OM A88

Technological perspectives for rational use of water resources in the Mediterranean region

El Moujabber M. (ed.), Mandi L. (ed.), Trisorio-Liuzzi G. (ed.), Martín I. (ed.), Rabi A. (ed.), Rodríguez R. (ed.). Technological perspectives for rational use of water resources in the Mediterranean region. Bari : CIHEAM, 2009. 332 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 88). 2. MELIA Workshop Technological Perspectives for Rational Use of Water Resources in the Mediterranean Region, 2008/10/29-2008/11/02, Marrakesh (Morocco).


Gestion de l’Eau : Aspects Géopolitique, Economique, Technique et Social


Rational water use in Egypt
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The possible effects of irrigation schemes and irrigation methods on water budget and economy in Atatürk dam of South-Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey
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Sustainable management of reservoirs and preservation of water quality
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Access to drinking water at an affordable price in developing countries
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An operational direct model to accurately determine crop evapotranspiration of crops cultivated in the Mediterranean region
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Estimating and monitoring seasonal water consumption of olive orchards in a semi-arid region (Morocco) using the Eddy-covariance system
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Possible water saving opportunities in Turkey
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Water value, water demand and WFD implementation in an olive intensive Guadalquivir sub-basin
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Rational use of water resources in Cyprus
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Water pricing as a means to ensure water conservation: a case study from Palestine
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Treating emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals) in wastewater and drinking water treatment plants
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Nanotechnologies and membrane engineering at the core of water and related questions in the Mediterranean and Middle-East countries
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Life Sellustra Project: Planning and implementation of integrated methods for the restoration of the catchment in Val Sellustra
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Autonomous desalination units for fresh water supply in remote rural areas
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Experimental plant of Carrión de Los Céspedes (Seville): model of technological transfer in international cooperation about sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment
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Low cost bio-sorbent for the removal of phenolic compounds from olive mill wastewater
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Valorization of a mining effluent by selective recovery of Zn using solvent extraction
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Depuration of tannery effluent by phytoremediation and infiltration percolation under arid climate
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Mainstreaming agricultural and water policies for social equity and economic efficiency
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Water framework directive and water policies in France: Evolution and tools for a rational use of water resources
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Comparative analysis of water saving policies in agriculture: pricing versus quotas
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Modernization of irrigation systems: measures to reduce pressure on water demand in Lebanon
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SAMIR a tool for irrigation monitoring using remote sensing for evapotranspiration estimate
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Water rationalization in Egypt from the perspective of the virtual water concept
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Innovative approach for efficient management of Ein Sultan Spring in Jericho
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Approach to a conceptual frame of technological perspectives for water resources management in the Mediterranean Region
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