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New approaches for grassland research in a context of climate and socio-economic changes

Acar Z. (ed.), López-Francos A. (ed.), Porqueddu C. (ed.). New approaches for grassland research in a context of climate and socio-economic changes. Zaragoza : CIHEAM, 2012. 541 p. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 102). 14. Meeting of the FAO-CIHEAM Subnetwork on Mediterranean Forages and Fodder Crops, 2012/10/03-06, Samsun (Turkey).


Grassland-based systems are no longer seen exclusively as livestock production enterprises but as multiple use systems with important consequences for the global environment. They are crucial for the protection of ecosystem goods and services, for tourism and for mitigating climate change. Wellmanaged grasslands provide important benefits such as increased water infiltration and retention or improved nutrient cycling, associated with organic matter accumulation in the soil, as well as increased plant growth and species diversity. Thereby, grassland management is also an adaptation strategy for climate change, as it reduces the risks associated with prolonged drought periods and unreliable rains that characterise Mediterranean regions. There is an urgent need to assess the interaction between climate change and grasslands to identify appropriate options that can help farmers to manage forage resources under increasing drought conditions and market globalisation. The challenge is then to improve grassland productivity, pasture persistence and resilience under these constraints. Scientific advances in grassland management and new strategies in plant improvement may undoubtedly contribute to this aim. This publication is the outcome of the 14th Meeting of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-regional Cooperative Research and Development Sub-Network on Mediterranean Pastures and Fodder Crops titled “New approaches for grassland research in a context of climatic and socio-economic changes” which took place in Samsun (Turkey) from 3 to 6 October 2012, and includes the invited and selected papers presented at the Meeting.


Environnement, Biodiversité, Ressources Naturelles, Changement Climatique


An overview of fodder resources and animal production in Turkey
Koc A., Tan M., Erkovan H.I..
Overview on grassland and farming systems in Samsun province
Acar Z., Ayan I., Tongel O..
Reform of the CAP: Progress for grasslands and livestock farming?
Peeters A..
Climate change and grasslands: impacts, adaptation and mitigation
Hopkins A..
Developing a coherent monitoring system for Mediterranean grasslands
Louhaichi M., Johnson M.D., Clark P.E., Belgacem Areiz O., Johnson D..
Grassland management options under Kyoto Protocol Article 3.4. The Portuguese case study
Valada T., Teixeira R., Martins H., Ribeiro M., Domingos T..
Production and persistence of Mediterranean perennial grasses under contrasting climatic scenarios
Poirier M., Durand J.L., Volaire F..
Influence of water deficit on growth parameters of perennial grass species
Karatassiou M., Lazaridou M., Kostopoulou P., Antoniou T..
Preliminary results on climate change evidence from coprolites of Myotragus balearicus Bate 1909 (Artiodactyla, Caprinae)
Rivera L., Baraza E., Alcover J., Bover P., Retuerto C., Martínez X., Bartolomé J..
Vulnerability to Climate Change of Turkana pastoralist of dry savanna
López-i-Gelats F., Bartolomé J., Rivera-Ferre M..
Economic effects of the changing regime of autumn rains onto sheep breeding farms
Dono G., Giraldo L., Cortignani R..
Dehydration tolerance and drought survival summer dormant Moroccan ecotypes cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.)
Kallida R., Shaimi N., Volaire F..
Effect of limited water supply on Melilotus officinalis nutrient content
Kostopoulou P., Karatassiou M., Barbayannis N..
Competition in an alfalfa-tall fescue mixture under Mediterranean conditions
Lazaridou M., Kostopoulou P., Karatassiou M..
Competition for soil water among trees, shrubs and pasture in Iberian Dehesas. Consequences for pasture and tree productivity
Moreno G., Rolo V., Cubera E..
REFORMA: a new project for identification and selection of resilient, water- and energy-efficient forage and feed crops for Mediterranean agricultural systems
Annicchiarico P., Porqueddu C., Julier B., Pecetti L., Abbas K., Abdelguerfi A., Bouizgaren A., Brummer E.C., Burstin J., Hayek T., Thami Alami I..
The impact of climatic variations on the role and sustainable management of natural ecosystems in the Middle Atlas (Afenourir wetland area case)
Qarro M., Ezzahiri M..
Policy approaches to grassland in planning documents of Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock in Turkey in the context of climate change
Dede I., Serefoglu C..
Agro-pastoral production system of Egypt. Climate change, vulnerability and opportunities for poverty alleviation
Metawi H.R.M..
Selection of pasture and forage species adapted to changing environmental conditions in Mediterranean climates
Norton M.R., Volaire F..
Quality and dry matter yield of triticale forage in winter and late-spring in Southwestern Spain
Rodrigo S., Poblaciones M.J., Pinheiro N., Maças B., Olea L., Santamaría O., García-White T..
