OM A81

Cereal science and technology for feeding ten billion people: genomics era and beyond

Molina-Cano J.L. (ed.), Christou P. (ed.), Graner A. (ed.), Hammer K. (ed.), Jouve N. (ed.), Keller B. (ed.), Lasa J.M. (ed.), Powell W. (ed.), Royo C. (ed.), Shewry P. (ed.), Stanca A.M. (ed.). Cereal science and technology for feeding ten billion people: genomics era and beyond. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / IRTA, 2008. 481 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 81). Meeting of the Eucarpia Cereal Section, 2006/11/13-17, Lleida (Spain).


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


Reevaluation of the use of multilocus markers to study crop origins
Brown T.A., Allaby R.G..
How can we meet the challenges of efficient cereal mapping?
Korol A..
Screening a European Avena landrace collection using morphological and molecular markers for quality and resistance breeding
Katsiotis A., Germeier C.U., Koenig J., Legget M., Bondo L., Frese L., Bladenopoulos K., Ottoson F., Mavromatis A., Veteläinen M., Menexes G., Drossou A..
Survey of molecular diversity at nud locus in barley
Barabaschi D., Laidò G., Francia E., Tondelli A., Gianinetti A., Stanca A.M., Pecchioni N..
Genetic variability analysis of a collection of old Portuguese bread wheat using ISSRs
Carvalho A., Lima-Brito J., Maçãs B., Guedes-Pinto H..
Biodiversity among Mediterranean durum wheat landraces for the improvement of quality and adaptation
Royo C., Moragues M., Moralejo M..
Genetic gain and genetic diversity in German winter barley cultivars
Ahlemeyer J., Aykut F., Köhler W., Friedt W., Ordon F..
Barley Bmy1 gene intron III inter- and intra-haplotype variability
Sjakste T.G., Zhuk A.F..
High transferability and polymorphism of barley EST-SSR markers for the analysis of gene biodiversity in Hordeum chilense
Castillo A., Varshney R.K., Graner A., Hernández P..
Variability of glutenin alleles in a sample representative of the durum wheat Spanish collection
Aguiriano E., Ruiz M., Carrillo J.M..
Molecular characterisation of a Portuguese collection of durum wheat
Carvalho A., Lima-Brito J., Maçãs B., Guedes-Pinto H..
Genetic resources of Spanish hulled wheats
Caballero L., Martín L.M., Alvarez J.B..
Temporal trends in the microsatellite-based genetic diversity of 91 bread wheat varieties released in Bulgaria since 1925
Landjeva S., Korzun V., Ganeva G..
Genetic relationship and structure of Mediterranean durum wheat
Moragues M., Royo C., Sorrells M.E..
Search for resistance against Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei in barley landraces from fertile crescent
Shtaya M.J.Y., Sillero J.C., Rubiales D..
Screening for resistance to leaf rust (Puccinia hordei) in barley landraces from Spain and fertile crescent
Shtaya M.J.Y., Sillero J.C., Rubiales D..
Agronomical evaluation of the Spanish Barley core collection
Yahiaoui S., Gracia M.P., Igartua E., Medina B., Ciudad F.J., Codesal P., Molina-Cano J.L., Lasa J.L..
Genetic diversity of Fusarium head blight QTLs among Western European wheat
Zwart R.S., Muylle H., van Bockstaele E., van Huylenbroeck J., Roldán-Ruiz I..
Marker implementation in wheat breeding programs: status and prospects
Gandon B., Crépieux S..
Towards whole genome association genetic scans in barley
Varshney R., Kearsey M., Luo Z., Potokina E., Close T.J., Waugh R., Rostoks N., Ramsay L., Marshall D., Thomas B., Druka A., Wannamaker S., Svensson J., Bhat P., Graner A., Stein N..
Diversity Arrays Technology (DarT) in genetics and breeding of wheat and barley
Kilian A., Wenzl P., Carling J., Caig V., Evers M., Mehrabi A., Uszynski G., Huttner E..
