milk of the Malagueña breed
De la Torre G., Serradilla J.M., Ares J.L., Rodríguez Osorio M., Sanz Sampelayo M.R..
Effect of different feeding systems on fatty acid composition and volatile compound content in goat milk
Decandia M., Cabiddu A., Molle G., Branca A., Epifani G., Pintus S., Tavera F., Piredda G., Pinna G., Addis M..
Milk qualitative and quantitative characteristics, metabolic profile and rumen pH and NH3 concentration in grazing goats fed with two types of concentrate
Di Trana A., Claps S., Cifuni G.F., Fedele V., Impemba G., Celi P..
Effect of the ratio between non-structural carbohydrates and degradable protein of concentrate on milk yield and quality of grazing Cilentana goats
Grossi M., Bovera F., Piccolo V., D'Urso S., Cutrignelli M.I., Infascelli F..
Influence of feeding system, stage of lactation and genetic types on ?9-desaturase activity in caprine milk
Impemba G., Cifuni G.F., Di Trana A..
Effects of polyethylene glycol supplementation on the performances of Cilentana goats grazing woodland and scrubland
Infascelli F., Cutrignelli M.I., Bovera F., Tudisco R., Zicarelli F., Calabrò S..
Effects of different particle size of rapeseed and linseed in fattening lamb diets. II. Yield of slaughter by-products
Janicki B., Borys B., Borys A., Borzuta K..
Ensiled green tea and black tea waste as protein supplement for goats
Kondo M., Hidaka M., Kita K., Yokota H..
Alternative legume seeds and lamb meat quality
Lanza M., Bella M., Priolo A., Pennisi P..
Effect of the inclusion of soybean oil in the diet of dairy goats on meat fatty acid composition of their suckling kids
Mele M., Serra A., La Comba F., Buccioni A., Conte G., Secchiari P..
Effect of barley replacement by acorns (Quercus coccifera L.) as energy supplement on in vitro fermentation
Moujahed N., Ben Mustapha C., Kayouli C..
Effect of milk-replacer vs ewe milk rearing on vitamin E content of suckling lamb meat
Osorio M.T., Zumalacárregui J.M., Mateo J..
Nutritive value of white oak (Quercus pubescens Wild.) browsed by goats
Parissi Z.M., Nastis A.S..
Effect of animal feeding system information on consumer expectation and acceptability of lamb meat
Piasentier E., Morgante M., Saccà E., Valusso R., Parente J..
Milk sheep quality variations during lactation in grazing and confined reared ewes
Pistoia A., Poli P., Casarosa L., Balestri G., Ferruzzi G..
Effects of the kidding season and sex on the growth and legtissue composition of kid goats of the Murciano-Granadina breed under natural lactation
Sanz Toro B., Lozano López J., Sanz Sampelayo M.R..
Feeding management and production factors affecting goat milk composition and quality. II. Physical and chemical properties and mineral content
Summer A., Superchi P., Sabbioni A., Formaggioni P., Mariani P..
Feeding management and production factors affecting goat milk composition and quality. I. Titratable acidity and rennetcoagulation
Superchi P., Summer A., Sabbioni A., Malacarne M., Franceschi P., Mariani P..
Effects of ewe feeding system (grass vs concentrate) on milk fatty acid composition
Valvo M.A., Bella M., Scerra M., Biondi L..
The use of NIRS for prediction of intake, digestibility, diet composition and faecal concentration of n-alkanes in sheep fed different proportions of lucerne and rye grass (Lolium rigidum)
Keli A., Andueza D., Baumont R., Béchet G., De Vega A..
Monitoring diet composition and quality of ranging goats by faecal NIRS
Glasser T., Landau S., Muklada H., Dvash L., Perevolotsky A., Ungar E.D..
Effect of the administration of polyethylene glycol (PEG) on the milk fatty acid composition of sheep grazing Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium)
Cabiddu A., Decandia M., Addis M., Spada S., Fiori M., Piredda G., Sitzia M., Fois N., Molle G..
Influence of fibrolytic enzymes on in vitro methane production and rumen fermentation of a substrate containing 60% of grass hay
Giraldo L.A., Carro M.D., Ranilla M.J., Tejido M.L..
In vitro ruminal fermentation of low-quality forages as influenced by the treatment with exogenous fibrolytic enzymes
Giraldo L.A., Carro M.D., Ranilla M.J., Tejido M.L., Mohamed A.H..
