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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Genetics and breeding of durum wheat

Porceddu E. (ed.), Damania A.B. (ed.), Qualset C.O. (ed.). Proceedings of the International Symposium on Genetics and breeding of durum wheat. Bari : CIHEAM, 2014. 636 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 110). International Symposium : Genetics and Breeding of Durum Wheat, 2013/05/27-30, Rome (Italy).


This book reports the proceedings of the Symposium on Genetics and Breeding of Durum Wheat organized by the Italian Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze in cooperation with the Italian National Research Council, ICARDA, CIMMYT, FAO, ENEA and CIHEAM, with the support of private pasta processing companies. The Symposium was dedicated to the memory of Gian Tommaso Scarascia Mugnozza and took place in Rome (Italy) on 27 to 30 May 2013. The purpose of the symposium was to review the state of research in the genetics and breeding of durum wheat, and to provide an opportunity for discussing of the many problems and opportunities in this broad field of study. Because of the world-wide importance of durum wheat, the symposium was open to scientists active in many countries interested in the cultivation of the species. The attendance was noteworthy, in term of both participants and quality of contributions; there were 270 participants from 44 countries as well as experts and representatives of national and international organizations. Sixteen invited lectures, 36 contributions and 142 posters were discussed during the meeting. A selection of them has been included in these proceedings. The symposium also offered occasion to the participants to visit the genetic material grown at the Research Unit for Cereal Quality of the Italian Council for Agricultural Research, in Rome.


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


Durum wheat evolution : a genomic analysis
Ben-Abu Y, Tzfadia O., Maoz Y., Kachanovski D.E., Melamed-Bessudo C., Feldman M., Levy A.A..
Biodiversity of tetraploid wheats: taxonomy, studying, increasing and preservation
Goncharov N.P..
Global durum wheat diversity: structure and origin revealed by means of the gliadin markers
Kudryavtsev A.M., Melnikova N.V., Novoselskaya-Dragovich A..
Broadening the genetic bases of durum wheat
David J.L., Tavaud M., Roumet P., Muller M.-H., Santoni S., Gautier S., Holtz Y., Ranwez V., Ardisson M., Poux G., Vagne C..
Positive effects on yield-contributing traits associated with Thinopyrum ponticum chromosome segments introgressed into durum wheat
Kuzmanović L., Virili M. E., Gennaro A., Bitti A., Ceoloni C..
Searching for climate change related traits in plant genetic resources collections using Focused Identification of Germplasm Strategy (FIGS)
Bari A., Street K., Amri A., Nachit M., Mackay M., Ouabbou H., Kahel Z., Ghanem M. E., De Pauw E., Nazari K., Alo F., El Bouhssini M., Tsivelikas A., Humeid B..
Intra-population variation for agronomic characteristics in the durum wheat landrace “SafraMa’an” (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum)
Al-Tabbal J. A., Duwayri M..
Exploiting landrace genetic diversity for germplasm enhancement in durum wheat breeding in Morocco
Taghouti M., Rhrib K., Gaboun F..
Allelic variation for GS and GOGAT genes in a tetraploid wheat collection
Nigro D., Giancaspro A., Giove S.L., Piarulli L., Marcotuli I., Mangini G., Blanco A..
Evaluation of a hulled wheat (emmer and spelt) collections
Quaranta F., Belocchi A., Camerini M., Cecchini C., Fornara M., Pucciarmati S., D'Egidio M.G..
The strategies to serve and conserve Moroccan durum wheat genetic diversity before it is lost
Ramdani A., Ouabbou H., Nsarellah N., Lhaloui S., Abbad-Andaloussi F., Nachit M.M., Bhavani S., Nazari K., Wanyera R., Ferrahi M., Haddoury J., Udupa S.M..
Evolution of durum wheat from Sicilian landraces to improved varieties
Sciacca F., Cambrea M., Licciardello S., Pesce A., Romano E., Spina A., Virzì N., Palumbo M..
Genetic improvement of durum wheat establishment under fluctuating environmental conditions
Ben-David R., Amram A., Nashef K..
Variability of total antioxidant capacity among durum wheat genotypes
Taddei F., Ciccoritti R., Cacciatori P., D'Egidio M.G..
Evolution of durum wheat breeding in Italy
Porceddu E., Blanco A..
Developing improved durum wheat germplasm by altering the cytoplasmic genomes
Ghavami F., Bassi F. M., Burciaga R., Soltani A., Noyszewski A., De Jimenez M.K.M., Gu Y.Q., Meinhardt S., Elias E.M., Kianian P.M.A., Mergoum M., Schivcharan S. M., Kianian S. F..
