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2008 - 481 p.

Testing and breeding hulless barley for healthy food

Legzdina L., Bleidere M.

One of health promoting effects of hulless barley (HB) food products is lowering blood cholesterol level; the main cause of this effect is high ß-glucan content. Vitamin E also can be responsible for reduction of blood cholesterol. HB genotypes of diverse origins tested in the location of Stende during 2004-2005 had higher ß-glucan content than covered ones (in average 49.3 mg kg-1 and 38.9 mg kg-1 respectively); the range of HB ß-glucan content in the location of Priekuli was 37.3-77.5 mg kg-1, but for covered barley varieties it was 26.1-39.4 mg kg-1. ß-glucan content of 11 HB breeding lines (2005) was 54.2-76.8 mg kg-1. Vitamin E content in 7 HB accessions ranged 32.8-40.6 mg kg-1 and it was higher than in covered barley and other cereals. The taste, colour and loaf structure of 30% HB bread was scored equally to wheat bread. Our results indicate that HB can be successfully used in health promoting food products.



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Legzdina L., Bleidere M. Testing and breeding hulless barley for healthy food. In : Molina-Cano J.L. (ed.), Christou P. (ed.), Graner A. (ed.), Hammer K. (ed.), Jouve N. (ed.), Keller B. (ed.), Lasa J.M. (ed.), Powell W. (ed.), Royo C. (ed.), Shewry P. (ed.), Stanca A.M. (ed.). Cereal science and technology for feeding ten billion people: genomics era and beyond. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / IRTA, 2008. p. 345-347. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 81). Meeting of the Eucarpia Cereal Section, 2006/11/13-17, Lleida (Spain). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a81/00800874.pdf