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Ecosystem services and socio-economic benefits of Mediterranean grasslands

Kyriazopoulos A.P. (ed.), López-Francos A. (ed.), Porqueddu C. (ed.), Sklavou P. (ed.). Ecosystem services and socio-economic benefits of Mediterranean grasslands. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2016. 541 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 114). 15. Meeting of the Mediterranean Sub-Network of the FAO-CIHEAM International Network for the Research and Development of Pastures and Fodder Crops, 2016/04/12-14, Orestiada (Greece).


Mediterranean grasslands (including rangelands, pastures, meadows, fodder crops) are important resources covering up to 48% of the whole region. Although these ecosystems are a key element in the production of high quality animal products and in the livelihoods of producers, they provide a range of ecosystem services besides forage production, such as biodiversity conservation, habitat for wildlife, carbon fixation, prevention of erosion and nutrient storage. There are socio-economic and environmental differences among the different Mediterranean regions, but they share common issues on grasslands sustainability and research. Multidisciplinary investigations are needed to identify the best-adapted and most productive grassland species and mixtures along with the most appropriate grazing management to produce high-quality livestock products. Multidisciplinary research is also needed to monitor the pastoral resources, environmental outputs and ecological services associated with Mediterranean grasslands, to ensure a better understanding of their complexity and to inform management decisions and measures for climate change mitigation. More on-farm experimentation and participatory knowledge transfer to farmers are also required. This publication is an outcome of the 15th Meeting of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-regional Cooperative Research and Development Sub-Network on Mediterranean Pastures and Fodder Crops titled “Ecosystem services and socio-economic benefits of Mediterranean grasslands”, organised in Orestiada (Greece) from 12 to 14 April 2014, by the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza/International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies, the Democritus University of Thrace, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Hellenic Range and Pasture Society. These Proceedings include 89 papers presented at the Meeting, covering a range of topics allocated into four sessions: (1) Managing ecosystem services and livestock production in the Mediterranean region; (2) Improvement of range, pasture and forage species including alternative uses; (3) Socio-economic benefits of sustainable grassland management; (4) Rehabilitation of Mediterranean grasslands; and a Round Table on “Connecting research, policy and stakeholders challenges for the sustainability of grasslands”.


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


Ecosystem services and socio-economic benefits of Mediterranean grasslands
Varela E., Robles-Cruz A.B..
Greece’s grazing / forage resources for livestock production
Papachristou T.G..
Overview on grassland and farming systems in Evros regional unit
Kyriazopoulos A.P., Manousidis T..
Methods and approaches used for assessing ecosystem services provided by grazing systems
D'Ottavio P., Francioni M., Trozzo L., Sedic E., Budimir K., Avanzolini P., Trombetta M.F., Porqueddu C., Santilocchi R., Toderi M..
The use of cattle grazing as a management tool for sustainable Mediterranean woodlands
Schoenbaum I., Kigel J., Yehuda Y., Henkin Z..
Functional classification by NIRS of plant parts selected by sheep on a shrubby rangeland
Silué N., Bastianelli D., Meuret M., Hassoun P., Jouven M..
Historical development and future perspective of conservation agriculture practices in crop-pasture rotation systems in the Mediterranean region of South Africa
Swanepoel P.A., Labuschagne J., Hardy M.B..
Diet selection of grazing goats in an oak silvopastoral system in Northern Greece using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation
Manousidis T., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Papageorgiou A.C., Parissi Z.M., Abraham E.M., Koutroubas S.D., Abas Z..
The rates of desirable grazing plant species in rangelands: effect of different animal species and grazing pressures
Uzun F., Ocak N., Senel M.Z., Karadag Y..
Atriplex halimus: halophyte plant as potential forage for ruminants in the arid area of South-East Algeria
Arab H., Mehennaoui S., Haddi M.I..
Effect of stocking rate on the pasture and sheep production in winter and spring lambing systems
Ozcan G., Ates S., Kirbas M., Cicek H., Isik S..
Vegetation cover and species composition under different grazing intensity in mountainous grasslands of Northern Greece
Avramidou E., Abraham E., Mantzanas K., Sidiropoulou A., Chatzipaschali A..