The progeny from the [(T. turgidum X Dasypyrum villosum) amphiploid X Triticum aestivum] hybridization is an effective source of new durum wheat inbred lines
De Pace C., Bizzarri M., Vittori D., Vaccino P., Caceres M.E., Ceccarelli M., Raksegi M., Vida G..
Integrated crop solution as new approach to combine genetics and other innovative inputs in wheat varieties development
Bassi R..
Detection of molecular markers associated with yield and yield components in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum) under saline conditions. Markers for yield in durum wheat
Dura S., Duwayri M., Nachit M.M..
In vitro gynogenesis in some varieties of durum wheat (Triticum durum. L.)
Alaoui M.M., Gaboun F., Cherkaoui S..
Exploitation of SNP markers located on wheat 5A chromosome for the study of syntenic relationship with model species
Giancaspro A., Nigro D., Giove S.L., Zacheo S.A., Simeone R., Piarulli L., Colasuonno P., Blanco A..
Efficient callus induction, plantlets regeneration and genetic transformation of durum wheat
Iraqi D., Abdelwahd R., Udupa S.M..
Durum wheat adaptation and sustainability: ensuring accurate phenotyping for improving drought tolerance and yield stability
Monneveux P..
Adaptation of durum wheat to a changing environment
Cattivelli L., Miglietta F., Zaldei A., Rizza F., Mastrangelo A.M., De Vita P., Mazzucotelli E..
Durum wheat (T. durum Desf.) vs. bread wheat (T. aestivum L. em.Thell.) in South-East Anatolia, Turkey
Ozberk I., Rajaram S., Ilkhan A., Ozberk F..
Durum wheat breeding for high yield potential in Egypt
El-Areed S., Nachit M.M., Hagaras A., El-Sherif S., Hamouda M..
Molecular responses to drought and heat stress in durum wheat
Aprile A., Marè C., Havlickova L., Panna R., Rizza F., Mastrangelo A.M., Borrelli G.M., Rampino P., Cattivelli L., De Bellis L., Perrotta C..
Durum wheat and local chains: A new strategy to strengthen locally selected genotypes
Carboni G., Dettori M., Goddi G., Mulè P., Satta B., Spanu E..
The n-alkylresorcinols in durum wheat: genotypic and environmental variability
Ciccoritti R., Bellato S., Frate V., Nocente F..
Application of the international crop information system for retrieval and usage of pedigree and phenotypic data for use in durum research and breeding
Clarke F.R., Clarke J.M., Ruan Y., Lin X., N'Diaye A., Kthiri D., Pozniak C.J., Weibe K., Yates S..
Durum wheat and climate change: simulation models as a tool to support decisions in targeting genotypes and crop breeding
Dettori M., Cesaraccio C., Motroni A., Spano D., Duce P..
The salt tolerance candidate genes family in wheat and its relationship to the phylogenetic complexity of cereals
Gaboun F., Diria G., Adenike F., Abdelwahd R., Ibriz M., Soulaymani A..
Screening durum wheat for heat tolerance
Sissons M.J., Emebiri L., Pleming D., Taylor H., Eckermann P., Collins N.C..
Durum wheat cultivation and breeding in the Altai Russian region
Rozova M.A., Pocornyak V.P..
Proteomic analyses of the effect of nitrogen assimilation in wheat cultivars under different fertilization regimes
Federica V., Lucarotti V., Salzano A.M., Scaloni A., Alessio M., Alpi A..
QTL mapping of morphological traits associated with drought adaptation in a Iranian mapping population of durum wheat
Zarei L., Farshadfar E., Cheghamirza K., Desiderio F., Cattivelli L..
The history of wheat breeding in Algeria
Abdelkader B..
Avenues for increasing salt tolerance of Tunisian durum wheat cultivars
Chaabane R., Saidi A., Rouissi M., Ben Naceur E., Mejri C., Ben Naceur M..
Durum wheat cultivation and use in the USA with special reference to California
Damania A.B..
Yield and nitrogen use efficiency as influenced by rates of nitrogen fertilizers of some Tunisian durum wheat cultivars
Ayadi S., Karmous C., Trifa Y., Hammami Z., Rezgui S..
Durum wheat grain yield and quality under elevated CO2 : first results of a free air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) experiment
Marè C., Mazzucotelli E., Reggiani F., Zaldei A., Miglietta F., Fares C., Rizza F., Cattivelli L., Badeck F.W..
Genetic resources for stem rust resistance in cultivated and wild tetraploid wheats
Olivera P.D., Yue J..
Pyramiding of resistance genes Sr36 and Sr2 in durum wheat background (HI 8498) through marker assisted selection for resistance to stem rust race 117- group pathotypes
Sai Prasad S.V., Singh S.K., Kumar V., Kantwa S.L., Dubey V.G., Ambati D., Prakasha T.L., Mishra A.N..
