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Feeding and management strategies to improve livestock productivity, welfare and product quality under climate change

Ben Salem H. (ed.), López-Francos A. (ed.). Feeding and management strategies to improve livestock productivity, welfare and product quality under climate change. Zaragoza : CIHEAM / INRAT / OEP / IRESA / FAO, 2013. 299 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 107). 14. International Seminar of the Sub-Network on Nutrition of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-Regional Cooperative Research and Development Network on Sheep and Goats, 2012/06/15-17, Hammamet (Tunisia).


Most of world’s rural population depend on livestock for their livelihood, especially in the Mediterranean, African and many Asian countries. To reduce poverty, fight hunger and ensure global food security, there is an urgent need to increase livestock production in sustainable ways. However, livestock production systems in those areas are constrained mainly by low genetic potential, feed shortage, nutrient deficiency, inappropriate husbandry, and zoonotic and other emerging infectious diseases. Climate change is also expected to exacerbate the vulnerability of livestock systems and to reinforce existing factors that simultaneously challenge livestock production such as rapid population and economic growth, increased demand for food and products, and increased conflicts over scarce resources (e.g. land, water, and feed). Scientific advances in animal nutrition and new strategies in livestock feeding may undoubtedly contribute to this aim, as nutrition is one of the main factors driving the functioning, efficacy, efficiency and evolution of livestock systems. This volume presents 42 articles selected among the contributions to the 14th Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Sub-Network on Sheep and Goat Nutrition, organised by The National Institute of Agricultural Research of Tunisia (INRAT) and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ-CIHEAM) in Hammamet (Tunisia) in June 2012. The Seminar provided the opportunity to present and discuss scientific advances and approaches in animal nutrition and feeding sciences, covering the topics of nutritional efficiency, use of local feeding resources, rumen manipulation, animal welfare, products quality, and proposing potential alternatives for coping with climate change and mitigation its effects on the farming systems.


