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Mountain pastures and livestock farming facing uncertainty: environmental, technical and socio-economic challenges

Casasús I. (ed.), Lombardi G. (ed.). Mountain pastures and livestock farming facing uncertainty: environmental, technical and socio-economic challenges. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2016. 372 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 116). 19. Meeting of the FAO-CIHEAM Mountain Pastures Subnetwork, 2016/06/14-16, Zaragoza (Spain).


Livestock farming is facing major challenges at a global level due to increasing uncertainty in markets, policies, socio-cultural trends, and the environment. One of the hot topics in research and policy design is to reconcile the sometimes conflicting objectives of delivering both animal products and environmental services. On mountain pastures in particular, adequately conducted livestock can be a tool for the efficient management of large areas of high natural value. At the same time, it can sustain a viable economic activity and provide differentiated products that fulfill societal demands for quality and environmentally-friendly production. Optimizing these aspects requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining research and development on ecology, animal, plant, social and environmental issues. This publication compiles 60 articles of the contributions presented at the 19th Meeting of the FAO-CIHEAM Mountain Pastures Subnetwork, held in Zaragoza (Spain) in 2016: “Mountain pastures and livestock farming facing uncertainty: environmental, technical and socio-economic challenges”. Over 90 researchers and technicians involved in research and development activities on mountain pastures participated in the Meeting, structured around four specific scientific topics: 1) Pathways towards mountain farming system sustainability: assessment methods and case studies ; 2) Livestock on mountain pastures: animal performance and quality products ; 3) Animal-Pasture interactions in mountain areas: bottlenecks and opportunities in biodiversity management and forage production ; 4) Mountain pastures and society: biophysical, economic and socio-cultural valuation of ecosystem services. The Meeting was co-organized by the Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon (CITA) and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ-CIHEAM), with collaboration from the University of Lleida and the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE-CSIC). The organization received financial support from the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Profitability of permanent grasslands: How to manage them in a way that combines profitability, carbon sequestration and biodiversity?
Peeters A., Osoro K..
Beef cattle farms in less-favoured areas: drivers of sustainability over the last 24 years. Implications for the future
Veysset P., Mosnier C., Lherm M..
Field validation of an automatic coefficient of pasture eligibility in mountain areas
Busqué J., Rodríguez J.R., Maestro G..
Adopting a resilience lens to analyse adaptation to climate change on summer mountain pastures
Nettier B., Dobremez L., Lavorel S., Brunschwig G..
Increased Arctic beef production
Hansen I., Jorgensen G.H.M., Lind V..
Assessing the sustainability of a combined extensive/intensive beef production system: the case of French suckler cow-calf farms integrated with Italian beef fattening herds
Berton M., Lherm M., Agabriel J., Gallo L., Ramanzin M., Sturaro E..
The current status of transhumance systems in the province of León (Spain), towards a multi-dimensional evaluation
Velado Alonso E., Gómez Sal A..
Comparing transhumance in Xinjiang, China and California, USA
Li W., Talinbayi S., Huntsinger L..
Extended lactations to overcome reproduction problems in mountain low-input dairy systems
Pomiès D., Fournier F., Farruggia A..
Towards sustainable dairy sheep farms based on self-sufficiency: patterns and environmental issues
Thénard V., Choisis J.P., Pagès Y..
Net Ecosystem Exchange responses to changes in crop management in a forage system in the Eastern Pyrenees
Altimir N., Ibáñez M., Ribas A., Sebastià M.T..
A method to standardise meadow phenological observations: evaluation and applications
Vuffray Z., Amaudruz M., Deléglise C., Jeangros B., Meisser M., Mosimann E..
A concept proposal to take into account interactions between alpine pasture and farms: the alpine-pasture-farms system
Nettier B., Dobremez L., Brunschwig G..
The contribution of mountain pastures to the link to terroir in dairy and meat products
Martin B., Coppa M., Verdier-Metz I., Montel M.C., Joy M., Casasús I., Blanco M..