Utilization of Poly Ethylene Glycol 6000 (PEG) as a faecal marker measured with Near Infra Red Spectrometry (NIRS) in sheep
Hassoun P., Fabre D., Bastianelli D., Bonnal L., Bocquier F..
Evaluation of sheep grazing as a tool to restore mountain pastures invaded by Euphorbia polygalifolia
Mora M.J., Busqué J., Hervás G., Mantecón A.R., Fernández B., Frutos P..
Utilization of different leguminous seeds in the diets of lactating goats. Food intake, digestive utilization of nutrients and nitrogen balances
Ramos E., De la Torre G., Fernández J.R., Gil Extremera F., Sanz Sampelayo M.R..
Use of different leguminous seeds for lactating goats. Amino acid composition of the raw material and the rumen undegradable fraction
Ramos E., Molina Alcaide E., Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Fernández J.R., Sanz Sampelayo M.R..
Effect of recombinant bovine somatotropin administration on milk production, composition and some hemato-biochemical parameters of lactating goats
Sallam S.M.A., Nasser M.E.A., Yousef M.I..
Cactus to improve livestock feeding and income sources of the rural poor. Role of the FAO-Cactusnet [abstract]
Nefzaoui A..
Social organization, culture and use of landscapes by livestock
Provenza F.D..
How do sheep exploit pastures? An overview of their grazing behaviour from homogeneous swards to complex grasslands
Dumont B., Prache S., Carrère P., Boissy A..
Feeding behaviour adjustments by ewes foraging in highly heterogeneous and temporally variable environments
Agreil C., Meuret M..
Effects of an acidogenic diet on nycthemeral kinetics of feed intake, feeding behaviour and ruminal pH in dairy goats
Giger-Reverdin S., Rigalma K., Martin O., Duvaux-Ponter C..
Effect of the concentrate source on milk yield, milk composition and feeding behaviour of grazing sheep during summer season
Annicchiarico G., Claps S., Marino R., Terzano G., Caternolo G., Taibi L..
Effect of stocking rate on selective behaviour and milk production of Girgentana goats grazing a ryegrass and berseem clover mixture
Bonanno A., Di Grigoli A., Alicata M.L., Tornambè G., Avondo M., Pagano R., Giambalvo D., Stringi L., Di Miceli G..
Effect of pasture as sole feed and herbage allowances on voluntary intake of dairy ewes
Hassoun P., Autran P., Aurel M.R., Jamot J., Baumont R., Bocquier F..
Performance of sheep grazing Brachiaria decumbens, Panicum maximum and Pennisetum purpureum in Gliricidia sepium alley plots
Osakwe I.I..
Interactions between nutrition and reproduction in sheep and goats with particular reference to the use of alternative feed sources
Rekik M., Lassoued N., Ben Salem H., Mahouachi M..
Effect of a post-weaning restricted nutrition on the initiation of puberty, plasma leptin and the reproductive performances of early bred Merino ewe-lambs
Blanc F., Fabre D., Bocquier F., Canepa S., Delavaud C., Caraty A., Chilliard Y., Debus N..
Effect of propylene glycol addition to the diet of dairy ewes on metabolic profile, milk yield and quality
Chiofalo V..
The effect of feeding molasses or sorghum based diets on some reproductive and productive traits of Nilotic ewes
Atta M., El Khidir O.A..
Pregnancy toxaemia prevention by feeding Sarda ewes a specific herbal extract compound
Ronchi B., Molina Casanova A.M., Bernabucci U., Giacinti G., Rosati R..
Les méta-analyses des données expérimentales : applications en nutrition animale
Sauvant D., Schmidely P., Daudin J.J..
Regulation of hepatic blood flow by feeding conditions in sheep: a meta-analysis
Vernet J., Nozière P., Sauvant D., Léger S., Ortigues-Marty I..
Use in selection of the measurements of feed intake and feeding behaviour parameters in sheep
François D., Brunel J.C., Ricard E., Weisbecker J.L., Bouix J., Bourdillon Y., Bibé B..
Blood metabolites as indicators of energy status in goats
Fernández J.R., Ramos E., De la Torre G., Hermoso R., Gil Extremera F., Sanz Sampelayo M.R..
Prediction of some Tunisian roughages voluntary intake by Noire de Thibar ewes
Rouissi H., Chermiti A., Hammami M., Toukebri H., Rekik B..