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Effects of forage type on diversity in bacterial pellets isolated from liquid and solid phases of the rumen content in sheep and goats
Abecia L., Molina Alcaide E., Cantalapiedra-Híjar G., Soto E.C., Carro M.D..
Use of tannins to modify ruminal biohydrogenation in sheep. 1. Effects on in vitro rumen fermentation
Benhissi H., Frutos P., Toral P.G., Belenguer A., Hervás G..
Use of tannins to modify ruminal biohydrogenation in sheep. 2. Effects on in vitro fatty acid composition of rumen digesta
Benhissi H., Hervás G., Toral P.G., Belenguer A., Frutos P..
Effect of alternate supplementary feeding on semen and sexual behavior traits of Barbarine rams
Lassoued N., Ben Salem H., Mleil S., Rekik M., Wergui A..
Effects of essential oils from Rosmarinus officinalis and Thymus capitatus on in vitro rumen fermentation in sheep
Moujahed N., Bouaziz Y., Khelfa A..
Sheep management in the eastern Moroccan area: Livestock breeders’ practices and effect of ewes’ supplementation on lamb performances
Faraji A., Mounsif M., Keli A..
Strategies to manipulate rumen fermentation for better utilizing feedstuffs in goats
Molina-Alcaide E., Romero-Huelva M., Ramos E., Martínez G., Abecia L., Yáñez Ruiz D.R..
Nutritive evaluation of foliage from some Acacia trees characteristic of Algerian arid and semi-arid areas
Boufennara S., Bouazza L., Bodas R., Bousseboua H., López S..
Effect of partial replacement of concentrate with feed blocks including tomato wastes from greenhouse horticulture on methane and milk production and milk composition in goats
Romero-Huelva M., Ramos-Morales E., Molina-Alcaide E..
Reproductive response of female and male sheep to targeted introduction of cactus (Opuntia ficusindica f. inermis) cladodes in the diet
Sakly C., Rekik M., Lassoued N., Ben Salem I., González-Bulnes A., Ben Salem S., Attia H..
Tables of nutritive values for farm animals in tropical and Mediterranean regions: An important asset for improving the use of local feed resources
Tran G., Heuzé V., Bastianelli D., Archimede H., Giger-Reverdin S., Sauvant D..
Analysis of ruminant’s feeding systems in some Algerian farms: Obstacle to achieve autonomy
Abdeldjelil M.C., Agabou A., Boudebza A., Messai A., Aimeur F., Bensegueni A., Benazzouz H..
Effects of feed resources in arid lands on growth performance of local goat kids in southern Tunisia
Ayeb N., Seddik M., Hammadi M., Barmat A., Atigui M., Harrabi H., Khorchani T..
Evaluation of the nutritive value of the diet of Ouled Djellal breed’s sheep in semi-arid zone
Djaalab I., Mehennaoui S., Lakhdara N., Haffaf S., Djaalab-Mansour H..
Effect of faba bean intake on growth and carcass characteristics of lambs from three breeds
Hajji H, Atti N..
Sexual behaviour of Ile-de-France rams receiving a short term flushing with lupins
Sakly C., Rekik M., Fabre C., Scaramuzzi R.J..
Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics of range species growing in Central Tunisia
Moujahed N., Darej C., Taghouti M., Bouaziz Y., Ben Mustapha C., Kayouli C..
Chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and fermentation kinetics of arboricultural and agroindustrial by-products in the north of Morocco
Ayadi M., Arakrak A., Chentouf M., Keli A..
Effect of oxalic acid on rumen function and microbiota in sheep fed a low quality diet
Benbati M., Belenguer A., Hervás G., Toral P.G., Frutos P..
Effect of the nature of the concentrate feed on the end products of digestion in the Sicilo-Sarde sheep
Selmi H., Tibaoui G., Hammami M., Jemmali B., Ben Gara A., Rouissi H..
In vitro ruminal fermentation of diets containing wheat straw and date pits as forage
Lakhdara N., Ranilla M.J., Tejido M.L., Bererhi E.H., Carro M.D..
n-Alkanes for grazing studies with ruminants: where can we go?
Alloui M.N., Keli A., De Vega A..
The role of biotic and abiotic stress factors on sheep welfare: The example of parasites and climatic changes in European countries
Sotiraki S., Stefanakis A., Hoste H., Maurer V., Butler G., Leifert C..
Comparison of meat and carcass sensory quality in organically and conventionally pasture-fed lambs at two levels of herbage availability
Prache S., Ballet J., Meteau K., Guy F., Musset M.A., Vannier E..
Effects of feeding system and Acacia cyanophylla-condensed tannins on lamb growth and meat characteristics
Atti N., Labidi J., Mahouachi M..
In vitro anthelmintic activity of some Mediterranean plants against Haemonchus contortus infective stage
Aïssa A., Manolaraki F., Pardo E., Znaïdi I.A., Ben Salem H., Kraiem K., Hoste H..
Changes in the rumen Butyrivibrio group in lactating ewes fed a diet supplemented with sunflower oil with or without marine algae
Castro-Carrera T., Toral P.G., Hervás G., Frutos P., Belenguer A..
Effect of carob pulp on growing performances, nutritional, and technological quality of meat and perirenal fat from goat
Ayadi M., Arakrak A., Chriyaa A., Chentouf M., Bouassab A..
Dietary effects on meat chemical traits and fatty acids composition in intramuscular lipids of Sarda x Ile de France heavy lambs
Fiori M., Scintu M.F., Sitzia M., Addis M..
Effect of lupin on growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of growing and fattening kids
El Otmani S., Ayadi M., Chentouf M..
Effects of replacing corn and soya beans with white sorghum and faba beans on milk quality of Sicilo Sarde dairy ewes in Tunisia
Selmi H., Kamoun M., Tibaoui G., Ben Gara A., Rouissi H..
Effects of rosemary extracts incorporation on Barbarine lamb’s growth and carcass characteristics
Smeti S., Atti N., Mahouachi M..
Growth performances and carcass composition of Barbarine lambs: Effect of the substitution rate of soya bean cake by faba beans (Vicia faba)
Boukhris H., Damergi C., Najjar T..
Effect of substitution rate of soya bean cake by faba beans (Vicia faba) on meat quality of black of Thibar and fat tail Barbary breed lambs
Damergi C., Boukhris H..
The effect of the incorporation of sorghum in the diet of fattening kids on performances, carcass characteristics and meat quality
El Otmani S., Ayadi M., Chentouf M..
Green house gas emissions from organic and conventional systems of food production, with and without bio-energy options
Butler G., Cooper J.M., Leifert C..
Local feed resources for poultry
Leenstra F..
Genetic aspects of heat stress in pigs expressed in fertility traits
Bloemhof S., Mathur P.K., van der Waaij E.H., Leenhouwers J.I., Knol E.F..
Effect of a heat stress episode on feed and water intake in dairy goats bred under temperate climate
Giger-Reverdin S., Jaber L., Tessier J., Duvaux-Ponter C..
Effect of antimethanogenic garlic-derived compounds on amylolytic and xylanolytic activities in the rumen
Martínez G., Abecia L., Martín-García A.I., Ramos-Morales E., Molina-Alcaide E., Yáñez Ruiz D.R..
Effect of polyethylene glycol addition on methane production from some Algerian browse plant species in an in vitro gas system
Boufennara S., Bouazza L., López S., Bousseboua H., Bodas R..
Blood parameters and feed intake in pregnant and lactating Barbarine ewes subjected to water deprivation
Khnissi S., Lassoued N., Ben Salem H., Rekik M..