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2004 - 489 p.

Reduction of overgrazing pressure on rangelands by grazing annual medics

Nazari-Dashlibrown P.

Around 90 million ha of Iran's total surface area of 164 million ha, is covered by rangelands, and 12 million ha are cropped under dryland conditions. Rangelands suffer in two ways: increased grazing intensity and destruction of rangelands by planting crops. There are 124 million livestock equivalents (sheep equivalents), of which 83 million live on rangeland and crop residues. For a satisfactory level of nutrition, 41.7 million tons of dry matter are required annually for those 83 million livestock units. Feed deficiency is at least 31 million tons, and this is currently met by overgrazing the rangelands. In summary, the situation is critical, and new strategies must be adopted: To ensure that at least 10 million ha, out of the 12 million ha cropped with cereals, be used for a medic-based ley-farming system. The use of dryland medic is one of the obvious strategies to achieve the most immediate benefit.



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