OM B56_2

Water saving in Mediterranean agriculture and future research needs [Vol. 2]

Lamaddalena N. (ed.), Bogliotti C. (ed.), Todorovic M. (ed.), Scardigno A. (ed.). Water saving in Mediterranean agriculture and future research needs [Vol. 2]. Bari : CIHEAM, 2007. 336 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série B. Etudes et Recherches; n. 56 Vol.II). Proceedings of the International Conference WASAMED Project (EU contract ICA3-CT-2002-10013), 2007/02/14-17, Valenzano (Italy).


Gestion de l’Eau : Aspects Géopolitique, Economique, Technique et Social


Use of non conventional water resources in irrigated agriculture
El Gamal F..
Water saving potentialities through the use of saline water and the application of deficit irrigation
Hamdy A., Katerji N., Mastrorilli M., Dayyoub A..
Irrigation strategies for optimal use of saline water in Mediterranean agriculture
Crescimanno G., Garofalo P..
Effect of supplementary saline irrigation on yield and stomatal conductance of wheat under the Mediterranean climatic conditions
Yazar A., Hamdy A., Gençel B., Sezen M.S., Koç M..
Use of saline irrigation water for production of some legumes and tuber plants
Gadalla A.M., Hamdy A., Galal Y.G.M..
Sea water stress affects mitochondrial proline oxidation but not alternative oxidase activity in durum wheat germinating seedlings
Laus M.N., Flagella Z., Trono D., Soccio M., Di Fonzo N., Pastore D..
Submerged reverse osmosis plant (SROP)
Bapat D.N..
Treated wastewater sources: actions towards sustainable and safely use in the Near East and achieving food security in water-scarce poor rural communities
Choukr-Allah R..
Planning for wastewater reuse
Fresa F., Melli F., Piccinni A.F., Santandrea V., Specchio V..
The role of small scale wastewater treatment in the development of water resources in West bank of Palestine
Sbeih M.Y..
Irrigation of vegetables and flowers with treated wastewater
Papadopoulos I., Chimonidou D., Polycarpou P., Savvides S..
Response of durum wheat (Triticum durum) cultivar ACSAD 1107 to sewage sludge amendment under semi arid climate
Tamrabet L., Bouzerzour H., Kribaa M., Makhlouf M..
Reuse of membrane filtered municipal wastewater for irrigating vegetable crops
Lopez A., Pollice A., Laera G., Lonigro A., Rubino P., Passino R..
Use of sands of the dunes like biofilter in the purification of waste water of the town of Ouargla (Algeria)
Ammour F., Messahel M..
Salmonella transport and persistence in soil and plant irrigated with artificially inoculated reclaimed water: climatic effects
Palacios M.P., Lupiola P., Fernandez-Vera F., Mendoza V., Tejedor M.T..
A GIS-based water resources information system: a regional DSS for IWRM [Integrated Water Resources Management]
Abu-Zeid K., Elbadawy O..
Use of the genetic algorithm for the optimal operation of multi-reservoirs on demand irrigation system
Gharsallah O., Nouiri I., Lebdi F., Lamaddalena N..
Availability and accuracy of Mediterranean databases relevant to agricultural water uses
Crimi J., Khawlie M., Awad M., Sgobbi A., Giupponi C..
The NOSTRUM-DSS guidelines for improved development and adoption of decision support systems in integrated water resources management in the Mediterranean basin
Giupponi C., Depietri Y., Camera R., Crimi J., Sgobbi A..
Application of the NetSyMoD approach in support of decisions about irrigation management
Fassio A., Giupponi C., Sgobbi A., Mysiak J..
Models and decision support systems for participatory decision making in integrated water resource management
Sgobbi A., Giupponi C..
Agent-based modelling and simulation in the irrigation management sector: applications and potential
Tzima F.A., Athanasiadis N., Mitkas P.A..
Pilotage de l'irrigation par la méthode du rayonnement global
Bellouch H., Baroud A., Taoura M., Sirat B..
Apport des techniques géo-spatiales pour la caractérisation de la qualité des eaux souterraines des oasis de la vallée du Draa : cas de la nappe de Fezouata
Cherkaoui H.D., Moussadek R., Sahbi H..
A framework for irrigation management during drought: application in two case studies in the Tagus basin, Spain
Moneo M., Iglesias A..
Water management under extreme water scarcity: scenario analyses for the Jordan river basin, using WEAP21 [Water Evaluation and Planning]
Hoff H., Swartz C., Yates D., Tielborger K..
Rose cultivation in Cyprus under two irrigation regimes using local substrates
Chimonidou D., Vassiliou L., Kerkides P., Psyhoyiou M..