Vrn-H1 and Vrn-H2 allelic diversity in barley may explain specific adaptation to the Mediterranean environments
Casas A.M., Yahiaoui S., Cuesta A., Ciudad F.J., Molina-Cano J.L., Karsai I., Meszaros K., Lasa J.M., Gracia M.P., Hayes P.M., Igartua E., Szûcs P..
Quantitative Trait Loci for agronomic, pest resistance and end-use quality traits in a durum wheat doubled haploid population
Clarke F.R., Knox R.E., Clarke J.M., Pozniak C.J..
Small cross mapping of flowering time determinants
Cuesta-Marcos A., Casas A.M., van Eeuwijk F., Lasa J.M., Gracia M.P., Igartua E..
Considerations about the effect of incorporation of two rare LMW-GS in durum wheat in comparison to bread wheat doughs
Ferrante P., Gianibelli M.C., Larroque O., Lafiandra D., Masci S..
Genome-wide association mapping in barley
Yahiaoui S., Casas A.M., Moralejo M.A., Medina B., Gracia M.P., Ciudad F.J., Codesal P., Molina-Cano J.L., Lasa J.M., Igartua E..
QTLs associated with quality traits in oat DH mapping population
Manninen O., Tanhuanpää P., Kalendar R., Schulman A., Pietilä L., Kiviharju E..
Tissue culture response of different wheat genotypes, environmental effect and association with plant traits
Dodig D., Nikolic R., Mitic N..
The molecular basis of non-host resistance to invasive fungi
Schulze-Lefert P..
Diversity, evolution and use of fungal disease resistance genes in wheat
Keller B., Brunner S., Kaur N., Yahiaoui N..
Marker-trait association for disease resistance in the Spanish barley core collection
Casas A.M., Kopahnke D., Habekuß A., Schweizer G., Gracia M.P., Lasa J.M., Ciudad F.J., Codesal P., Moralejo M.A., Molina-Cano J.L., Igartua E., Ordon F..
Diversity and evolution in the barley pathogen Pyrenophora teres
Rau D., Attene G., Brown A.H.D., Nanni L., Maier F.J., Balmas V., Saba E., Schafer W., Papa R..
Mapping new resistance gene to Puccinia hordei Otth. in barley
Czembor P.C., Pietrusinska A., Czembor H.J..
Molecular breeding for virus resistance in cereals
Ordon F., Perovic D., Habekuß A., Krämer I., Hariri D., Guilleroux M., Weyen J., Förster J., Schondelmaier J., Devaux P., Feuerhelm D., Stein N., Winter A., Azhaguvel P., Graner A., Friedt W..
The specific effects of the pch1 resistance gene on the development of Oculimacula yallundae, the causing agent of wheat eyespot
Blein M., Levrel A., Gautier V., Muranty H., Barloy D..
Haplotype characterization and markers at the barley Mlo powdery mildew resistance locus as tools for marker-assisted selection
Tacconi G., Baldassarre V., Collins N.C., Bulgarelli D., Stanca A.M., Valè G..
Resistance of barley landraces collected in Pakistan to isolates of Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei
Czembor J.H., Czembor H.J., van Soest L.J.M..
Physiologic specialization of Puccinia triticina in Andalusia (Spain) in 2004 and 2005
Del Olmo A.I., Sillero J.C., Rubiales D..
Reaction of selected BYDV-tolerant wheat genotypes to czech PAV isolate
Veškrna O., Sedlácek T., Horcicka P., Chrpová J., Šíp V..
Quantitative resistance of barley against scald: a candidate gene approach
Wagner C..
Fusarium head blight evaluation in wheat transgenic plants expressing the maize B-32 antifungal gene
Balconi C., Lanzanova C., Conti E., Triulzi T., Forlani F., Cattaneo M., Lupotto E..
Yield losses caused by powdery mildew on bread wheat cultivars under irrigated Mediterranean conditions in Spain
Briceño-Felix G., Huerta-Espino J., Torres i Ruiz L., Betbese J.A., Martín Sánchez J.A..
Stress tolerance in cereals: from genomics to tolerant varieties
Cattivelli L..