Performance of some tall fescue varieties grown under Algerian semi-arid conditions
Mefti M., Bouzerzour H., Chebouti A., Kebour D., Abedleguerfi A..
Bio-agronomic traits of Psoralea bituminosa and P. morisiana accessions collected in Sardinia
Porqueddu C., Melis R.A.M., Re G.A., Usai M., Marchetti M..
Variation in seed yield and morphological traits in Turkish grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) genotypes
Basaran U., Mut H., Onal Asci O., Gulumser E., Acar Z., Ayan I..
Agronomic evaluation of introduced accessions of Vicia narbonensis L. under contrasting environments and two years period
Zoghlami Khélil A., Hassen H., Ben Salem H., Ben Youssef S..
Messina (Melilotus siculus) – a new annual pasture legume for Mediterranean-type climates with high tolerance of salinity and waterlogging
Nichols P.G.H., Teakle N.L., Bonython A.L., Ballard R.A., Charman N., Craig A.D..
Comparative estimation of crude protein, phenols and tannins concentration of Lotus corniculatus growing in different habitats
Giagourta P., Parissi Z.M., Kyriazopoulos A.P., Abraham E.M..
Agricultural traits of blue grass accessions in Black Sea Region of Turkey
Ayan I., Acar Z., Gulumser E., Arslan S., Can M., Tongel O..
The determination of pasture type alfalfa lines
Altinok S., Türk M., Erol T., Akçelik Somay E..
Technical culture of kenaf produced under Tunisian semi arid conditions
Ammar H., Lahyeni M.A., Lahsoumi R., Ben Younes M., López S..
A new annual summer forage crop: Cowpea
Ayan I., Can M., Arslan S., Acar Z., Mut H..
Selection of two triticale varieties for forage-end use in Tunisia
Ben Youssef S., Abidi S., Jlidi R..
Growth rates, biomass yield and forage quality of three local Poaceae in Annaba’s region, North East Algeria
Boudelaa M., Slimani S., Ladjama A., Benkadour M., Nadjeh I..
Behaviour of some alfalfa populations from algerian oasis
Chaabena A., Laouar M., Boudebbous I., Cahouki I., Bentebba F., Madani H., Abdelguerfi A..
Evaluation of lambs propensity towards different accessions of Psoralea
Decandia M., Acciaro M., Sitzia M., Cabiddu A., Manca C., Molle G., Giovanetti V..
Options available for improved forage production under highland conditions. The Pakistan experience
Dost M..
Locations and some agricultural properties of Medicago orbicularis L. genotypes present in Antalya flora
Erdurmus C., Çakmakçi S..
Preliminary selection of Lolium perenne L. natural populations for pasture improvement purpose in rainfed Mediterranean conditions
Sanna F., Saba P., Sassu M., Franca A..
Morphological characterization within some Algerian populations of Trifolium striatum L. (Fabaceae)
Issolah R., Abdelguerfi A..
Landraces of forage maize as source of genetic variability for organic farming
Monteagudo A.B., Campo L., Salleres B., Moreno J..
Characterization of a local germplasm of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) in the north of Morocco
Noutfia A., Mrabet R., El Mourabit N., Ayadi M., El Othmani S..
Selection of oat varieties to the North of Morocco. Need of diffusion and renewal of the varieties
Noutfia A., El Mourabit N., Alfaiz C..
The effect of seed size and some priming method on germination of Vicia sativa L.
Onal Asci O., Acar Z..
Prediction of the nutritive value of annual forage clovers and serradella by near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Pereira-Crespo S., Valladares J., Flores G., Fernández B., Resch C., Piñeiro J., Díaz N., González-Arráez A., Bande-Castro M.J., Rodriguez-Diz X..
New annual legumes as winter crops for intensive forage rotations in Galicia (NW Spain). I – Dry matter yield
Valladares J., Pereira-Crespo S., Flores G., Díaz N., Fernández B., Resch C., González-Arráez A., Bande-Castro M.J., Rodriguez-Diz X., Piñeiro J..
New annual legumes as winter crops for intensive forage rotations in Galicia (NW Spain). II – Nutritive Value
Pereira-Crespo S., Valladares J., Flores G., Díaz N., Fernández B., Resch C., González-Arráez A., Bande-Castro M.J., Rodriguez-Diz X., Piñeiro J..
Searching for new annual legumes suitable for pasture establishment in Southern Europe
Re G.A., Dettori D., Franca A., Porqueddu C., Sulas L..
Drought and high temperature resistance evaluation of Dactylis glomerata L.
Salis M., Carroni A.M., Pitzalis M., Sulas L., Ledda L..
Adaptation of Australian self-reseeding forage legumes to three environments of Sardinia
Salis L., Sitzia M., Vargiu M., Mulè P., Re G.A., Sulas L..
