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Drought management: scientific and technological innovations

López-Francos A. (ed.). Drought management: scientific and technological innovations. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2008. 470 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 80). 1. International Conference Drought Management: Scientific and Technological Innovations, 2008/06/12-14, Zaragoza (Spain).


Environnement, Biodiversité, Ressources Naturelles, Changement Climatique


Climate change and drought
Arnell N.W..
Drought risk and vulnerability in water supply systems
Cubillo F., Garrote L..
Drought risk and vulnerability in rainfed agriculture: Example of a case study from Australia
Stone R.C., Potgieter A..
Characterization of dry spell events in a basin in the North of Tunisia
Mathlouthi M., Lebdi F..
Impact of drought on livestock productivity in Morocco
Chaarani B., Mahi I..
Drought meteorological monitoring network design for the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI)
Tsakiris G., Nalbantis I., Pangalou D., Tigkas D., Vangelis H..
Drought over Europe in recent years
Bordi I., Sutera A..
Spatio-temporal pattern of drought in Northeast of Iran
Akhtari R., Bandarabadi S.R., Saghafian B..
Crop Index anticipation using rainfall analysis over Matruh location
Attia E.S..
Drought and climate change in Morocco. Analysis of precipitation field and water supply
Benassi M..
Effects of drought and anthropism on vegetation and soil elements in the station of Tadmit (Wilaya of Djelfa, Algeria)
Benseghir L., Amghar F., Tazaïrt K., Kadi-Hanifi H..
Drought mitigation in Morocco: setting an indicator for an early drought warning
Chafai Elalaouim A., Ibrahimy A., Berkane A..
Integrating quantitative and qualitative sources in drought impact assesment
Do Ó A..
The intensity and impact of drought on crop production and possibilities of mitigation in Serbia
Dragovic S., Cicmil M., Radonjic L., Radojevic V..
Long-term effect of dry conditions and drought on fruit trees yield in dryland areas of Tunisia
Ghrab M., Gargouri K., Ben Mimoun M..
Future pattern of Asian drought under global warming scenario
Kim D.W., Byun H.R., Lee S.M..
Irrigation management of durum wheat in the Mitidja plain (Algeria): water balance models comparison and validation
Leulmi S., Sellam F..
Impact analysis of climate change on water resources in southern Italy through joint atmospheric-hydrological modeling
Mendicino G., Senatore A., Smiatek G., Kunstmann H..
The effects of drought on irrigation water resources and the new water-saving trend of irrigated farming. Case of the Korimat irrigated perimeter, Essaouira province, Morocco
El Moujahid A..
Preliminary analysis of Alvito-Odivelas reservoir system operation under climate change scenarios
Rani D., Moreira M.M., Mourato S..
Drought management planning: conditions for success
Wilhite D.A., Knutson C.L..
Participation and awareness of citizens in drought plans
Rodríguez Perea A..
Drought management plans in the Spanish river basins
Estrela T., Vargas E..
Special plan of action in situations of warning and eventual droughts of the Tagus river basin
Soriano Roncero C.M., Garrote L..
Experiences for drought management plans in Cyprus
Tsiourtis N.X..
Drought management and planning strategies in semi-arid and arid agro-pastoral systems of West Asia and North Africa: a review
Karrou M., El Mourid M..
Integrated management of water resources and demand in the touristic area of Saint-Tropez in a drought context
Jose-Maria F..
Drought characterization using drought indices in two areas of the Mediterranean basin: Meknès, Morocco, and Córdoba, Spain
Aghrab A., Bouabid R., Chafai Elalaoui A..
Irrigation management in field crops production
Babovic J., Milic S., Maksimovic L., Radojevic V..
Sustainable agricultural management of drylands
Chafai Elalaoui A..
Strategic and management plans for an agricultural water supply system in Southern Italy