Mapping Adaptation of Barley to Drought Environments (MABDE)
Romagosa I., Comadran J., Pswarayi A., Russell J.R., Thomas W.T.B., Hackket C., van Eeuwijk F., Ceccarelli S., Grando S., Stanca A.M., Mastrangelo A.M., Pecchioni N., Akar T., Al Yassin A., Benbelkacem A., Choumane W., Ouabbou H., Bort J..
Using genetics to advance breeding: the winter barley example
Hayes P.M., Skinner J.S., Chen T.H.H., Szücs P..
QTLs and genes for abiotic stress tolerance in cereals: their general role in the environmental adaptation and their developmental-stage specificity
Bálint A., Vágújfalvi A., Szira F., Börner A., Cattivelli L., Dubcovsky J., Galiba G..
Expression analysis of genes involved in response to drought stress in wheat
Mastrangelo A.M., Aprile A., Guerra D., De Leonardis A.M., Marone D., Rossetti C., Russo M., Roncaglia E., Ferrari F., Fantoni L.I., De Bellis L., Giuliano G., Galiba G., Cattivelli L..
Genetic engineering of russian wheat genotypes for abiotic stress resistance
Miroshnichenko D., Filippov M., Dolgov S..
Genetic control of nitrogen stress tolerance in winter wheat
Laperche A., Brancourt-Hulmel M., Hanocq E., Ney B., Devienne-Barret F., Le Gouis J..
Molecular and biochemical characterization of transgenic rice plants over-expressing the Datura s-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase (SAMDC) cDNA
Peremarti A., Bassie L., Zhu C., Christou P., Capell T..
Constitutive expression of the oat arginine decarboxylase cDNA in transgenic wheat plants does not influence expression of its orthologue
Bassie L., Peremarti A., Zhu C., Christou P., Capell T..
Genetic variability for post-anthesis nitrogen metabolism in winter wheat varieties grown under limiting and non-limiting nitrogen conditions
Kichey T., Fontaine J.X., Heumez E., Dubois F., Hirel B., Le Gouis J..
Changes in cell wall polysaccharides during water stress in wheat genotypes varying in drought tolerance
Leucci M.R., Lenucci M., Piro G., Dalessandro G..
Metabolism of y-aminobutyric acid during cold acclimation and freezing and its relationship to frost tolerance in barley and wheat
Mazzucotelli E., Tartari A., Guerra D., Cattivelli L., Forlani G..
Consensus QTLs for drought tolerance and agronomic traits in rice
Moragues M., Sorrells M.E..
Mapping candidate genes for drought tolerance in barley
Tondelli A., Francia E., Laidò G., Barabaschi D., Visioni A., Stanca A.M., Pecchioni N..
Identification of molecular markers associated with partial resistance to powdery mildew, leaf rust and stripe rust in bread wheat line Saar
Lillemo M., Bjørnstad A., Asalf B., Singh R.P., Huerta-Espino J., Chen X.M., He Z.H..
Phenotypic characterization of the reciprocal translocation present in the barley variety Albacete
Lacasa-Benito I., Muñoz P., Moralejo M., Cistue L., Castillo A., Vallés P., Romagosa I..
Primary root architecture in a diverse set of barley germplasm
Meskine S., Romagosa I., Comadran J., Russell J.R., Hackett C., van Eeuwijk F., Thomas W.T.B..
Improving wheat for nutrition and processing
Shewry P.R., Wan Y., Wheeler T., Gooding M., Poole R., Edwards K.J., Mills E.N.C., Skeggs P., Gezan S., Welham S., Shenton C., Zhu T., Phillips A., Jones H.D., Li L., Ward J., Freeman J., Nemeth C., Mitchell R.A.C..
Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and computer graphics visualises unique genotype specific physical-chemical patterns from barley endosperms
Moller B., Norgaard L., Munck L..
Small cross mapping of barley quality characters
Rae S.J., Keith R., Leigh F., Mackie A., Matthews D., Felix G., Morris P.C., O'Sullivan P., Donini D., Thomas W.T.B..
Genetic modification of starch composition in wheat
Lafiandra D., Sestili F., Saliola Bucelli A., Silvestri M., De Ambrogio E..
