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2005 - 216 p.

Domestic wastewater treatment and agricultural reuse in Drarga, Morocco

Choukr-Allah R., Thor A., Young P.E.

The Municipality of Drarga is located in a semi-arid region near the coast in southwest Morocco. Although the town is located in the Souss River Valley, the river is dry for much of the year and most water for the area is conveyed from the mountains by a network of dirt canals (seguias). Additional water resources for the area have been exhausted due to the construction of Abdelmoumen Dam, a recent drought, migration into the region following electrification, and excessive use of groundwater. At the initiation of the project, the wastewater generated the town was discharged untreated leading to the development of a large cesspool, where it percolated into the soil or evaporated. As part of he Water Resources Sustainability (WRS) project jointly funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Moroccan Ministry of the Environment, a wastewater treatment facility and water reuse system for the area are being developed. At capacity, the wastewater treatment facility will serve an estimated 17,600 people the Municipality of Drarga. The wastewater treatment facility includes influent screening, grit removal, anaerobic lagoons, denitrification lagoons, and flow holding basins. The effluent from the wastewater treatment facility will be passed through recirculating sand filters and reed beds (man-made constructed wetlands) to further reduce solids, organics, pathogens, and nitrogen to World Health Organization WHO) standards for unrestricted agricultural irrigation water. No chemicals or complex mechanical equipment are required in the process. The effluent from the wastewater treatment facility will be stored on-site in lined basins and pumped to local farms for as irrigation water. Crops grown in the local area include alfalfa, clover, corn, bananas and vegetables. The wastewater treatment facility will receive income from the sale of the irrigation water, the sale of reeds and the sale of composted sludge.



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Choukr-Allah R., Thor A., Young P.E. Domestic wastewater treatment and agricultural reuse in Drarga, Morocco. In : Hamdy A. (ed.). The use of non conventional water resources. Bari : CIHEAM / EU DG Research, 2005. p. 147-155. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 66). International Workshop, 2005/06/12-14, Alger (Algeria). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a66/00800304.pdf