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2000 - 291 p.

Dati sulla flora e la vegetazione al delta del Vjosa

Buzo K.

This study reports the results of a research on the flora and vegetation in the area of the Vjosa's delta, in the South-West of Albania. The investigated area is a morphostructural, geomorphologic and bioclimatic unit with a rich and diverse flora and vegetation. Geobotanical surveys are made on a basic surface (OGU), following the studies started in Italy by Pignatti (1978) and Crovello (1981). Plant communities are presented according to their habitats, rarity and threatened status according to IUCN standards, life forme and corotype of the plant. A few of them are endemic like: Orchis albanica Goelz & Reinhard/E/ in sands, or relict like Marsilea quadrifolia L./E/ in wetlands. A special interest is also shown by some plants that do not occur in Italy like: Petrosimonia oppositifolia (Pallas) Litv. /Euras stepic/, Senecio vernalis Waldst. & Kit. /Pont./, Tamarix hampeana Boiss. & Heldr./Balcan./, Peucedanum arenarium Waldst. /Balcan/ Some recommendations are also given for the protection and sustainable management of the region, for the conservation of the vegetation diversity and landscape.



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Buzo K. Dati sulla flora e la vegetazione al delta del Vjosa. In : Marchiori S. (ed.), De Castro F. (ed.), Myrta A. (ed.). La cooperazione italo-albanese per la valorizzazione della biodiversità. Bari : CIHEAM, 2000. p. 85-98. (Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes; n. 53). Seminario: La Cooperazione Italo-Albanese per la Valorizzazione della Biodiversità, 2000/02/24-26, Lecce (Italy). http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/c53/01002029.pdf