Characterization of glutenin genes in cereals and their contribution to the gluten properties
Jouve N., Soler C., Rubio P., Bernardo A., Cuadrado A., Peña E., De Bustos A..
Efficient selection of ß-glucan content enhances wider utilisation of barley grain
Swanston J.S., Russell J.R., Perez-Vendrell A.M., Moralejo M., Elía M., Molina-Cano J.L..
Breeding of malting barley and the possibilities of breeder's adaptation to changeable demands of malt and beer industry in Czech Republic and Europe
Punar J.S., Spunarova M., Nesvadba Z..
Breeding of waxy barleys using molecular markers
Vaculova K., Ehrenbergerova J., Pouch M..
Manipulation of the cell wall composition of wheat endosperm cell walls to improve nutritional properties
Nemeth C., Freeman J., Mitchell R.A.C., Shewry P.R..
Transgenic cereals with enhanced resistance to abiotic stress through metabolic engineering
Capell T., Bassie L., Peremarti A., Zhu C., Christou P..
Developing a feed barley with more balanced aminoacid composition
Lange M., Vincze E., Wieser H., Holm P..
Trafficking of a low molecular weight (LMW) glutenin subunit in durum wheat
Tosi P., Sanchis-Gritsch C., Parker M., Napier J., Carzaniga R., Shewry P..
Genotypic variation for leaf cadmium concentration in Triticum sp.
Kraljevic-Balalic M., Petrovic S., Dimitrijevic M., Mladenov N..
Vitamin, protein and essential mineral enhancement of cereal crops for food security
Zhu C., Naqvi S., Gómez-Galera S., Pelacho A., Capell T., Christou P..
Production of recombinant HIV monoclonal antibodies for human health in transgenic maize seeds
Ramessar K., Stoger E., Capell T., Christou P..
Essential micronutrient fortification of cereal grains for enhanced nutrition
Gómez-Galera S., Naqvi S., Pelacho A., Capell T., Stoger E., Christou P., Zhu C..
Vitamin bio-fortification of cereals for food security
Naqvi S., Gómez-Galera S., Capell T., Stoger E., Christou P., Zhu C..
Wheat arabinoxylans: exploiting genetic variation in amount and composition to develop enhanced varieties
Charmet G., Ravel C., Salse J., Bedo Z., Guillon F., Saulnier L..
Cereal components for the development of functional food
Finocchiaro F., Ferrari B., Gianinetti A., Stanca A.M..
A preliminary screening of barleys for differences in ß-glucan-related grain traits
Gianinetti A., Ferrari B., Finocchiaro F., Frigeri P., Stanca A.M..
Environmental determination of amino acid composition in the grain of durum wheat under Mediterranean conditions
Isidro J., Martos V., Rharrabti Y., Royo C., García del Moral L.F..
Testing and breeding hulless barley for healthy food
Legzdina L., Bleidere M..
Relationships between bread-making quality and starch viscosity parameters in bread wheat partial-waxy
Lucas R., Rodríguez-Quijano M., Carrillo J.M..
Expression of two D-hordeins from Hordeum chilense in bread and durum wheat
Marín S., Pistón F., Barro F..
qPCR for Fusarium traceability in cereal plants, grain and derived products
Morcia C., Rossi V., Corbellini M., Faccini N., Faccioli P., Delogu G., Terzi V..
Gluten composition, gluten quality, and dough mixing properties (National-Mixograph; Chopin-Mixolab) of high yielding wheats derived from crosses between common (T. aestivum) and synthetic (Triticum dicoccon x Aegilops tauschii) wheats
Peña R.J., Cervantes-Espinoza M.I., Posadas G., Ortiz-Monasterio J.I., Dubat A..
Identification of DNA markers associated with cadmium accumulation in oat
Kiviharju E., Tanhuanpää P., Manninen O., Kalendar R., Schulman A..
Study of genetic basis of resistance to leaf rust isolates in durum wheat
Del Olmo A.I., Sillero J.C., Marone D., Matteu L., Mastrangelo A.M., Rubiales D..
Development of salt tolerant barley for sustainable agriculture in Kuwait
Al Menaie H., Caligari P.D.S., Forster B.P..
