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1995 - 280 p.

Stratégies d'utilisation de l'espace en montagne. II. Les logiques des systèmes d'élevage pyrénéens

Gibon A., Di Pietro F., Theau J.P.

For assessing livestock farming diversity and land use sustainability, a farms exhaustive survey was undergone in 1992 in two contrasted valleys of the Pyrénées (Couserans). This paper studies the diversity of livestock farming practices (herd management, forage systems) and its relationships with farm spatial structures. The observation of the suckling herds management patterns demonstrates that two main tendencies are under progress. Most of the forage systems, especially in the farms run by young farmers, are based on the use of the different grazing resource types, in relation with the use of a local hardy breed. Some farmers changed for meat breeds, that led them to abandon grazing on summer altitude pastures. A large part of the older farmers without successor abandon the most difficult parts of the territory, while the younger farmers are keen to go on with a more complete use of the difficult private land and collective resource. But they often have to increase their farm size because of economic pressure, that in turn lead them to abandon difficult land when working power limitations rise. Agri-environmental policy is urgent to reinforce in order to help them maintain management systems and land use practices more friendly for resource sustainability and landscape preservation.



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Gibon A., Di Pietro F., Theau J.P. Stratégies d'utilisation de l'espace en montagne. II. Les logiques des systèmes d'élevage pyrénéens. Systèmes sylvopastoraux. Pour un environnement, une agriculture et une économie durables . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 1995. p. 187-190. (Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes; n. 12). Réunion du Groupe de Travail Méditerranéen du Réseau Interrégional FAO/CIHEAM de Recherche et Développement sur les Pâturages et les Cultures Fourragères, 1995/05/29-1995/06/02, Avignon (France). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/c12/96605516.pdf