Carcass traits and meat quality of lambs from two grassland ecosystems in the Middle Atlas area
Boughalmi A., Araba A., Chatibi S., Yessef M..
Does transhumant sheep system provide ecosystem services for climate change adaptation in Mediterranean environment?
Francioni M., Toderi M., Lai R., Trozzo L., Foresi L., Sciarra F., Avanzolini P., Sedic E., Budimir K., Santilocchi R., D'Ottavio P..
Steppic ecosystem in the area of M’Sila, Algeria: state and perspective of rehabilitation
Senoussi A., Hadbaoui I..
Multiple-benefits of Mediterranean grasslands: livestock and honeybee foraging values and pasture qualities
Henkin Z., Perevolotsky A., Landau S., Ungar E.D., Sternberg M., Shapira T., Dag A., Kaminer A., Mandelik Y..
Effects of grazing intensity on some morphological parameters of Carpinus orientalis
Lempesi A., Eleftheriadou A., Kalkanas I., Papadimitriou A., Psyllidou A., Abraham E.M., Korakis G., Kyriazopoulos A.P..
Effect of drinking salt water on live weight change and grazing behavior of Barbarine sheep during pregnancy and lactation periods
Mehdi W.G., Ben Salem H., Abidi S..
Plant cover, floristic diversity and similarity of wet meadows grazed by free-ranging cattle in Axios Delta, Greece
Papaporfyriou P., Chouvardas D., Tsiripidis I., Abraham E.M..
Multipurpose plants in the Northern Libya rangeland area of Syrt
Pardini A., Battaglia M., Giunta R..
Impact of different grazing intensities on rangelands soil characteristics in central Greece
Rapti D., Papaioannou A.G., Parissi Z.M., Karatassiou M..
Comparison of quadrate and transect survey methods to evaluate pastoral value (PV) in SE Sardinian rangelands
Vacca G., Camarda I., Brundu G., Sanna F., Caredda S., Re G.A..
Livestock farming in Algerian semi-arid forests: the case of Boutaleb forest
Sahraoui H., Madani T., Kermouche F..
The impact of transhumance abandonment on land use changes in Mount Pindos (Greece)
Takola E., Sidiropoulou A., Karatassiou M..
Grazing effects on mountain rangeland diversity in north-eastern Tunisia
Jaouadi W., Mechergui K., Khouja M.L..
Habitat use by free grazing water buffaloes at the Kerkini Lake
Karmiris I., Platis P., Kazantzidis S., Papachristou T.G..
Improvement of pasture and forage legumes and grasses for Mediterranean climate zones
Nichols P.G.H., Norton M.R..
Effects of plant development phases on some morphological, agronomical and chemical traits of Bituminaria bituminosa genotypes
Acar Z., Kumbasar F., Ayan I., Can M., Tuzen E., Zeybek S., Kaymak G..
Annual clovers performance in a dairy cows grazing system compared to perennial ryegrass. I – Yield, nutritive value and fatty acids composition of pasture during the spring grazing season
Veiga M., Botana A., Resch C., Pereira-Crespo S., Dagnac T., Valladares J., Flores G..
Annual clovers performance in a dairy cows grazing system compared to perennial ryegrass. II – Milk yield and composition
Veiga M., Botana A., Resch C., Pereira-Crespo S., Dagnac T., Valladares J., Flores G..
Study of productivity pattern over 3 years of some annual grass and legume fodders carried as pure and as mixture in rainfed cereal based system in Algerian semiarid area
Abbas K., Mébarkia A., Porqueddu C., Melis R..
Antioxidant compounds and nutritional quality of eight Tunisian populations of echinus medic (Medicago ciliaris L.)
Jabri C., Abidi S., Jouini L., Zoghlami Khélil A..
Forage potential of Piptatherum miliaceum (L.) Coss (smilo grass)
Melis R.A.M., Sanna F., Re G.A., Sulas L., France A., Porqueddu C..
Productivity of alfalfa cultivars in dryland Mediterranean environments of central Chile
Ovalle C., Espinoza S., Barahona V., Gerding M., Del Pozo A..
Morphological variability in some persian clover (Trifolium resupinatum L.) populations from Ordu province (Turkey)
Onal Asci O., Kasko Arici Y., Nalbanto F., Deveci M., Acar Z..
