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Economics of drought and drought preparedness in a climate change context

López-Francos A. (comp.). Economics of drought and drought preparedness in a climate change context. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / FAO / ICARDA / GDAR / CEIGRAM / MARM, 2010. 360 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 95). 2. International Conference on Drought Management, 2010/03/04-06, Istanbul (Turkey).


Environnement, Biodiversité, Ressources Naturelles, Changement Climatique


Climate change and its impact on agricultural production, with a focus on the Mediterranean area
Seguin B..
A global picture of drought occurrence, magnitude and preparedness
Eriyagama N., Smakhtin V., Gamage N..
Trends and periodicities in the annual amount of dry days over Argentina, looking towards the climatic change
Penalba O., Rivera J., Bettolli M.L..
Monitoring droughts and impacts on the agricultural production: Examples from Spain
Rossi S., Niemeyer S..
Drought occurrence and its impact on olive production and cereals in Tunisia
Gargouri K., Laajimi A., Chebil A., Ben Aoun W..
Drought trends and impacts on agricultural production and natural resources in the context of climate change
Divrak B.B., Ayas C., Iş G..
Impact of climate change on water resources in Morocco: The case of Sebou Basin
Bouabid R., Chafai Elalaoui A..
Impacts of extreme weather events, climate change, and crop water relationship for crops grown in Western Canada
Khakbazan M., Grant C., Mohr R..
The drought impact on agricultural crop production in Tunisia
Bergaoui M..
Drought effects on reservoirs inflows in Tunisia: Case of Lakhmess and Siliana reservoirs
Bergaoui M., Louati M.H..
Evaluation of drought tolerance indices in durum wheat recombinant inbred lines
Boussen H., Ben Salem M., Slama A., Mallek-Maalej E., Rezgui S..
Comparing the Effective Drought Index and the Standardized Precipitation Index
Byun H.R., Kim D.W..
Evaluation of the crop coefficients for tomato crop grown in a Mediterranean climate
Cerekovic N., Todorovic M., Snyder R.L., Boari F., Pace B., Cantore V..
Alleviation of the potential impact of climate change on wheat productivity using arginine under irrigated Egyptian agriculture
Hozayn M., Abd El Monem A.A..
Spatiotemporal characteristics and assessment of historical drought in Korea
Kim D.W., Byun H.R..
Drought changes over last five decades in Syria
Skaf M., Mathbout S..
SPI as an indicator of drought in South Bulgaria
Alexandrov V., Radeva S..
Improving wheat production under drought conditions by using diallel crossing system. Drought Index (DI)
Omar S.A., El Hosary A.A., Wafaa A.H..
Observed and projected changes in drought conditions of Turkey
Topçu S., Sen B., Türkes M..
The economic costs of droughts
Markandya A., Mysiak J..
Towards a framework for the economic assessment of drought risk. An ecosystems approach
Morris J., Graves A., Daccache A., Hess T., Knox J..
Disentangling the social, macro and microeconomic effects of agricultural droughts: An application to Spanish irrigated agriculture
Garrido A., Gil M., Gómez-Ramos A..
Regulating intra-annual agricultural water use under climate and price uncertainty
Reynaud A..
The economic impacts of drought on agriculture: The case of Turkey
Dellal I., McCarl B.A..
Drought risk management: Pilot study on vulnerability and local coping strategies
Meza-Morales L..
Cost-effectiveness analysis of a water scarcity management plan: Considering long term socioeconomic and climatic changes
Rinaudo J.D., Maton L., Caballero Y..
Drought impacts on yield potential in rainfed agriculture
Tsakiris G., Vangelis H., Tigkas D..
Optimization of the cropping pattern in Northern and Southern part of the Jordan Valley under drought conditions and limited water availability
Rawabdeh H., Shatanawi M., Scardigno A., Todorovic M..
Water crisis and water scarcity as social constructions. The case of water use in Almería (Andalusia, Spain)
Buchs A..
Droughts: Farmers' domestic and productive attitudes and behaviours
De Sousa Fragoso R.M., Costa Freitas Martins M.B., Fernandes Jorge R., Rodrigo I..
Incorporating economical issues and uncertainties of long-term inflow forecast for decision making on agricultural water allocation during droughts
Morid S., Hosseini Safa H., Moghaddasi M..
Using participatory foresight approaches for improving agriculture preparedness to increased water scarcity in the long term
Rinaudo J.D., Caballero Y., Maton L., Salas y Mélia D., Martin E., Richard A., Rollin D., Garin P., Montginoul M..
Representing systemic strategies to cope with drought impacts using system dynamics modeling. Case study: Hamadan province, Iran
Shahbazbegian M.R., Bagheri A..
Risk management as policy. The experience of Australia's National Drought Policy
Botterill L..
Towards an adaptive preparedness framework for facing drought and water shortage
Tsakiris G..
Water allocation strategies under drought and specific socio-economic and environmental conditions in the Central Jordan Valley
Al Naber M., Todorovic M., Shatanawi M., Flichman G., Scardigno A..
Transboundary drought risk management in Mediterranean Europe. A state-of-the-art analysis for the Guadiana River Basin
Do Ó A..
The role of Dryland Agricultural Research Institute in drought mitigation in Iran
Ghaffari A..
The impact and management of recent drought on the West Bank groundwater aquifer system
Froukh L..
Assessing the feasibility of deficit irrigation under drought conditions
Rodrigues G.C., Silva F.G., Pereira L.S..
Insurance and deliberation as drought disaster risk reduction strategies
Warner J., Topçu S..
Screening bread wheat genotypes for drought tolerance: Germination, radical growth and mean performance of yield and its components
Abd El Moneim D.A., Mohamed I.N., Belal A.H., Atta M.E..
Feasibility of some adaptation measures of on-farm irrigation in Egypt under water scarcity conditions
Attaher S.M., Medany M.A., El Gindy A..
Feasibility of using Mediterranean rainfed crops in poultry rations
Farran M.T., Yau S.K., Daghir N.J., Barbour G.W., Usayran N.N..
Specific mitigation actions to reduce short and long-term drought risks
Hamdy A..
Perception of drought by farmers and its impact on farming and irrigation practices
Masmoudi M.M., Nagaz K., Ben Mechlia N..
Adopting intercropping system for potatoes as practice on drought mitigation under Tunisian conditions
Rezig M., Sahli A., Ben Jeddi F., Harbaoui Y..
Proactive management of water systems to face drought and water scarcity in islands and coastal areas of the Mediterranean (PRODIM)
Tsakiris G., Tigkas D., Vangelis H..
Conference conclusions and recommendations 343-344