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1989 - 187 p.

Nutrition et reproduction chez le dromadaire

Lahlou Kassi A., Anouassi A., Sghiri M.

For want of specific studies in dromedaries the effects of feeding on reproduction are inferred by analogy with what is known from ruminants. The underfeeding, mainly in energy, delays puberty and decreases females' fertility and fecundity in the short run. It particularly delays onset of heat after parturition. Nitrogen and mineral supplies play as well an important role. Deficits mainly bring about a decrease in the level of circulating sexual hormones. Dromedary is a species of provoked ovulation, with a gestation of 12 to 13 months, having the first pregnancy at about 3 years sometimes 2 years of age. The sensitive periods in what concerns feeding are: rearing of the young female, final period of gestation and in male, the period before mating.



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Lahlou Kassi A., Anouassi A., Sghiri M. Nutrition et reproduction chez le dromadaire. In : Tisserand J.-L. (ed.). Séminaire sur la digestion, la nutrition et l'alimentation du dromadaire. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 1989. p. 141-149. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 2). Séminaire sur la Digestion, la Nutrition et l'Alimentation du Dromadaire, 1988/02/27-1988/03/01, Ouargla (Algeria). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a02/CI000439.pdf