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2004 - 489 p.

Regrowth of two ligneous species as affected by clipping intensity and frequency

Parissi Z.M., Nastis A.S.

The effects of clipping intensity and frequency on regrowth of two woody species (Amorpha fruticosa and Colutea arborescens) are examined. Two clipping intensity treatments were applied: weak intensity (30 per cent) and moderate intensity (60 per cent) every six weeks during the species' development stages. The number of branches and leaves as well as the leaf/branch ratio were considered as the plant's response to grazing. Moderate clipping resulted in a significant increase in the number of leaves and their ratio, compared with weak clipping. Likewise, clipping frequency significantly increased the number of leaves and branches in Amorpha fruticosa but not in Colutea arborescens.



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Parissi Z.M., Nastis A.S. Regrowth of two ligneous species as affected by clipping intensity and frequency. In : Ferchichi A. (comp.), Ferchichi A. (collab.). Réhabilitation des pâturages et des parcours en milieux méditerranéens . Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2004. p. 357-360. (Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes; n. 62). 11. Réunion du Sous-Réseau Ressources Fourragères Méditerranéennes du Réseau Coopératif Interrégional FAO-CIHEAM de Recherche et Développement sur les Pâturages et les Cultures Fourragères, 2002/10/29-2002/11/01, Djerba (Tunisia). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/c62/04600187.pdf