OM A45

Quality in lucerne and medics for animal production

Delgado I. (ed.), Lloveras J. (ed.). Quality in lucerne and medics for animal production . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2001. 275 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 45). 14. Réunion Eucarpia du Groupe Medicago spp., 2001/09/12-15, Zaragoza and Lleida (Spain).


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


The evolution of fodder dehydration in Spain: Future prospects
Ollé Marrugat F..
From description to explanation of variations in alfalfa digestibility
Julier B., Guines F., Ecalle C., Huyghe C..
Breeding of the alfalfa plant morphology for quality
Rotili P., Gnocchi G., Scotti C., Kertikova D..
Characterization and selection of 'Tierra de Campos' lucerne ecotype using a method of identification of new varieties
Morales M.R., Álvarez S., Crespo M.C..
Heterosis effect in synthetic populations of alfalfa (Medicago media pers.)
Dyba S., Broda Z..
3D distribution of seed yield in alfalfa seed canopy
Huyghe C., Julier B., Bolaños-Aguilar E.D., Ecalle C..
Tetraploid alfalfa mapping using AFLP markers and research of markers of pollen fertility
Julier B., Henri D., Ecalle C., Huyghe C..
Investigating variation for histological characters in alfalfa stems
Guines F., Julier B., Huyghe C., Poussot P..
A study of the mitochondrial DNA rearrangements in three interspecific somatic hybrids of Medicago sativa
Busti A., Pupilli F., De Marchis F., Arcioni S..
Situation de la luzerne pérenne dans le Sahara et comportement de quelques populations locales et variétés introduites dans le sud-est du Sahara algérien
Chaabena A., Abdelguerfi A..
Selection of identification traits in the 'Tierra de Campos' alfalfa ecotype through discriminant analysis
Fombellida A..
Quality evaluation of Medicago sativa materials belonging to the Italian ecotype 'Romagnola'
Torricelli R., Veronesi F., Mazza L., Schiatti F..
Forage yield and crude protein content of lucerne cultivars established in the Ebro Middle Valley. Preliminary results
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Maisterra A., Delgado I..
Diallel analysis of pea aphid resistance in alfalfa seedlings
Bournoville R., Carré S., Julier B., Landré B., Ecalle C..
Variation of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus (AMV) symptoms in lucerne germplasm
Pecetti L., Romani M., Piano E..
Expression of maize genes in transgenic forage legumes
Bellucci M., De Marchis F., Arcioni S..
Screening germplasm and varieties for forage quality: Constraints and potentials in annual medics
Porqueddu C..
Ecotypic differentiation of Medicago polymorpha in Sardinia and Chile
Pozo A. del, Porqueddu C., Ovalle C..
Distribution of ecotypes of the genus Trifolium and annual Medicago in grazing areas in southwest Spain
González F., Martínez N., Moreno E..
Complexe d'espèces et régime de reproduction dans la section des Intertextae : Medicago ciliaris, Medicago intertexta
Abdelkefi A., Boussaid M., Marrakchi M..
Ten years of ecological research on Medicago minima (L.) Bart.
Fresnillo D.E..
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) management for irrigated Mediterranean conditions: The case of the Ebro Valley
Lloveras J..
Effect of cultivar and environment on seed yield in alfalfa
Huyghe C., Julier B., Ecalle C., Hacquet J..
Yield and quality of alfalfa as affected by water irrigation and phosphorus levels
Maiorana M., Convertini G., Fornaro F..
Effect of temperature on germination and hard alfalfa seed
Rutar R., Stjepanovic M., Popovic S., Bukvic Z., Pacek D..
Effect of nitrogen fertilisation on alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) regrowth and production
Delgado I., Andueza D., Muñoz F., Martínez N..
Adaptation of legumes to multiple stresses in Mediterranean-type environments
Sánchez-Díaz M..
Effect of increased temperature and drought associated to climate change on productivity of nodulated alfalfa
Aranjuelo I., Irigoyen J.J., Sánchez-Díaz M..
Cold response of annual Mediterranean pasture legumes
Hekneby M., Antolín M.C., Sánchez-Díaz M..
Effet du stress hydrique sur le rendement en gousses et en graines chez trois espèces de luzernes annuelles : Medicago aculeata, Medicago orbicularis et Medicago truncatula
Chebouti A., Abdelguerfi A., Mefti M..
Effet du stress hydrique sur le comportement physiologique de dix populations de Medicago intertexta
Laouar M., Kies N., Abdellaoui K., Bennour A., Bettahar N., Kadi S., Bouzza L., Abdelguerfi A..
Etude de la tolérance à la sécheresse chez quelques populations de Medicago truncatula (L.) Gaertn.
Mefti M., Abdelguerfi A., Chebouti A..
Combining the grazing tolerance trait with forage production in non-dormant alfalfa
Bouton J.H., Gates R.N., Hill G.M..
Maximizing utilization of alfalfa protein: The example of the lactating dairy cow
Broderick G.A..
NIRS monitoring of quality parameters and digestibility of new lucerne cultivars in Northern Italy
Odoardi M., Tomasoni C., Borrelli L., Pintus B., Ursino A..
The prediction of the nutritive value of Mediterranean alfalfa forage by NIRS
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Garrido A..
Seasonal changes of quantitative and qualitative performances of some alfalfa cultivars in the Mediterranean coastal part of Aegean Region
Avcioglu R., Geren H., Ozkul H..
Crude protein degradation in leaves and stems of alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
Michaud R., Tremblay G.F., Bélanger G., Michaud J..
Protein and fiber contents in alfalfa leaves and stems
Popovic S., Grljusic S., Cupic T., Tucak M., Stjepanovic M..
Traceability in the alfalfa dehydration chain
Laffi G., Pasini P..
Field response and quality evaluation of alfalfa varieties for dehydrated forage production
Corsi G., Dal Re L., Laffi G., Ligabue M..
Lucerne quality and possibilities for its estimation
Kirilov A..
The variance of the amino acids in some lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) populations
Babinec J., Kozová Z., Straková E., Suchy P..
Quantitative traits of domestic and foreign alfalfa cultivars
Djukic D., Eric P., Cupina B..
Influence of the method of conservation of lucerne on ruminal degradability. I. Dry matter
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Pueyo J., Delgado I., Roza B. de la.
Influence of the method of conservation of lucerne on ruminal degradability. II. Nitrogen
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Pueyo J., Delgado I., Roza B. de la.
Effect of winter grazing on the protein contents of alfalfa spring regrowth
Chocarro C., Lledó M., Fanlo R., Lloveras J..
Compounds and genes for enhanced protein assimilation and digestibility in forage legumes: Altering condensed tannins content in the leaves of forage legumes
Allison G., Hughes J.W., Morris P., Robbins M.P..
Sn transgenic plants of Lotus corniculatus are utilised for isolating genes involved in the biosynthetic pathway of condensed tannins
Turchetti V., Ragano Caracciolo M., Tosti N., Paolocci F., Damiani F..
Variation for protein degradation in three forage legume species
Julier B., Huyghe C., Emile J.C., Morris P., Allison G., Robbins M..