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XIII GREMPA Meeting on Almonds and Pistachios

Oliveira M.M. (ed.), Cordeiro V. (ed.). XIII GREMPA Meeting on Almonds and Pistachios . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2005. 408 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 63). 13. Meeting of the Mediterranean Research Group for Almond and Pistachio, 2003/06/01-05, Mirandela (Portugal).


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


Early selection in the almond breeding programme at IRTA Mas Bové
Vargas F.J., Romero M.A., Clavé J., Batlle I..
Early selection of late-flowering almonds
Dicenta F., Ortega E., García-Gusano M., Martínez-Gómez P..
Evaluation of alternate bearing intensity in Iranian pistachio cultivars
Esmailpour A..
Heritability of bud density and branching habit in almond
Sarvisé R., Socias i Company R..
'Mateur' and 'Ohadi' cultivars characteristics over fifteen years of production in Sfax semi-arid region
Ghrab M., Gouta H., Ben Mimoun M..
An investigation on phenological and pomological traits of some almond cultivars grown at Ceylanpinar State farm in Turkey
Ak B.E., Kuzdere H., Kaska N..
Fruit characters in pistachio progenies
Vargas F.J., Romero M.A..
A project on developing monoecious pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) populations and determination of sex mechanism in Pistacia
Kafkas S., Açar I., Gozel H..
Ecological distribution study of wild pistachios for selection of roostock
Behboodi B.S..
Tree growth descriptors of main late-flowering almond varieties in the Mediterranean basin
Arquero O., Lovera M., Salguero A., Morales J., Navarro A..
Tree growth descriptors of main early-flowering almond Spanish varieties
Lovera M., Arquero O., Salguero A., Pérez D., García A..
The almond Museo Vivente 'F. Monastra': From genetic resources rescue to germplasm collection
Barbera G., Monte M., Sottile F..
Inheritance of several important agronomic traits in almond
Dicenta F., Ortega E., Sánchez-Pérez R., Martínez-Gómez P., Duval H..
Bud density and growing habit as selection criteria in almond
Kodad O., Socias i Company R..
Physiological and genetic determination of self-compatibility in an almond breeding progeny
Alonso J.M., Socias i Company R..
Adaptation of some foreign almond cultivars in the ecological conditions of Kahramanmaras province in Turkey
Caglar S., Kaska N., Balci S., Yilmaz K.U..
Evaluation of almond cultivar adaptation in Trás-os-Montes region (Portugal)
Cordeiro V., Alves C., Vieira J., Barroso M.R..
Effect of rootstock on growth, yield and fruit characteristics in cv. 'Bianca' pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) trees
Caruso T., Barone E., Marra F.P., Sottile F., La Mantia M., De Pasquale C..
Pollen morphology and analysis of Iranian wild pistachio
Behboodi B.S., Ghaffari M..
Evaluation of almond selections for fruit set under field conditions
Socias i Company R., Alonso J.M., Gomez Aparisi J..
Candidate gene analysis of quantitative trait variation in flowering time in almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill) D.A. Webb)
Silva C., Sánchez A.M., García-Mas J., Arús P., Oliveira M.M..
S-alleles in self-compatible Prunus webbii
Sánchez A.M., Oliveira M.M..
Behaviour of some self-compatible almond selections in the Mediterranean south sea side (Morocco)
Oukabli A., Mamouni A., Lahlou M..
Floral characterization of some self-compatible almond selections
Kodad O., Socias i Company R..
Fertility index, flowering aspects and pomological traits on almond genotypes from different areas
Sottile F., Monte M., Omodei F., Barbera G..
Development of a method to estimate flower bud dormancy breaking in almond
Alonso J.M., Espiau M.T., Ansón J.M., Socias i Company R..
Spread and control of pistachio dieback in Australia
Taylor C., Emmett R.W., Facelli E., Scott E.S., Sedgley M..
Development of SCAR-CPS markers linked to tolerance-sensitivity to Fusicoccum in almond
Martins M., Sarmento D., Oliveira M.M., Batlle I., Vargas F.J..
