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Rice quality: A pluridisciplinary approach

Chataigner J. (ed.). Rice quality: A pluridisciplinary approach. Montpellier : CIHEAM, 1998. CD-Rom p. (Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes; n. 24(3)). International Symposium, 1997/11/24-27, Nottingham (Great Britain).


Sciences et Productions Végétales, Protection des Végétaux, Foresterie


Quality in the future
Chataigner J., Sylvander B..
Consumer evolutions : new expectations and requirements
Bauer A..
Quality evolution and rice marketing policy in Japan
Kagatsume M..
The importance of quality in the evolution and structure of the rice market in the USA
Wailes E.J..
Rice in modern distribution in Italy : Factors of competition and strategic orientations
Berni P., Begalli D., Capitello R..
Rice quality identification and rice market in Italy : present norms and new proposal
Mazzini F..
Rice quality criteria for new uses
Champagne E.T..
Quality assays of rice grains during storage and processing in Japan
Ohtsubo K., Toyoshima H., Okadome H..
Structural and chemical changes in developing and mature rice grains
Krishnan S., Samson N.P., Ebenerer G.A.I., Dayanandan P..
Genetic and biochemical analysis of aroma in rice
Lorieux M., Petrov M., Pons B., Clément G., Faure J., Ghesquière A..
Sensory profile of rice and consumer preferences
Martin J., Rousset-Akrim S., Pons B., Rousseau F..
A sensory approach to consumers preferences for rice : first results of: a European survey (France, Greece, Netherlands, Spain)
D'Hauteville F., Aurier P., Sirieix L..
Agronomic, technological, culinary and nutritive qualities of rice varieties and promising lines cultivated in Bulgaria
Mourzova P., Machav N., Sohou F..
Selection of rice cooking characteristics using RVA paste viscosity curves
Blakeney A.B..
Volatile constituents of cooked rice (Oriza Sativa L)
Bocchi S., Tava A..
Rice consumer attitudes in Spain : case of Madrid and Catalonia
Briz J., De Felipe I..
Current trends in rice consumption: a Greek perspective
Tsakiridou E., Mattas K., Ntanos D..
Rice consumption, in the Netherlands : perception, preference and use
Schifferstein H.J., Makimattila M.T., Brasser A.C., van Tilburg A..
Consumer preferences for rice in France : an analysis based on attitudes and sensory criteria
Sirieix L., Aurier P., D'Hauteville F..
Rice quality breeding efforts in the US
Rutger J.N., McKenzie K.S., Moldenhauer K.A.K., McClung A.M., Gravois K.A., Linscombe S.D., Kanter D.G..
Developing Basmati rices with high yield potential
Khush G.S., De la Cruz N..
Assessment of genetic diversity of Oriza Sativa L and weedy rices by microsatellite markers
Patry C., Ghesquière A., Clément G..
Rice grain quality aspects in Egypt
Badawy A.M., El Hissewy A.A., El Kady A..
Influence of the rotation on seed bank evolution of red rice (Oryza Sativa L Var Sylvatica)
Ferrero A., Vidotto F..
Effect of preseeding nitrogen fertilization on rice yield components under watering high salinity conditions in Southern Spain
Aguilar M., Grau D., Espinoza M., Contreras J.M..
Genetic transformation of Italian rice cultivars mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and the mature embryo-derived callus system
Balconi C., Lupotto E., Perugini I., Reali A., Passera S., Gianinetti A., Russo S..
Combined selection for yield and four quality characteristics in rice (oriza sativa L.) with 2 breeding methods
Ntanos D., Roupakias D.G..
Qualitative assessment of rice : novel strategies for improving post-thaw recovery of cryopreserved cells
Anthony P., Lowe K.C., Azhakanandam K., Davey M.R., Power J.B..
Breeding strategy for aromatic rice in Egypt
El Hissewy A.A., Badawy A.M..
Results obtained in rice breeding (Oryza sativa L) by induced mutation method related with quality characters
Alionte G., Alionte E..
Achievements of rice breeding with high quality of grain in Russia
Zelensky G., Zelenskaya O.V..
Agronomical aspects of rice quality in Hungary
Ipsits C.M., Gergely J..
Effect of different rates and application times of nitrogen fertilizers in a rice cropping system
Carreres R., Sendre J., Ballesteros R., Fernandez-Valiente E., Quesada A., Leganes F..
The effects of Blast disease infection on rice and milling yield
Sürek H., Beser N..
Influence of flooded and dry cultivation methods on rice production and nitrogen mobility in soil and leachates
Gatti M., Sassi D., Russo S., Silva S..
Seed quality in Italy with emphasis on red rice issues
Callegarin A.M., Tamborini L..
Environmental impacts of wetland rice cultivation
Roger P., Joulian C..
Product Quality and Environmental impacts in rice farming. From knowledge to decision support procedures
Barbier J.M., Mouret J.C..
Rice growers address
Cebolla Galan V..
Rice quality for the future
Juliano B..
Conclusions for Europe
Faure J..