Biomass production and chemical characteristics of four grass species for bioenergy
Megalogiannis A., Tripis G., Papaioannou A., Parissi Z.M., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Abraham E.M..
Is it possible to develop dormancy groups for Bituminaria bituminosa L.?
Acar Z., Kumbasar F., Ayan I., Can M., Tuzen E., Zeybek S., Kaymak G..
Performances of the first registered forage cowpea cultivar of Turkey: Ülkem
Ayan I., Acar Z., Tongel M.O., Can M., Bayram C..
Agronomic performance of the selected Turkish grass pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) landraces
Basaran U., Copur Dogrusoz M., Gulumser E., Mut H..
Nutritional and anti-nutritional characterization of six Tunisian local forage legumes species
Benyoussef S., Abidi S., Khalfallah G., Zehani M.S., Zoghlami Khélil A., Ben Salem H..
Yield production of two Trifolium species at different habitats of a Mediterranean island
Farfaras A., Hadjigeorgiou I., Abraham E.M., Parissi Z.M..
Production potential of annual meadows in Moroccan coastal region
Kallida R., Shaimi N., Souihka A..
The impact of structure and pattern of landscape on grassland ecosystems: the case of Mygdonia basin
Kapsalis D., Karatassiou M., Ispikoudis I..
Cereals attract wild avian herbivores in wet grasslands – Implications for range management
Karmiris I., Platis P., Kazantzidis S., Papachristou T.G..
Flowering legumes as pollen and nectar-rich habitats for bees: preference of bee pollinators to different forage species
Kirilov A., Nikolova I., Georgieva N., Mladenova R..
Water deficit effect on physiological responses of Lotus corniculatus plants of different origin
Kostopoulou P., Karatassiou M., Lazaridou A., Lazaridou M..
Phosphorus use efficiency of Trifolium subterraneum as affected by seeding rate under rainfed conditions
Stefanou P., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Abraham E.M., Katsinikas D., Parissi Z.M., Manousidis T., Koutroubas S., Orfanoudakis M..
Effects of different Nitrogen rates on hay yield and some quality traits of Sudan grass and sorghum x Sudan grass hybrid varieties
Gulumser D.D., Mut H..
Hay yield and quality of oat (Avena sativa L.) genotypes of worldwide origin
Mut Z., Akay H., Erbas O.D..
Improving seed production reliability of summerdormant, drought-tolerant hispanica cocksfoot
Norton M.R., Nichols P.G.H..
Effect of grazing intensity on rangeland productivity in Northern Libyan area of Syrt
Pardini A., Battaglia M., Mugnai E..
Irrigated forage productivity in the area of Syrt (Northern Libya)
Pardini A., Battaglia M., Valente D..
The role of tannins in forage legumes
Piluzza G., Bullitta S., Re G.A., Sulas L..
Sustainable management of intercropped vineyards on sandy acid soils
Cabras M., Dettori D., Mercenaro L., Nieddu G., Porqueddu C..
Chemical composition, fatty acid content and phenolics (bioactive) compound on linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) harvested at six phenological stages of growth
Re G.A., Sassu M., Sulas L..
Quantification of N2-fixation from Medicago polymorpha L. grown as cover crop in vineyard
Sulas L., Campesi G., Mercenaro L..
Tetragonolobus purpureus Moench: a legume species to be exploited as a forage and other uses
Vargiu M., Spanu E..
The use of in vitro techniques in routine ruminant feed evaluation
Ammar H., Dhaoudi K., Hajri R., Bel Haj Ltaief H., Ben Younes M., López S..
Overlooked benefits and services of grasslands to support policy reform
Louhaichi M., Clifton K., Kassam S.N., Werner J..
Investigation of socio-economic factors affecting sustainable rangeland use
Cevher C., Altunkaynak B., Köksal Ö, Ataseven Y., Yavuz G.G., Gül U., Ataseven Z.Y..
Mapping the diachronic changes of stocking rates in a Mediterranean rural area of North Greece
Papadopoulou A., Chouvardas D., Abraham E..
Characteristics of lowland grasslands used in transhumant sheep systems of Marche region (Central Italy)
Budimir K., Trombetta M.F., Avanzolini P., Iezzi G., Francioni M., Toderi M., Sedic E., Trozzo L., Santilocchi R., D'Ottavio P..