Comparison of ELISA and RT-PCR for the detection of PNRSV and PDV in Australian almond trees
Mekuria G., Ramesh S.A., Bertozzi T., Wirthensohn M.G., Collins G., Sedgley M., Alberts E..
Almond trunk injury treatment following bark damage during shaker harvest
Connell J.H., van Steenwyk R.A., Gubler W.D..
A short history of almond cultivation in Apulia (southern Italy): Its rise and decline
Godini A..
Determination of the best time of harvest in different commercial Iranian pistachio nuts
Panahi B., Mirdamadiha F., Talaie A..
Recent developments of almond culture in the southeast Anatolia region of Turkey
Naska N., Ozcan Z., Ak B.E..
Preliminary observations regarding the effect of daily drip irrigation by pulsing on the optimisation of almond tree management in sandy soils in Australia
Bennett C..
Effects of soil type and irrigation on yield and quality of 'Kirmizi' pistachio cultivar
Ak B.E., Agackesen N..
Wood chipping almond brush and its effect on soil and petiole nutrients, soil aggregation, water infiltration, and nematode and basidiomycete populations
Holtz B.A., Caesar-TonThat T., McKenry M.V..
Long-term comparison among different soil tillage systems and weed control methods on almond tree growing in southern Italy
De Giorgio D., Lamascese N..
Use of Sf-specific PCR for early selection of self-compatible seedlings in almond breeding
López M., Romero M.A., Vargas F.J., Batlle I., Mnejja M., Arús P..
Variability and inheritance of peach SSR sequences in almond genotypes
Sánchez-Pérez R., Dicenta F., Martínez-Gómez P., Ruiz C., Ballester J., Arús P..
Molecular analysis of almond germplasm in China
Ma R., Xie H., Xu Y., Ma Y., Jiang Y.Q., Cao M.Q..
Study of the role of soluble carbohydrates on floral bud abscission of pistachio trees
Talaie A., Seyyedi M., Panahi B..
Spur dynamics and almond productivity
Lampinen B., DeJong T., Weinbaum S., Metcalf S., Viveros M..
Stomatal size and frequency in wild (A. webbii) and cultivated (A. communis) almonds
Palasciano M., Camposeo S., Godini A..
Characterization of almond varieties in irrigated and non-irrigated conditions
Gomes-Laranjo J., Coutinho J.P., Torres-Pereira J..
Seasonal changes in photosynthesis and water relations of almond tree varieties
Matos M.C., Rebelo E., Lauriano J., Semedo J., Marques N., Chichorro M., Campos P., Matos A., Cordeiro V., Vieira-da-Silva J..
Gas exchange under water stress conditions in three almond cultivars
Herralde F. de, Biel C., Savé R., Batlle I..
Determination of almond S-alleles using PCR primers designed from their introns
Wirthensohn M.G., Ramesh S.A., Collins G., Sedgley M., Channuntapipat C..
Detection of polymorphic RAPD markers for Pistacia atlantica Desf.
Kafkas S..
Chromosome variation in Pistacia genus
Ghaffari S.M., Shabazaz M., Behboodi B.S..
Manipulation of the vegetative and reproductive cycle of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)
Barone E., La Mantia M., Marra F.P., Motisi A., Sottile F..
Adaptation study of three Pistacia atlantica Desf. ssp. atlantica populations (Ain Oussera - Messaad - Taissa) through stomatal complex
Kadi-Bennane S., Ait-Said S., Smail-Saadoun N..
Stomata types of Pistacia genus: Pistacia atlantica Desf. ssp. Atlantica and Pistacia lentiscus L.
Smail-Saadoun N..
Influence of stratification, heat and removal of teguments on breaking of seed dormancy in almond
García-Gusano M., Martínez-Gómez P., Dicenta F..
Thylakoidal membrane lipid composition and its reflex in protoplasmic drought tolerance and photosynthetic capacity of almond tree
Matos M., Campos P., Lauriano J., Semedo J., Matos A., Lidon F..
Strategies to introduce resistance to prune dwarf virus in almond
Raquel H., Lourenço T., Moita C., Costa M., Silva S., Oliveira M.M..
Evaluation of somaclonal variation in almond using RAPD and ISSR markers
Sarmento D., Martins M., Oliveira M.M..
Effects of gibberellic acid and temperature on germination of Amygdalus scoparia Spech seeds
Rouhi V., Ranjbarfardooei A., van Damme P..