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1995 - 231 p.

Genetic evaluation of growth performance in Awassi sheep

Gursoy O., Kirk K., Cebeci Z., Pollot G.E.

A total of 1090 male and female Awassi lamb records were analysed for pre-weaning growth performance and genetic parameters. Results indicated that progeny of Israeli rams were significantly heavier than pure Turkish Awassi at birth and weaning (70 days). Slightly higher pre-weaning daily gain observed for the offspring of the Israeli rams were not found to be significant. Heritabilities estimated from paternal half sib analyses were found to be 0.16 and 0.20 for birth weight, weaning weight and preweaning daily gain. Birth weight was seen to have a moderate genetic correlation with weaning weight (61.6 per cent) and preweaning daily gain (49.5 per cent). The genetic correlation between weaning weight and the preweaning daily gain was 99 per cent. Postweaning growth performance and genetic parameters were estimated using the feedlot data of 309 male lambs fattened along with the 11,000 male lambs of the State Farm. Sire lines were not found to be significant but the male lambs of the Israeli rams were 1.27 kg heavier than the pure Ceylanpinar lambs. Heritability of the final feedlot weight was found to be 0.35 and post-weaning daily gain 0.10, the latter being surprisingly low. Both genetic and phenotypic correlations between final weight and postweaning daily gain were found to be high.



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Gursoy O., Kirk K., Cebeci Z., Pollot G.E. Genetic evaluation of growth performance in Awassi sheep. In : Gabiña D. (ed.). Strategies for sheep and goat breeding . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 1995. p. 193-201. (Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes; n. 11). Meeting of the joint FAO/CIHEAM Network on Sheep and Goats, Subnetwork on Animal Resources, 1995/03/26-28, Sidi-Thabet (Tunisia). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/c11/96605556.pdf