OM A92

The contributions of grasslands to the conservation of Mediterranean biodiversity

Porqueddu C. (ed.), Ríos S. (ed.). The contributions of grasslands to the conservation of Mediterranean biodiversity. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / CIBIO / FAO / SEEP, 2010. 286 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 92). 13. Meeting of the Sub-Network on Mediterranean Forage Resources of the FAO-CIHEAM International Network for the Research and Development of Pasture and Forage Crops, 2010/04/07-10, Alicante (Spain).


Environnement, Biodiversité, Ressources Naturelles, Changement Climatique


Adaptations for the survival of perennial legumes in Western Mediterranean regions: Some promising native species of the Valencian Community (Spain)
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Wild ungulates vs extensive livestock. Looking back to face the future
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Evaluation of animal production systems on species rich Mediterranean islands: A case study on the Island of Rhodes
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Constraints to improving forage feed resources and their impacts on the dynamics of the cattle breeding in Tunisia
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Typologies of organic beef farms in Catalonia
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Evaluation of a Southern Mediterranean forage farming system
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Optimizing the location of water and feeding sites to decrease cattle contamination of natural streams
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Ecophysiological approach of two herbaceous species in a grazed Robinia pseudoacacia L. silvopastoral system
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Natural vetch economic alternative to soybean meal in Tunisia
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Furanocoumarin content in Bituminaria bituminosa varieties and Cullen species
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Nutritive value of green chopped alfalfa and sorghum in Tunisia
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Milk production of ewes rose in feed lot or on pasture of several forage species
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Endemic species of Narcissus in Central Spain: Biodiversity and conservation under grazing pressure by wild and domestic herbivorous
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Maximizing genetic gains using a plant model in the Tedera (Bituminaria bituminosa var. albomarginata and var. crassiuscula) breeding program in Australia
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Twin sowing and summer sowing: Alternative techniques to introduce legumes into pastures
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Forage production of a collection of sainfoin over a three year period
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Determination of some agronomic traits of Bituminaria bituminosa accessions collected from Middle Black Sea Region
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Morphological study within some Algerian populations of Trifolium bocconei Savi
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Differences in growth characteristics between ecotypes of Dactylis glomerata L. under waterdeficit conditions
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Morphological traits of perennial ryegrass accessions in Black Sea Region of Turkey
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Morphological traits of orchard grass accessions in Black Sea Region of Turkey
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Yield and nutritive value of cereal-legume forage mixtures as an alternative to Italian ryegrass used as a winter crop in Galicia (NW Spain)
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Cultivated local Lathyrus varieties in Turkey and their some agronomical traits
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Variation of the bloom and fruiting within fourteen Algerian populations of Sulla
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Phenology, biomass partioning and gas exchange in droughted and irrigated seedling of two pastoral species: Artemisia herba alba and Lotus creticus
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Problems and perspectives of seed production activity of forage ecotypes in Sardinia
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Preliminary assessment reveals tolerance to salinity and waterlogging (and these stresses combined) in Tedera (Bituminaria bituminosa var. albomarginata)
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The physiology of drought tolerance in Tedera (Bituminaria bituminosa)
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Ecophysiological responses of two ecotypes of Dactylis glomerata L. under water-deficit conditions
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Dry matter yield and quality evaluation at different growth stages of triticale forage in South-West of the Iberian Peninsula
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Vulnerability of Mediterranean grasslands to climate change: What can we learn from a long-term experiment ?
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Some expected climatic changes impacts on the pasture and forage species in Morocco
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Grassland management, forage production and plant biodiversity in a Mediterranean grazing system
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Climate change at the temperate-Mediterranean interface in Southern France and impacts on grasslands production
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Evolution of the feeding value of sainfoin as affected by the phenological development
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Influence of maturity stage of forage grasses and leguminous on their chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility
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An assessment of short-term cattle grazing effects on honeybee forage potential in Mediterranean rangelands
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Impact of PEG 6000 on in vitro gas production kinetics of some Mediterranean shrubs in sheep
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Effects of seeding rates and harvest date on forage yield and nutritive value of pea-triticale intercropping
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Impact of inter and intra-annual drought on chemical composition of some Mediterranean shrubs in natural rangelands
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Improvement of plant diversity and methods for its evaluation in Mediterranean basin grasslands
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Study of the evolution of the floristic diversity in areas of pasturage in Titaguas and Tuéjar (Valencia, Spain)
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A second generation of pasture legumes: An opportunity for improving the biodiversity in farming systems of Mediterranean basin ?
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Floristic diversity of an open coppice oak forest as affected by grazing
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Characterization of Moroccan populations of Trifolium and Lotus species
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Floristic diversity in semi-natural mountain grasslands included in the Natural Habitat Types of Community Interest
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Restoration of grasslands on cleared holm oak forest in the Montseny Biosphere Reserve (NE Spain)
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Variability in natural populations of Sinorhizobium meliloti in Morocco
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Assessment of plant covers with native legumes in Mediterranean semi-arid woody crops
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Influence of grazing activities on species diversity of dung beetles in Mediterranean pastures
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