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Proceedings of the international workshop MEDPINE 3: conservation, regeneration and restoration of Mediterranean pines and their ecosystems

Leone V. (ed.), Lovreglio R. (ed.). Proceedings of the international workshop MEDPINE 3: conservation, regeneration and restoration of Mediterranean pines and their ecosystems. Bari : CIHEAM, 2007. 221 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 75). Proceedings of the International Workshop, 2005/09/26-30, Bari (Italy).


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


The ecology and distribution of Aleppo pine forests in the upper Ionian coast in the province of Cosenza (Calabria)
Aramini G., Ciancio O., Iovino F., Menguzzato G., Nicolaci A., Nocentini S., Paone R..
Mapping the post-fire resilience of Mediterranean pine forests: the case of Sounion national park, Greece
Arianoutsou M., Kazanis D., Varela V..
Reforestation of Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.) in bare karstic lands by broadcast seeding in Turkey
Boydak M..
Pinus halepensis Mill. architectural analysis for fuel modelling
Caraglio Y., Pimont F., Rigolot E..
Structure and management of Aleppo pine forests
Ciancio O., Iovino F., Mendicino V., Menguzzato G., Nicolaci A., Nocentini S..
Nutrient dynamics during decomposition of four different pine litters
De Marco A., Vittozzi P., Rutigliano F.A., Virzo de Santo A..
The rise and fall of Pinus pinaster plantations in South Africa: from a significant commercial timber source to a declared exotic weed
De Ronde C..
Prescribed burning inside Pinus pinaster stands: considering surface fire fuel beds, comparisons with other Pinus species and the relative resistance to fire damage
De Ronde C..
Effect of thinning and post-fire regeneration age on growth and reproductive traits of Pinus halepensis forests
Espelta J.M., Verkaik I..
Strategies for finalizing conifers experimental tests to the production of improved reproductive materials
Ducci F., Fusaro E., Lucci S., Ricciotti L..
How does the recurrence of fire affect the regeneration of pine-dominated Mediterranean communities ?
Eugenio M., Lloret F..
Soil biological activity in a Pinus laricio forest in Sila
Fioretto A., Musacchio A., Palermo A.M., Papa S., Pellegrino A..
Research on factors leading to the absence of natural regeneration of Pinus pinea L. in the Strofylia forest, Western Peloponisos, Greece
Ganatsas P.P..
Characterization of fire vulnerable Pinus halepensis ecosystems in Spain and Greece
Kazanis D., Gimeno T., Pausas J., Vallejo R., Arianoutsou M..
Influence of Pinus pinea plantation on physico-chemical and biological soil properties in Quercus ilex climax areas in Campania (Southern Italy)
Iovieno P., Alfani A..
Ecotypic variation and plasticity of growth, survival and ontogeny in provenances of Canary islands pine
López R., Climent J., Chambel M.R., Gil L..
Thermal treatments and germination response over time of seeds from serotinous and non serotinous cones of Pinus halepensis Mill.
Lovreglio R., Salvatore R., Giaquinto P., Leone V..
The contribution of bacteria and fungi to soil biological activity in a Pinus pinea wood on Vesuvius mount
Papa S., Pellegrino A., Fioretto A..
Using the hart-becking spacing index in a study of the naturalisation of Pinus halepensis Miller plantation stands in the South-Eastern Salento peninsula [Southern Italy]
Tartarino P., Galante W., Greco R..
Impact of climate change on pines forest productivity and on the shift of a bioclimatic limit in Mediterranean area
Vennetier M., Vilà B., Liang E., Guibal F., Taahbet A., Gadbin-Henry C..
Effects of exponential and conventional fertilization on growth nutrient uptake by five Mediterranean pines in greenhouse
Vila P., Las Heras J. de, Honrubia M..
Nitrogen, lignin, cellulose and ADSS [Acid-Detergent Soluble Substances] dynamics during decomposition of Pinus nigra Arn. needles assessed by direct field measurements
Vittozzi P., De Marco A., Virzo de Santo A..
The introduction, performance and status of Pinus halepensis, P. nigra and P. pinea in South Africa
Zwolinski J..