Breeding durum wheat for crown rot tolerance
Kadkol G., Simpfendorfer S., Raju T..
Diverse sources of resistance to Indian pathotypes of stem rust and leaf rust in durum wheat
Mishra A.N., Sai Prasad S.V., Shirsekar G.S., Yadav S.R., Kaushal K., Dubey V.G..
Genetic basis of resistance to leaf rust in tetraploid wheats
Desiderio F., Guerra D., Mastrangelo A.M., Rubiales D., Pasquini M., Simeone R., Blanco A., Cattivelli L., Valè G..
Durum wheat improvement against fungal pathogens by using protein inhibitors of cell wall degrading enzymes
D'Ovidio R., Moscetti I., Janni M., Volpi C., Kalunke M.R., Tundo S., Sella L., Favaron F..
Pyramiding resistance genes to Fusarium head blight and rusts from Thinopyrum ponticum into durum wheat
Forte P., Kuzmanović L., Virili M. E., Gennaro A., Bitti A., Ceoloni C..
Characterization of sources of resistance to leaf rust in durum wheat germplasm
Goyeau H., Berder J., Lacoudre F., Ammar K., Loladze A., Duchalais L., Goudemand E., Desmouceaux N., André C., Blanc P., Gervais L., Lonnet P., Lefèvre T., Argillier O., Robert O., Lezie A., Poupard B., Olivier A..
Qualitative and quantitative resistance against powdery mildew in wheat
Marone D., Russo M.A., Laidò G., De Vita P., Papa R., Blanco A., Gadaleta A., Mastrangelo A.M..
Additional genetic factors of resistance to stem rust, leaf rust and powdery mildew from Dasypyrum villosum
De Pace C., Bizzarri M., Pasquini M., Nocente F., Ceccarelli M., Vittori D., Vida G..
Improvement of technological and nutritional quality in durum wheat: achievements and perspectives
Lafiandra D., Masci S., Palombieri S., Botticella E., Bovina R., Ferrazzano G., Mantovani P., Massi A., Margiotta B., D'Egidio M.G., Sestili F..
Durum wheat production chain: research, quality and future challenges
Atallah M., Ronchi C., Silvestri M., Ruini L..
Quality in durum wheat: comparison between landraces and high yielding varieties
Daaloul Bouacha O., Nouaigui S., Daaloul A., Rezgui S..
Breeding and quality of soft-textured durum wheat
Gazza L., Sgrulletta D., Cammerata A., Gazzelloni G., Galassi E., Pogna N..
Molecular characterization of candidate genes involved in nitrogen metabolism and relationship with the grain protein content of wheat
Gadaleta A., Nigro D., Marcotuli I., Giancaspro A., Blanco A..
Mediterranean durum wheat landraces as a source of variability for quality improvement
Royo C., Nazco R., Peña R.J., Ammar K., Villegas D..
Purple grain colour genes in wheat
Khlestkina E., Shoeva O., Börner A., Gordeeva E..
Biochemical and molecular approaches for the technological quality assessment of durum wheat varieties
Babay E., Hanana M., Mzid R., Haj-Salah H., Ghorbel A., Carrillo J.M., Amara H., Rodríguez-Quijano M..
Grain quality of durum wheat varieties
Abugalieva A.I., Morgounov A.Y..
Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity in tetraploid wheat
Delvecchio L.N., Taranto F., Mangini G., Blanco A., Pasqualone A..
Characterization of Phytoene synthase 2 (Psy2) genes in wheat
Colasuonno P., Schiavulli A., Sonnante G., Incerti O., Giove S., Giancaspro A., Zacheo S.A., Gadaleta A..
Evaluation of Triticum durum Desf. germplasm for the improvement of local products
Marzario S., Gioia T., Logozzo G., Spagnoletti Zeuli P.L..
Identification of molecular markers associated with yield and quality traits for Argentinean durum wheat breeding programs
Roncallo P., Echenique V..
Durum wheat breeding lines with new HMW glutenin subunit combinations selected for bread-making quality
Spina A., Ammar K., Peña R.J., Bentivegna G., Sciacca F., Virzì N., Palumbo M..
Importance of durum wheat breeding in terms of bulgur in Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey
Tekdal S..
Breeding for improved technological quality in winter durum wheat
Vida G., Ottò V..
A new and “open access” chromosome approach to complex genomes: flow sorting of FISH labeled chromosome in suspension
Giorgi D., Farina A., Grosso V., Lucretti S..
Molecular analysis of a novel DNA transposon in Triticeae
Thiyagarajan K., Cantale C., Galeffi P..
E3 ubiquitin ligases regulating plant stress responses: an overview
Guerra D., Mastrangelo A.M., Cattivelli L., Mazzucotelli E..