OM C64

Food quality products in the advent of the 21st century: production, demand and public policy

Mattas K. (ed.), Tsakiridou E. (ed.). Food quality products in the advent of the 21st century: production, demand and public policy. Chania : CIHEAM, 2005. 320 p. (; n. 64). 83. EAAE Seminar on Food Quality Products in the Advent of the 21st Century: Production, Demand and Public Policy, 2003/09/04-07, Chania (Greece).


Industries Agro-alimentaires, Marchés, Produits de Qualité, Libre-échange, Relations Internationales


Consumer behavior research in the advent of the 21st century
Becker T.C..
Welfare loss due to lack of traceability in extra-virgin olive oil: a case study
Cicia G., Del Giudice T., Scarpa R..
Demand structure and willingness to pay for organic dairy products
Smed S..
The hedonic price of pair trade coffee for the Italian consumer
Maietta O.W..
Means-end chain theory applied to Irish convenience food consumers
De Boer M., McCarthy M.B..
Consumer information and product quality regulation
Carbone A., Sorrentino A..
Consumer attitudes and preferences regarding Italian quality wines. evidence from the civintas exhibition
Marangon F., Troiano S..
The effect of quality-environmental investment on horticultural firms' competitiveness
Galdeano E., Céspedes J.J..
Cooperative strategic behaviour in organic food markets: a note
Kalogeras N., Kalaitzis P., van Dijk D..
Evaluating the organic measure of a Mediterranean region rural development plan
Cembalo L., D'Amico M., D'Ercole E., La Via G..
Quality control in Mediterranean fresh food export products
Briz J., García M., De Felipe I., Poole N..
Global food safety standards in a developing country context: the case of South African groundnuts
Achterbosch T.J..
Is the full diffusion of EU standards optimal for the development of the food sectors in the CEEC? The case of the polish dairy sector
Hockmann H., Pieniadz A..
Food regulation when food safety and healthy diet are in conflict - the case of Baltic herring
Peltola J., Schalin M..
Analysing food expenditure using demographic variables: microdata evidence from Italy
Luchini S.R., Procidano I., Gerolimetto M., Mauracher C..
The competitiveness of the Albanian agro-food trade in the framework of trade agreements with the European Community
Qinami I., Civici A..
Determinants of price premium in the Rotterdam groundnut market
Revoredo Giha C.L., Fletcher S.M..
The impact of financial parameters on agricultural cooperative and investor-owned firm performance in Greece
Sergaki P., Semos A..
A comparison of agricultural productivity among European regions
Castillo J.S., Cuerva M.C..
The role of producers' organizations in the marketing of quality wines: the specific case of the 'Wine from the Land of Leon' ('Vino Tierra de Leon')
Robles R., Mittelbrunn P.G., De la Puente T..
Exclusion of farmers as a consequence of quality certification and standardisation
Vuylsteke A., van Huylenbroeck G., Collet E., Mormont M..
Marketing strategies of agricultural producers in objective one Greek regions: the factors affecting the selection of marketing channels of sheep and goat producers
Tsourgiannis L., Errington A., Eddison J..