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1999 - 411 p.

Aquaculture and aquafeed manufacture in Egypt

El Kerdawy A.

Industrial or large-scale aquaculture production in Egypt began in 1964 with the pilot activities of some government and private fish farms. As a result of the low fish yields observed, the government (GAFRD) decided to improve its farms' production by establishing aquafeed manufacturing facilities. The first government feed mill was established at Barsik fish farm in 1990 with an aquafeed production capacity of 2 metric tons (mt) per hour. In 1994 a new government aquafeed mill was set up with the assistance of an Italian grant at El-Manzala fish farm with an aquafeed production capacity of 4 mt per hour. The strategy and target of GAFRD is to increase total aquaculture production and consequently compound aquafeeds in Egypt to 128,000 mt by the year 2002 and to 364,000 mt by the year 2012. It follows therefore that to achieve this level of aquaculture production, the manufacture and production of compound aquafeeds must also be significantly increased and improved so as to meet the required demand.



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