OM A34

Recent advances in small ruminant nutrition

Lindberg J.E. (ed.), Gonda H.L. (ed.), Ledin I. (ed.). Recent advances in small ruminant nutrition. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 1997. 253 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 34). Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Network of Cooperative Research on Sheep and Goats, Subnetwork on Nutrition, 24-26 Oct 1996, Rabat (Morocco).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Some aspects of the use of vegetation by grazing sheep and goats
Nolan T., Nastis A.S..
The in vitro digestibility of pastures from semi-arid Spanish lands and its use as a predictor of degradability
Molina E., García M.A., Aguilera J.F..
Evaluation of straw quality of barley varieties for animal feeding
Chriyaa A., Amri A..
Prédiction de l'ingestion volontaire des fourrages chez les ovins à partir des caractéristiques chimiques et de dégradation ruminale
Chermiti A..
Effect of foliage-tannins on feeding activity in goats
Silanikove N., Gilboa N., Nitsan Z., Perevolotsky A..
Nutritional potential of woody vegetation for local goats in Israel
Kababya D., Landau S., Perevolotsky A., Bruckental I..
How do I cope with that bush?. Optimizing less palatable feeds at pasture using the MENU model
Meuret M..
Evaluation of ten years pastoral management of a cork-oak forest overgrown by a maquis of Erica arborea, in the French Mediterranean region
Goby J.P., Rochon J.J..
Responses by dairy ewes to different sward heights under continuous stocking either unsupplemented or supplemented with corn grain
Molle G., Ligios S., Fois N., Decandia M., Casu S., Bomboi G..
Disappearance of dry matter from mature oat crops grazed by ewes in summer: Preliminary results
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Delgado I., Treacher T..
Effect of two types of supplement to ewes kept on dry pasture
Todorov N.A..
Feeding behaviour of grazing and zero-grazing goats fed with the same herbage
Claps S., Rubino R., Fedele V..
Effect of the type of protein concentrate free-choice offered on goat feeding behaviour
Fedele V., Rubino R., Claps S..
Optimizing laboratory indicators of the nutritive value of straw in decentralized barley straw quality evaluation
Goodchild A.V., Thomson E.F., Ceccarelli S..
Alternative feed supplement resources for sheep and goats in Egypt
El Shaer H., Kandil H.M., Khamis H.S., Abou El-Nasr H.M..
Use of olive by-products in the nutrition of lambs in southern Tunisia
Khorchani T., Hammadi M., Hammami H., Ben Rouina B..
The efficiency of nitrogen utilization of growing lambs fed maize gluten meal as the protein supplement
Piasentier E., Bovolenta S., Susmel P., Diaconescu S..
Diet selection and food intake capacity of stall-fed sheep, goats and camels in relation to some physical properties of foods and their potential digestion in the rumen
Farid M.F.A., Khamis H.S., Abou El-Nasr H.M., Ahmed M.H., Shawket S.M..
Recording methods of goat feeding behaviour
Abijaoudé J.A., Tessier J., Morand-Fehr P..
Relationship between palatability and rate of intake in goats
Morand-Fehr P., Ben Ayed M., Hervieu J., Lescoat P..
Synchronization of energy and nitrogen release in the rumen: A modelling approach for forages
Lavrencic A., Stefanon B., Mills C.R., Susmel P..
Utilization of different concentrates by growing lambs. Ruminal degradation
Moreira O.M.S.C., Ribeiro J.M.C.R..
Some methodological aspects for predicting whole plant maize digestibility from the 'gas-test' technique
Chenost M., Andrieu J., Aufrère J., Demarquilly C..
Effect of diet composition on the kinetics of osmotic pressure in the rumen of dairy goats
Giger-Reverdin S., Abijaoudé J.A., Prado I.N., Tessier J., Morand-Fehr P..
Contribution of a short term in vitro method to formulate dairy goat diets
Giger-Reverdin S., Duvaux-Ponter C., Sauvant D..
Effects of genetic variant for alphaS1 casein and diet nitrogen content on the response of some plasma characteristics after alanine infusion in early and mid lactation goats
Schmidely P., Morand-Fehr P., Sauvant D..
Regulation of fluid balance in goats and sheep from dry areas
Olsson K., Dahlborn K., Benlamlih S., Hossaini-Hilali J..
Food intake, diet selection and adaptation to protein deficiency in desert sheep
Farid M.F.A..
Why goats raised on harsh environment perform better than other domesticated animals
Silanikove N..
Effets du niveau alimentaire et de la race sur la croissance et la qualité de carcasses des agneaux
Atti N., Abdouli H..
Mechanisms causing decreased milk production in water deprived goats
Dahlborn K., Nielsen M.O., Hossaini-Hilali J..
Nutrition effects on fertility in small ruminants with an emphasis on Mediterranean sheep breeding systems
Landau S., Molle G..
Dietary protein or energy restriction both delay age at puberty in ewe lambs
Boulanouar B..
Effects of body condition and level of nutrition before mating on fertility of Awassi ewes
Treacher T., Filo S..
Nutrition and reproduction in the ram in a Mediterranean environment
Boukhliq R., Martin G.B..
The utilization of nutrients for growth in goat kids and lambs: Aspects to be considered
Hadjipanayiotou M., Sanz M.R..
Utilization of L-glucose and EDTA-chelates as tracers of the distribution volume of glucose in ewes
Landau S., Bock B., Russell R..