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Nutrition and feeding strategies of sheep and goats under harsh climates

Ben Salem H. (ed.), Nefzaoui A. (ed.), Morand-Fehr P. (ed.). Nutrition and feeding strategies of sheep and goats under harsh climates . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2004. 274 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 59). 9. Seminar of the Sub-Network on Nutrition of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-Regional Cooperative Research and Development Network on Sheep and Goats, 2001/11/08-10, Hammamet (Tunisia).


Sciences Animales, Production et Protection Animales


Rangeland improvement and management options in the arid environment of Central and South Tunisia
Nefzaoui A..
Effect of polyethylene glycol on feeding behaviour of dairy goats browsing on bushland with different herbage cover
Decandia M., Molle G., Sitzia M., Cabiddu A., Pampiro F., Ruiu P.A..
The sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.) as a complement of a grass-based farming system: Effect of time allowance of sulla pasture upon intake and performance of dairy ewes
Molle G., Sitzia M., Decandia M., Fois N., Cabiddu A., Scanu G., Ligios S..
Evaluation of grasslands in the Rural Park of Anaga (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
Rodríguez R., Flores M.P., Villamandos C., Monzón E., Ventura M.R., Mata J., Bermejo L.A..
Effect of severe underfeeding on digestion in sheep
Doreau M., Michalet-Doreau B., Atti N..
Etude comparée de la population des protozoaires ciliés dans le rumen des ovins et caprins
Rouissi H., Guesmi A..
The digestion and digesta flow kinetics in sheep and goats fed two different diets
Ranilla M.J., Carro M.D., Valdés C., González J.S..
Influence of the degree of dietary fatty acid unsaturation on rumen fermentation parameters
Giger-Reverdin S., Le Pierres J.L., Duvaux-Ponter C., Morand-Fehr P., Tessier J., Dupas G., Martin O., Rouzeau A., Sauvant D..
Effet de l'état corporel sur différents paramètres reproductifs chez la chèvre Sarde après insémination artificielle
Branca A..
Effect of two sources of protein on performance in Murciano-Granadina goats during lactation
Fernández C., Rubert-Alemán J., Sánchez-Séiquer P..
Animal performance and carcass quality of milk-fed Assaf lambs
Landa R., Lavín P., Frutos P., Mantecón A.R., Giráldez F.J..
Effect of extruded soya seed on reversion of fat and protein percentage and fatty acid composition of goat milk
Schmidely P., Morand-Fehr P., Tessier J., Rouzeau A..
Influence of the type of lipids of the diets on fatty acid composition of adipose tissue and muscle in sheep
Bas P., Morand-Fehr P., Sauvant D..
Adipocyte size distribution in different fat depots in kids receiving sunflower oil supplemented diet
Marinova P..
Assessment of nutritional characteristics of conventional and non-conventional feedstuffs for small ruminants using physical, chemical and in vitro methods
Giger-Reverdin S., Duvaux-Ponter C., Sauvant D., Rihani N., Sos-Dahbi E., Baraka A..
Effect of inoculum source (sheep or goat rumen fluid) on in vitro digestibility and gas production kinetics of the foliage of some Spanish browse plants
Ammar H., Ranilla M.J., Tejido M.L., Ovejero F.J., González J.S., López S..
Estimation of protein availability in ruminant feeds: A comparison of different methodologies
Yáñez Ruiz D.R., Molina Alcaide E., Weisbjerg M.R., Hvelplund T..
Nutritional evaluation of non-conventional fattening diets fed to sheep under arid conditions of Egypt
El Shaer R.M., Fahmy A., Abdul-Aziz G.M., Shalaby A.S., Abd El Gawad A.M..
Assessment of the effect of drying methods on the chemical composition and in vitro gas production of two woody species
Parissi Z.M., Nastis A.S., Tsiouvaras C.N., Khazaal K..
Chemical and biological characterisation of some woody species browsed by goats in the North-West of Tunisia
Boubaker A., Kayouli C., Boukary A., Buldgen A..
Effect of pre-incubation in sheep and goat saliva on in vitro digestibility and gas production kinetics of the foliage of some Spanish shrubs
Ammar H., López S., Tejido M.L., González J.S., Ranilla M.J..
Tannin levels in the foliage of some Spanish shrub species at different stages of development
Ammar H., López S., González J.S., Ranilla M.J..
The prediction of chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of samples of Atriplex halimus by NIR spectroscopy
Andueza D., Muñoz F., Murray I..
Nutritive characterisation of shrubs browsed by goats during summer in the north-west of Tunisia
Boubaker A., Kayouli C., Buldgen A..
Towards better utilisation of non-conventional feed sources by sheep and goats in some African and Asian countries
Ben Salem H., Nefzaoui A., Makkar H.P.S..
Use of local range tree (Prosopis spp.) pods in feeding sheep and goats in the Sultanate of Oman
Mahgoub O., Kadim I.T., Al Ajmi D.S., Al Saqry N.M., Al Abri A.S., Richie A.R., Al Halhali A.S., Forsberg N.E..
The intake and performance of dairy ewes fed with different levels of olive cake silage in late pregnancy and suckling periods
Cabiddu A., Canu M., Decandia M., Molle G., Pompel R..
The Moroccan experience with feed blocks: Research and development
Boulanouar B., Chriyaa A., Tarhzouti O., Sahnoun A..
Effects of dietary condensed tannins on small suminant productions
Priolo A., Ben Salem H..
Feeding behaviour patterns and water intake in sheep and goats fed alfalfa hay treated with quebracho
Salem A.Z.M., González J.S., López S., Ranilla M.J..
Valorisation of date-palm by-products (DPBP) for livestock feeding in Southern Tunisia. I-Potentialities and traditional utilisation
Genin D., Kadri A., Khorchani T., Sakkal K., Belgacem F., Hamadi M..
Valorisation of date-palm by-products (DPBP) for livestock feeding in Southern Tunisia. II-Characteristics and digestibility of DPBP-based silages
Khorchani T., Hammadi M., El Jani H., Genin D., Sakkal K., Abdouli H..
Effect of feed blocks supply on rumen environment of goats browsing during spring in North-West Tunisia
Boubaker A., Kayouli C., Boukary A., Buldgen A..
Impact of silage making on evolution of livestock production systems in the Bour coastal areas of Morocco
El Housni A., Ter Meulen U., Thinggaard G., El Himdy B..
The nutritive value of available varieties of barley straw in Lebanon. Effects of feeding barley straw of three varieties on liveweight gain in Awassi lambs
Khazaal K., Houcheimi K., Machlab H..
Lupine and horse-bean seeds in diets of growing and fattening sheep
El Maadoudi E.H..
Databases: Working tools for networks
Meschy F., Morand-Fehr P., Bas P., Sauvant D..