Alpine grasslands: relations among botanical and chemical variables affecting animal product quality
Renna M., Ravetto Enri s., Probo M., Lussiana C., Malfatto V., Battaglini L.M., Lonati M., Lombardi G..
Clustering forage types according to their feed nutritive value
Villalba D., Molina E., Álvarez-Rodríguez J..
Effects of forage feeding and the inclusion of Quebracho in ewes’ diet on suckling lamb’s meat quality
Lobón S., Sanz A., Ripoll G., Blanco M., Ferrer J., Sedeño A., Joy M..
Differences in nutritional quality of milk produced from ewes reared in mountain versus valley areas
Bravo-Lamas L., Aldai N., Kramer J.K.G., Barrón L.J.R..
Are the specific sensory properties of pasture cheeses linked to milk fat composition and bacterial dynamics?
Frétin M., Martin B., Bord C., Pereira D., Montel M.C., Cirié C., Fournier F., Delbès C., Ferlay A..
The interest of a mountain dairy cow breed to cope with Mediterranean summer heat stress
Bellagi R., Pomiès D., Martin B., Najar T..
Grazing behaviour and body-weight gains of steers grazing at Cantabrian mountain pastures
Román-Trufero A., Martínez A., García Prieto V., Rosa García R., Osoro K., Celaya R..
Performance of two local beef cattle breeds in Cantabrian mountain pastures
Román-Trufero A., Osoro K., Celaya R..
Beef cattle performance, carcass and meat quality traits to discriminate between pasture-based and concentrate diets
Casasús I., Blanco M., Joy M., Albertí P., Ripoll G., Villalba D..
Influence of alpine grazing time on feeding behavior, milk yield and milking characteristics on Aosta Red-Pied cows
Koczura M., Pervier S., Kreuzer M., Bruckmaier R., Berard J..
Mountain pastures and local products in Southern Albania. Between production and resource management issues
Bombaj F., Michaud G., Barjolle D., Anthopoulou T..
Animal diet quality during the grazing season in two mountain low-input dairy systems
Mesquita F.L. de S.R., Farruggia A., Andueza D., Piccard F., Le Morvan A., Quereuil A., Carvalho P.C.F., Fournier F., Pomiès D..
Grazing and biodiversity: from selective foraging to wildlife habitats
Wallis de Vries M.F..
Flower-foraging insects and their pollen loads in mountain permanent grasslands
Galliot J.N., Farruggia A., Bérard A., Chauveau A., Blanchetête A., Genoud D., Brunel D..
Wild herbaceous legumes for pasture restoration in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park: forage and seed yields
Ramos-Font M.E., Tognetti-Barbieri M.J., González-Rebollar J.L., Robles-Cruz A.B..
Immediate effects of prescribed burning on C-related topsoil properties in Central Pyrenees
Armas-Herrera C.M., Badia-Villas D., Martí-Dalmau C., Ortiz-Perpiñá J.O., Girona-García A., Mora J.L..
To what extent are mountain permanent grasslands different from lowland ones? Results from a study conducted in France
Baumont R., Michaud A., Pottier E., Plantureux S..
How to optimize the carrying capacity of Jura summer pastures?
Mosimann E., Meisser M., Wettstein J.B..
Grassland odorscape: a new tool to explore the ecosystemic services
Cornu A., Farruggia A., Leppik E., Pinier C., Fournier F., Meunier B., Genoud D., Toillon S., Farruggia F., Frérot B..
Targeted and untargeted alkaloid characterisation of pasture herbs and milk from eastern Italian Alps using high resolution mass spectrometry
Nardin T., Piasentier E., Barnaba C., Romanzin A., Larcher R..
Habitat selection of dairy-sheep in Atlantic mountain grasslands
Arzak M., Odriozola I., García-Baquero G., Barrón L.J.R., Aldezabal A..
Reconciling meat production and biodiversity conservation on marginal pastures
Zehnder T., Schneider M.K., Berard J., Kreuzer M., Lüscher A..
