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Recent advances in Mediterranean aquaculture finfish species diversification

Recent advances in Mediterranean aquaculture finfish species diversification. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2000. 394 p. (Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes; n. 47). Seminar of the CIHEAM Network on Technology of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean on 'Recent advances in Mediterranean aquaculture finfish species diversification', 1999/05/24-28, Zaragoza (Spain).


Pêche et Aquaculture


Marketing development for new Mediterranean aquaculture species: Enterprise strategies
Papageorgiou P.A..
Methodological strategies for the determination of nutrient requirements in finfish
Izquierdo M., Robaina L..
Feed formulation, diet development and feed technology
Kaushik S.J..
Feed allowance and feeding practices
Kaushik S.J..
Some criteria of the quality of the progeny as indicators of physiological broodstock fitness
Carrillo M., Zanuy S., Oyen F., Cerdá J., Navas J.M., Ramos J..
Hatchery techniques for specific diversification in Mediterranean finfish larviculture
Divanach P., Kentouri M..
Seed quality in wild and reared Mediterranean finfish
Boglione C., Cecchetti M., Costa C., De Francesco M., Dell'Aquila M., Fantozzi M., Ferzini G., Gagliardi F., Mugnai F., Selmo C., Spanò A., Cataudella S., De Innocentis S., Scardi M..
Methodological approach used for the domestication of potential candidates for aquaculture
Liao I.C., Huang Y.S..
The state of finfish diversification in Asian aquaculture
Liao I.C..
Method for selection of new marine fish species: The case of pollack (Pollachius pollachius)
Suquet M., Gaignon J.L., Parfouru D., Paquotte P., Girard S..
Enterprise experiences in the culture of new sparids
Bodington P..
Culture of Pagellus bogaraveo: Present knowledge, problems and perspectives
Peleteiro J.B., Olmedo M., Alvarez-Blázquez B..
Experience with ongrowing juvenile blackspot sea bream (Pagellus bogaraveo) born in captivity, in tanks at different temperatures
Olmedo M., Peleteiro J.B., Alvarez-Blázquez B., Gómez C., Linares F., Ortega A..
Culture of common dentex (Dentex dentex L.): Present knowledge, problems and perspectives
Abellán E..
Recent advances in reproductional aspects of Dentex dentex
Pavlidis M., Loir M., Fostier A., Mölsa H., Scott A..
Effect of the photoperiod on growth, survival and inflation of the swim bladder in dentex larvae (Dentex dentex L.)
Abellán E., García-Alcázar A., Arizcun M., Nortes M.D., García-Alcázar S..
Recent advances in reproductional aspects of Pagrus pagrus
Fostier A., Mourot B., Kokokiris L., Le Menn F., Pavlidis M., Divanach P., Kentouri M..
Larvae digestion and new weaning experiments in Solea senegalensis
Dinis M.T., Ribeiro L., Conceiçào L.E.C., Aragào C..
The results of the experiments on the culture of flounder Platichtyhys flesus luscus (Pallas, 1811) and turbot Psetta maeotica (Pallas, 1811) at the Romanian Black Sea coast
Zaharia T., Alexandrov L., Zaharia M., Bilal I..
Recent advances in induced breeding of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834)
Marino G., Azzurro E., Finoia M.G., Messina M.T., Massari A., Mandich A..
Main constraints in the artificial propagation of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834): Three years experimental trials on induced spawning and larval rearing
Spedicato M.T., Boglione C..
Status of grouper (genus Epinephelus) investigations in Croatia
Glamuzina B., Skaramuca B., Glavic N., Kozul V., Tutman P..
Recent advances in reproductional and rearing aspects of Seriola dumerilii
Lazzari A., Fusari A., Boglione C., Marino G., Di Francesco M..
Recent advances in nutritional aspects of Seriola dumerili
García-Gómez A..
Food intake, growth, and body composition in Mediterranean yellowtail (Seriola dumerilii) fed isonitrogenous diets containing different lipid levels
Talbot C., García-Gómez A., Gándara F. de la, Muraccioli P..
Intensive farming potential of Seriola dumerilii (Risso 1810) in Corsica
Muraccioli P., Gándara F. de la, García-Gómez A..
Present status and prospects of technical development of tuna sea-farming
Lioka C., Kani K., Nhhala H..
Acclimatization of tuna fish to on-land facilities
Fores R., Samper M., Cejas J.R., Santamaría F.J., Villamandos J.E., Jerez S..
Recent experiences on the culture of rabbitfish Siganus rivulatus in Cyprus
Stephanou D., Georgiou G..
Preliminary data on the reproductive biology and hatchery production of the shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa) in Cyprus
Mylonas C., Georgiou G., Stephanou D., Atack T., Afonso A., Zohar Y..
Culture of octopus (Octopus vulgaris, Cuvier): Present knowledge, problems and perspectives
Iglesias J., Sánchez F.J., Otero J.J., Moxica C..
Preliminary observations on the productive responses of the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris C.) reared free or in individual nets
Cagnetta P..
Productive performance of the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris C.) when fed on a monodiet
Cagnetta P., Sublimi A..
Acclimation of the sturgeon, Acipenser naccarii Bonaparte 1836 to saltwater: Effect of age and weight
Sánchez de Lamadrid A., Muñoz J.L., García-Gallego M., Sanz A., Domezain J., Soriguer M.C., Domezain A., Hernando J.A..
Experimental culture of Aphia minuta. Study on the maintenance in captivity, nutritional requirements, ecological needs and possibility of controlled reproduction
López Jaime J.A., Escalante Blanque P., Rodríguez Carcía R., Zurita Escobar F..
Marine aquaculture in Turkey and potential finfish species
Deniz H..
Recent advances on the diversification of marine finfish species in Croatia
Skaramuca S., Kozul V., Glavic N., Tutman P., Glamuzina B., Katavic I., Grubisic L..
Current advances in new marine finfish species aquaculture of the National Centre for Marine Research (Greece)
Conides A.J., Nengas I., Klaoudatos S.D..
Experiences in the culture of new species in the 'Estación de Acuicultura' of the Balearic Government (1980-1998)
Pastor E., Riera F., Massutí E., Grau A.M., Grau A., Pou S..
Summary report of the TECAM Seminar on Mediterranean marine aquaculture finfish species diversification
Pedini M..