Coppa A., Cervarolo G., Mendicino G., Senatore A., Versace P..
Action plan to mitigate the effects of the current drought, 2005-2007, in the Júcar river system
Ferrer J., Pérez M.A., Artés J.B., Honrubia M.A., Perez F..
Drought administrative actions, drought statutory laws and the permanent drought commission in the Júcar river basin authority
Ferrer J., Pérez M.A., Honrubia M.A., Perez F..
Specific combined actions in Turia river during 2005-2007 drought
Ferrer J., Pérez M.A., Perez F., Artés J.B..
Drought planning and drought mitigation measures in the Mediterranean region
Hamdy A., Trisorio-Liuzzi G..
Strategic environmental assessment of the special plan of action in situations of warning and eventual droughts of the Tagus river basin
Soriano C.M., Garrote L., Garrote R., Pelegrín S., Alcocer P.A., Menchero O., Casado M..
Recent methods and techniques for managing hydrological droughts
Rossi G., Nicolosi V., Cancelliere A..
New drought indices
Niemeyer S..
The application of insurance as a tool for mitigating the effects of drought in agriculture
Burgaz F.J..
AquaCrop: a new model for crop prediction under water deficit conditions
Steduto P., Raes D., Hsiao T.C., Fereres E., Heng L., Izzi G., Hoogeveen J..
A tool for irrigation water management under drought conditions
Playán E., Cavero J., Lecina S., Salvador R., Faci J.M..
Development of agricultural drought risk assessment model for Kermanshah Province (Iran), using satellite data and intelligent methods
Arshad S., Morid S., Reza Mobasheri M., Agha Alikhani M..
Use of NAO index to improve drought forecasting in the Mediterranean area: application to Sicily region
Di Mauro G., Bonaccorso B., Cancelliere A., Rossi G..
Modern strategies and tools for water saving and drought mitigation in Southern Italy
Todorovic M., Lamaddalena N., Trisorio-Liuzzi G..
Applied tools to support Júcar management decisions during 2005/2007 drought
Andreu J., Pérez M.A., Ferrer J..
Assessing olive diversity for root traits associated with WUE
Bari A., Boulouha B., Sikaoui H., Araus J.L., Martín A., González-Andujar J.L., El Ibrahem A., Talal A., Hadjhasan A..
Management and optimization of the water resources in irrigated agriculture through the use of remote sensing, agrometeorological data and information technologies
Camacho F., Ruiz G., Vayá J., Martínez B., Jiménez J.C., González-Piqueras J., Alonso L..
Geo-portal for drought and climate risks in the region of Murcia: GOSYD project
Erena M., García S., Correal E., Perez P., Baños I., Montesinos S., García P., Atenza J..
Assessment of the impact of climate change on olive growing in Tunisia using GIS tools
Gargouri K., Rhouma A., Sahnoun A., Ghribi M., Bentaher H., Ben Rouina B., Ghrab M..
Introduction of a drought monitoring system in Korea
Sang-Min L., Hi-Ryong Byun, Do-Woo K..
Comparison of allocated water, based on optimization and equitable reductions methods in Zayandeh Rud irrigation systems (Iran) during the 1999 drought
Moghaddasi M., Morid S., Araghinejad S., Agha Alikhani M..
Drought modelling under climate change in Tunisia during the 2020 and 2050 periods
Nasr Z., Almohammed H., Gafrej Lahache R., Maag C., King L..
Relation between precision remote sensing and water relations and gas exchange parameters in Verna lemon
Pérez Cutillas P., Pérez Pérez J.G., Erena Arrabal M., Botia Ordaz P., Robles García J.M., García Oller M.I., Montesinos Aranda S..
Sap flow technique as a tool for irrigation schedule in grapevines: control of the plant physiological status
Pons P.J., Truyols M., Flexas J., Cifre J., Medrano H., Ribas-Carbó M..
WSUDC: a prototype decision support tool for water supply systems management under drought conditions
Rossi G., Nicolosi V., Cancelliere A..
Operative indicators for drought mitigation tools in multireservoir systems
Sechi G.M., Sulis A..
Methodology for planning water supply under drought conditions
Tsiourtis N.X..