OM B56_3

Water saving in Mediterranean agriculture and future research needs [Vol. 3]

Lamaddalena N. (ed.), Bogliotti C. (ed.), Todorovic M. (ed.), Scardigno A. (ed.). Water saving in Mediterranean agriculture and future research needs [Vol. 3]. Bari : CIHEAM, 2007. 351 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série B. Etudes et Recherches; n. 56 Vol.III). Proceedings of the International Conference WASAMED Project (EU contract ICA3-CT-2002-10013), 2007/02/14-17, Valenzano (Italy).


Gestion de l’Eau : Aspects Géopolitique, Economique, Technique et Social


Problems and solutions for water user associations in the Gedis Basin
Kiymaz S., Özekici B., Hamdy A..
Integrating strategies for an efficient water management under uncertainty: empirical evidence in Spain
Blanco Gutiérrez I., Varela Ortega C..
Irrigation pricing policy aimed at the enhancement of water saving innovation at farm level: a case study
Gatta G., Giannoccaro G., Monteleone M., Prosperi M., Zanni G..
Development of an income generating agricultural management via irrigation system improvement in lower Seyhan plain
Donma S., Coskun Z..
Optimal water productivity of irrigation systems in a semi-arid region
Montazar A., Nazari Far M.H., Mardi E..
Assessment of the socio-economic and agricultural aspects in water resources using GIS: a case study from Egypt
Maherzi K., Afify A., Motaleb M.A., Hamdy A..
Efficiency gains from potential water market in Iran: Saveh region case study
Kiani G.H..
Water use licensing versus electricity policy reform to stop seawater intrusion
Zekri S..
Evaluation of different traditional water management systems in semi-arid regions (case study from Iran)
Ghanbarpour M.R., Ahmadi E., Gholami S..
Contour ridge efficiency on land erosion, water-filling and silting up of a hill reservoir in a semi-arid region in Tunisia
Baccari N., Nasri S., Boussema M.R., Lamachère I.M..
Soil physical degradation of rangelands under continuous grazing at the Zacatecas, Mexico highlands
Echavarría F.G., Serna A., Bañuelos R., Flores M.J., Gutiérrez R., Salinas H..
A methodology to relate groundwater salinity to irrigation delivery schedules: a case study in Southern Italy
Oueslati I., Zaccaria D., Vurro M., Lamaddalena N..
Assessment of vulnerable zones to nitrate pollution: a study case in the Apulia region
Oueslati I., Vurro M., Uricchio V., Lamaddalena N..
Assessment of on-farm water management for sustainable agricultural development in Nile delta
Abou El Hassan W.H., El Gamal F., Kitamura Y..
Water resources in Syria and their development procedures
Kaisi A., Mohammad Y., Mahrouseh Y..
Agricultural water saving in Greece
Karamanos A., Dercas N., Londra P., Aggelides S..
Water resources of Algeria: availability and needs
Messahel M., Benhafid M.S..
Sustainability dimensions of the practical experience in water saving for agriculture in Palestinian authority territories
Dudeen B..
An analysis of losses and gains in Indus river system of Pakistan
Kharal F.H., Ali S..
Identifying research and development targets for the management of limited water resources in the Mediterranean: background and a brief outline of the WASAMED case
Bogliotti C., Todorovic M..
IRRIQUAL: sustainable orchard irrigation for improving fruit quality and safety
Alarcón J.J., Pérez de Madrid P..
WatNitMED - management improvements of WUE [Water Use Efficiency] and NUE [Nitrogen Use Efficiency] of Mediterranean strategic crops (wheat and barley)
Slafer G.A., Karrou M., Karam F., Thabet C., Spiertz H.J., Dahan R., Foulkes J., Nogués S., Peltonen-Sainio P., Albrizio R., Ayad J.Y., Mellouli H.J..
Farm level optimal water management: assistant for irrigation under deficit (flow-aid)
Balendonck J., Stanghellini C., Hemming J..
Aquastress: mitigation of water stress through new approaches to integrating management, technical, economic and institutional instruments. Definition of the case studies
Passino R., Battaglia A., Assimacopoulos D., Apostolati S., Katsiardi P..
Promoting gender mainstreaming in integrated water resources management through information collection and dissemination. The GEWAMED1 project
Sagardoy J.A..
Assessment of the environmental sustainability of irrigated agriculture in a large-scale scheme: a case study
Zaccaria D., Inversi M., Lamaddalena N..
Deficit irrigation as a means of reducing agricultural water use
Fereres E., Morales M., Soriano M.A..