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1989 - 187 p.

L'élevage du dromadaire en Mauritanie

Diallo B.C.

In Mauritania, since the beginning of the years of drought, the dromedary has played an important role in the development of animal husbandry. Their number has gradually increased and presently reaches 800,000 heads, which constitutes an important share in the country's economy. It remains understood that breeding is still practiced in the traditional manner, which to a certain extent leads to an irrational utilisation of these resources. Breeders continue to use the system of moving flock between pastures. Dromedary milk is one of the most widely used food productions, especially in rural areas, but in northern areas, meat also constitutes one of the prime sources of protein. It should be noted that this animal is not very well known, and that a research program is presently underway at the National centre for breeding and veterinary research, within the framework of zootechnology and pathology.



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