The multifunctional pastoral systems in the Mediterranean EU and impact on the workforce
Ragkos A., Nori M..
The legislative framework of environmental impact assessments for establishment of ski resorts in mountainous areas
Douka A., Stergiadou A..
Pastures valorisation: Tools and effects
Gaki D., Faraslis I., Hadjigeorgiou I..
Internet promotion of agroforestry networks within regional development planning
Andreopoulou Z., Kalfagianni A..
The livestock production system of the Muslim minority in Northern Evros, Greece
Ragkos A., Koutsou S., Tsivara T., Manousidis T..
A traditional route of transhumant flocks in Northern Greece: Cultural aspects and economic implications
Ragkos A., Karatassiou M., Georgousis Z., Parissi Z., Lagka V..
The mountainous pastoral livestock farming in Tzoumerka, Epirus: The economic dimension of activity and the sustainable management of pasturelands
Roukos Ch., Kontogeorgos A., Chatzitheodoridis F., Kandrelis S..
Buffalo farming in Greece: Present and future
Roustemis D., Ragkos A., Patousis D., Theodoridis A., Savvidou S..
Utilization of grazing in different small ruminant management systems on Crete Island, Greece
Voutzourakis N., Tzanidakis N., Butler G., Leifert C., Soritaki S., Stefanakis A..
Rangeland management in Tunisia: Inventory and perspectives under a climate change context
Touhami I..
Grazing land management and sheep farm viability in semi-arid areas: evidence from Western Lesvos, Greece
Psyllos G., Kizos T., Hadjigeorgiou I., Dimitrakopoulos P.G..
Rehabilitation of Mediterranean grasslands
Henkin Z..
Effect of microtopography on the early plant community dynamics following overseeding for the rehabilitation of a Mediterranean silvopastoral system
Franca A., Caredda S., Sanna F., Fava F., Seddaiu G..
The effect of grazing exclusion on vegetation characteristics and plant community structure in arid lowland pastures
Hassan S., Ates S., Kaabneh A., Louhaichi M..
Rangeland rehabilitation using rainwater harvesting and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) transplantation in the Southeast of Morocco
Homrani Bakali A., Acherckouf M., Maatougui A., Mrabet R., Slimani M..
Floristic diversity of the understory in Pinus brutia plantations as affected by elevation and grazing intensity
Margioula K.A., Abraham E.M., Kyriazopoulos P.A., Papadimitriou M., Parissi M.Z..
Effects of over-seeding and fertilization on yield and quality of pasture
Algan D., Pak B., Süzer R.P., Aydin I., Olfaz M..
Landscape evaluation of the “Sheikh Sou” suburban park created in an old Mediterranean rangeland
Chouvardas D., Sidiropoulou A., Atskakani M., Papadimitriou M., Sklavou P., Karatasiou M..
Floristic composition and plant cover in Yozgat rangelands, central Turkey
Dogrusoz M.C., Mut H., Basaran U., Gulumser E., Katlan E..
Rangeland rehabilitation in the southern part of the Mediterranean basin
Louhaichi M., Ziadat F., Ates S., Zucca C..
Plant diversity in suburban Mediterranean ecosystems: The case of “Sheikh Sou”, Thessaloniki, Greece
Papadimitriou M., Sklavou P., Atskakani M.E., Sidiropoulou A., Chouvardas D..
The use of native pasture species in the rehabilitation of a limestone quarry
Sanna F., Cuccureddu M., Nieddu D., Mozzi G.L., Porqueddu C..
Peroxidase responses of two contrasting Medicago ciliaris populations to cold stress in aerial and root systems
Yahia N., Bouira A., Cheriet C., Fyad-Lameche F.Z..
The role of governance in sustainable rangeland management
Ates S., Clifton K., Werner J., Louhaichi M..
Livestock grazing, openings and raptors conservation in the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park
Bakaloudis D.E..
Conservation status and management challenges of sub-Mediterranean grasslands in Bulgaria
Kazakova Y..
Sheep and goat farming and grasslands conservation: in need of proper policies
Hadjigeorgiou I..
Towards bridging the gap between Common Agriculture Policy implementation and pastures sustainable management: A case study from Tzoumerka, Greece
Roukos Ch., Chatzitheodoridis F., Kontogeorgos A..