Genetic improvement of Canadian durum wheat for sustainable production systems
Clarke J.M..
Organic breeding of einkorn (Triticum monococcum ssp. monococcum)
Kovács G..
Evaluation of population of Hessian fly Mayetiola destructor (Say) in the South-West of Spain
Sin E., Martín-Sánchez J.A., López-Braña I., Pérez-Rojas F., Del Moral J., Delibes A..
Progress in yield components and yield potential in bread wheat and durum wheat genotypes
Cseuz L., Kertesz C., Fonad P., Kovacs I., Ovari J., Matuz J., Kertesz Z..
Genetic analysis of nitrogen accumulation and protein composition in wheat kernel
Charmet G., Martre P..
Formation of triticale crop ideotype for organic farming
Kronberga A..
Durum wheat productivity in sustainable Mediterranean agroecosystems as related to yield components and morphophysiological traits
Royo C., Villegas D., Alvaro F., Moragues M., Araus-Ortega J.L., Ben Salem M., Bort J., De Ambrogio E., Demontis A., El Ahmed A., García del Moral L.F., Isidro J., Maalouf F., Maccaferri M., Martos V., Motawai J., Nachit M., Natoli E., Nserallah N., Ouabbou H..
Stability of breeding characters related with bread wheat quality in Southern Spain
Solís I., Díaz M., Alvarez J.B., Martín L.M., Peña R.J..
Assessment of durum wheat yield and carbon isotope discrimination by reflectance indices WI and PRI
Villegas D., Aparicio N., Royo C..
Diomede', a winter barley for dual-purpose in comparison to oats grown in a Mediterranean environment
Odoardi M., Francia E., Pecchioni N., Li Destri Nicosia O., Paoletta G., Taibi L., Franco V., Stanca A.M., Delogu G..
Transgenic cereals as vehicles for applied research and the political dimension of transgenic crops
Christou P., Zhu C., Bassie L., Pelacho A., Gome S., Peremarti A., Naqvi S., Ramessar K., Capell T..
Synteny in cereals
Gale M..
Transcriptome analysis in the post-genomic era
Faccioli P., Ciceri G.P., Provero P., Stanca A.M., Morcia C., Terzi V..
A transgenic approach to understanding gene expression in cereals
Jones H.D., Freeman J., Sparks C.A..
Regulators determining seed maturation: a genetical genomics approach
Sreenivasulu N., Pietsch C., Radchuk V., Strickert M., Röder M., Weschke W., Wobus U..
Inter- and intragenomic spontaneous translocations in multigeneric hybrids of Triticeae tribe
Carvalho A., Guedes-Pinto H., Lima-Brito J..
Transcriptome analysis of four chloroplast developmental barley mutants
Campoli C., Svensson J.T., Caffarri S., Bassi R., Stanca A.M., Close T.J., Cattivelli L., Crosatti C..
Analysis of the expression of homoeologous genes in polyploid cereals using fluorescence cDNA-SSCP
De Bustos A., Perez R., Jouve N..
Three genes from the anther-flavonoid pathway are down-regulated in male sterile alloplasmic wheat
Pistón F., Martín A., Barro F..
Comparative transcriptional and proteomic profiling of bread wheat cv. 'Bobwhite' and its derived transgenic line over-expressing a lmw-gs gene
Scossa F., Laudencia-Chingcuanco D., Anderson O.D., Vensel W.H., Lafiandra D., D'Ovidio R., Masci S..
Using cell-lineage tagging to decipher early differentiation and development in wheat endosperm
Freeman J., Kurup S., Huttly A.K., Shewry P.R..
Homogeneity of wheat varieties developed by the use of double-haploids
Alvarez J.B., Solís I., Martín A., Ballesteros J., Martín L.M..
Increases in yield potential achieved by breeding in durum wheat and barley for Mediterranean environments
Rizza F., Di Fonzo N., Cattivelli L., Mastrangelo A.M., Badeck F.W., Stanca A.M..
Soil survey and site selection for crop cultivation in Kuwait
Al Menaie H., Al Shatti A..
Revisiting the gap between actual and potential crop yields
Fereres E..