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1995 - 191 p.
p. 193-195  


Vélez R.

The aim of the workshop held in Chania in 1991 on databases on forest fires was the exchange of information on the methods and procedures applied in Mediterranean countries for processing data and incorporating them in a database. The aim of the 1993 workshop in Montpellier was the use of these databases with examination of real cases presented by experts from various Mediterranean countries. A number of important features emerged during these descriptions and should serve as the starting point for future developments. These different aspects are: data quality, data storage, the use of existing infrastructures and technology and applications for operational data processing.



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Vélez R. Conclusions. In : Chevrou R. (ed.), Delabraze P. (ed.), Malagnoux M. (ed.), Velez R. (ed.). Les incendies de forêt en région méditerranéenne : constitution et utilisation des bases de données . Montpellier : CIHEAM, 1995. p. 193-195. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 25). Séminaire sur les Incendies de Forêt en Région Méditerranéenne, 1993/11/30-1993/12/04, Montpellier (France). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a25/CI000620.pdf