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Irrigation in Mediterranean agriculture: challenges and innovation for the next decades

Santini A. (ed.), Lamaddalena N. (ed.), Severino G. (ed.), Palladino M. (ed.). Irrigation in Mediterranean agriculture: challenges and innovation for the next decades. Bari : CIHEAM, 2008. 329 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 84). International Conference on Irrigation in Mediterranean Agriculture: Challenges and Innovation for the Next Decades, 2008/06/17-18, Naples (Italy).


Gestion de l’Eau : Aspects Géopolitique, Economique, Technique et Social


Going from rain to gain: blue and green water management practices
Hamdy A..
European water directive evaluation and decision support system to improve irrigation management: RISP-IDRIC Project
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The irrigation advisory plan of Campania region: from research to operational support for the water directive in agriculture
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An integrated solution for superficial water resources management based on complex distributed models and innovative web technologies
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The effects of mist irrigation on biological and productive behaviour of globe artichoke
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Ozone and water use efficiency
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Tillage system effects upon productivity of Menta x piperita L.
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Peach leaf physiology and irrigation water and light availability
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Crop water status estimated by remote sensing information
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Effect of deficit irrigation on olive and olive oil quality during fruit storage
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Unravelling the molecular cues of plant adaptation or survival to water deficit
Ambrosone A., Costa A., Frusciante L., Monti L., Leone A., Grillo S..
Estimating of water requirement and problems related to the application of a technique for rice irrigation based on intermittent submersion and soil matric potential scheduling
Allavena L..
Estimate of evapotranspiration using surface energy fluxes from Landsat TM
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Field examination of the hydrological behaviour of a typical vertisol in a cropped area
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Analysis of the reservoirs operation in on-demand irrigation systems
Elferchichi A., Lamaddalena N..
The evapotranspiration of crop protected by windbreak
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WUE estimation by using direct and indirect modelling of water losses of sugar beet cropped in a semi-arid environment
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Evaluation of different water content measurement methods to analyze soil water dynamics
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Terrain and climate change impact on WUE of durum wheat in a semi-arid hilly catchment
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Water management of olive trees (Olea europaea L.) in a hilly environment of Central-South Italy
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Effects of deficit irrigation on two cherry tomato cultivars in hilly areas
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Response of woad (Isatis tinctoria L.) to different irrigation levels to optimise leaf and indigo production
Angelini L.G., Bertolacci M..
Irrigation strategies to optimise water use efficiency and production in Polygonum tinctorium Ait., a new indigo delivering crop
Angelini L.G., Bertolacci M..
An evaluation of some drought indices in the monitoring and prediction of agricultural drought impact in central Italy
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Analysis of the performances of methods for the evaluation of soil hydraulic parameters and of their application in two hydrological models
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Land surface temperature from remote sensing and from an energy water balance model for irrigation management
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Soil physical quality in a Sicilian agricultural area
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Predicting the water retention characteristic of Sicilian soils by pedotransfer functions
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Water resource management at district level. First results of AQUATER research project
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A comparison between a traditional and a geometrical supervised classifier to produce land cover maps from SPOT5 images
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Assessing agro-hydrological models to schedule irrigation for crops of Mediterranean environment
Blanda F., Provenzano G., Rallo G., Minacapilli M., Agnese C..
Field and laboratory studies towards better use of saline irrigation water in NW China
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Preliminary analysis of salinity distribution in a solute transport process at field-scale
Comegna A., Severino G., Sommella A..
Hydro-salinity balance to monitor soil salinity at field scale due to brackish irrigation water
Libutti A., Florio M., Monteleone M., Disciglio G., Tarantino E..
Effects of electrical conductivity of irrigation water on the growth and production of Solanum lycopersicum L. var. cerasiforme grown in greenhouse
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Spatial variability of solute transport mechanisms based on generalized transfer function model
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