Temporary night camp areas: an effective way to restore shrub-encroached grasslands using livestock
Probo M., Pittarello M., Ravetto Enri s., Perotti E., Lonati M., Lombardi G..
Response of vegetation to exclusion and grazing in Mediterranean high-mountain wet pastures (Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain)
Robles A.B., Ramos M.E., Salazar C., González-Rebollar J.L..
Transhumance of dairy cows on alpine summer pastures: relationships between milk production, pasture management, and insect biodiversity
Faccioni G., Ramanzin M., Bittante G., Marini L., Sturaro E..
Adaptation of an ecological and pastoral diagnosis to the Albanian context: Challenges and lessons learned
Garnier A., Bernard C., Dobi P., Launay F., Lerin F., Marie J., Medolli B., Sirot B..
GPS based tools for extensively reared cattle: relationship between temperature and animal activity
Posado R., Bodas R., García-García J.J..
Scenario analysis of alternative management options on the forage production and greenhouse gas emissions in Mediterranean grasslands
Pulina A., Bellocchi G., Seddaiu G., Roggero P.P..
Forage consequences of the continued reduction of stocking rate in subalpine grasslands: the case of Festuca eskia grasslands
Fanlo R., Ros M., Bou M..
Effect of grazing abandonment on arbuscular mycorrhizal diversity in Gorbeia Natural Park
Sarrionandia E., Muguerza E., Anza M., Lanzén A., Garbisu C., Epelde L..
Impact of grazing abandonment and phosphoric fertilization on Nardus grasslands floristic diversity in Gorbeia Natural Park (Bizkaia, Northern Spain)
Mendarte S., González-Oreja J.A., Mandaluniz N., Albizu I..
A multivariate approach in the analysis of the nutritional quality of woody pastures in NW Spain
González-Hernández M.P., Mosquera-Losada M.R., Ferreiro-Domínguez N., Rigueiro A..
The potential role of seedbanks in maintaining grassland vegetation in a Mediterranean oak woodland
Sanna F., Franca A., Maltoni S., Casula A., Re G.A..
Effect of forage conservation and inclusion of condensed tannins on in vitro gas and methane production
Rufino-Moya P.J., Lobón S., Blanco M., Sanz A., Joy M..
Assessment of pasture renovation systems in an area of northern Apennines
Staglianò N., Natali F., Corrieri F., Argenti G..
Factors affecting plant species richness of grasslands enclosed by forest in the Pesio Valley
Orlandi S., Probo M., Lonati M..
Plant functional type effects on soil function change along a climatic gradient
San Emeterio L., Debouk H., Mari T., Canals R.M., Sebastià M.T..
Biomass production and use of silvopastoral areas in the Rif Mountains of Morocco
Chebli Y., Chentouf M., Hornick J.L., Cabaraux J.F..
Enabling sustainable pastoral landscapes: building social capital to restore natural capital
Huntsinger L..
Expert views about farming practices delivering carbon sequestration in Mediterranean agro-ecosystems
Rodríguez-Ortega T., Bernués A., Olaizola A.M..
Firebreak maintenance with equines in Serra de Tramuntana mountains (Mallorca, UNESCO world heritage)
Gulías J., Mairata A., Frontera J., Janer I., Jaume J., Cifre J..
Animal welfare and ecosystem services in mountain areas
Zuliani A., Romanzin A., Bovolenta S..
Balancing on the transhumant road: an updated political ecology of livestock driveways
Starrs P.F..
Transhumant GPS tracked sheep flocks from lowlands to highlands in Spain: grazing resources use and difficulties of walking/herding
Barrantes O., Reiné R., Blasco I., Betrán R., Olaizola A., Mora J.L., Ramo M., Ferrer C..
Participatory research approach in mountain pasture management in Central Italy
Pardini A., Staglianò N., Natali F., Argenti G..
Effects of climate warming and nitrogen deposition on species and community plasticity in grasslands in the French Pyrenees
Guerra Ferrer G., Chocarro C., Debouk H., Plaixats J., Lamaze T., Pornon A., Sebastià M.T..