The fluoride effect (NaF) on germination and yield production of three local species of Poaceae fodder
Slimani S., Boudelaa M., Ladjama A., Nadjeh I., Benkadour M..
Yield and nitrogen fixation capacity by inoculated white lupin (Lupinus albus L.)
Sulas L., Canu S., Carroni A.M., Sassu M., Salis M..
Role and management of permanent grasslands
Sabanci C.O..
The effect of soil microtopographic gradients on dry matter yields and species richness in two Mediterranean pastures
Aguiar C., Rodrigues M., Fernández-Nuñez M.E., Domingos T., Pires J..
Effects of juniper encroachment on herbage production and biodiversity in a natural grassland: Preliminary results
Kyriazopoulos A.P., Abraham E.M., Parissi Z.M., Korakis G., Manousidis T., Chrisovelidou K., Papanaretou K..
Effect of herd mobility on the species composition and productivity of plant communities in the northern Mediterranean region of Morocco
Chebli Y., Mrabet R., Chentouf M..
Effects of grazing on the traits of a potential fire in a Sardinian wooded pasture
Franca A., Sanna F., Nieddu S., Re G.A., Pintus G.V., Ventura A., Duce P., Salis M., Arca B..
Evolution of the floristic diversity of an artificial mixture meadow under semi-arid climate in Algeria
Abbas K., Porqueddu C..
Development of agro forestry areas in Northern Algeria to improve pastoral production
Abdelguerfi A., Laouar M., Abbas K., M'Hammedi Bouzina M., Madani T..
Fodder trees and shrubs in range and farming systems in semi arid regions of Tunisia
Ammar H., Lahyeni M.A., Ben Younes M., López S., Lahsoumi R..
Effect of deficit irrigation on dry matter and sheep production from permanent sown pastures
Isik S., Ates S., Gunes A., Aktas A.H., Keles G..
Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on dry matter yield and quality of an abandoned rangeland
Budakli Carpici E., Tunali M.M., Celik N..
Effect of Bacillus sp. on P uptake in Vicia sativa, Vicia ervilia, Medicago sativa grown in greenhouse conditions
Cevheri C., Küçük Ç..
Pasture improvement programs carried out on some coastal pastures and highland ranges of Antalya
Çürek M., Erdurmus C., Çeçen S., Aydinoglu B., Bilgen M.T., Çakmakçi S..
Daily growth evaluation of an irrigated lucerne crop
Delgado I., Muñoz F., Andueza D..
Seasonal change of the mineral concentrations of gall oak (Quercus infectoria) and Christ’s-thorn (Paliurus spina-christi)
Gökkus A., Özaslan-Parlak A., Parlak M..
Evaluation of Rhizobium isolates from Melilotus officinalis nodules at various stress conditions
Küçük Ç., Cevheri C..
Management of common pool resources: Cases of collective grasslands, inventory and characterization of their management in the region of Hadj Mechri, Laghouat (Algeria)
Mouhous A., Kadi S.A., Hammouda R., Guermah H., Djellal F..
Secondary compounds characterization in some autochtonous species from a North-Eastern region of Tunisia
Bettaieb A., Moujahed N., Ksouri R..
Importance of Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad in arid and semi arid regions for livestock feeds
Acar R., Özköse A..
Effect of component ratios and management of an annual ryegrass/burr medic mixture on the forage quality
Re G.A., Porqueddu C., Saba P., Sulas L., Franca A..
Forage production of the drought tolerant Mediterranean forage legume tedera (Bituminaria bituminosa var. albomarginata) in the mediumrainfall zone of south Western Australia as affected by plant density and cutting frequency
Real D., Kidd D..
Nutrient and tannin content of browsing shrub legumes informally used for small ruminant feeding in Canary Islands, Spain
Ventura M.R., Bastianelli D., Hassoun P., Flores M.P., Bonnal L., González-García E..
Sustainability of a beef cattle production system in Mediterranean marginal areas
Sitzia M., Salis L., Marrosu G.M., Acciaro M., Decandia M..
Changes in North Africa production systems to meet climate uncertainty and new socio-economic scenarios with a focus on dryland areas
Nefzaoui A., Ketata H., El Mourid M..
An evaluation of overall fodder production in extensive silvopastoral systems with different cover of shrub understory. The case of Iberian dehesas
López-Díaz M.L., Rivest D., Rolo V., Moreno G..
Impacts of climate change on the small ruminants farming systems in north western Tunisia and adaptation tools
Brahmi A., Khaldi R., Jaouad M., Hicheri A., Touati I., Rkhissi A., Ifaoui H., Khaldi G..
Determination of the socio-economic factors that affect the sustainable pasture management in Central Anatolia region of Turkey
Cevher C., Köksal Ö, Ceylan I.C., Tatlidil H..
Effects of the economic crisis on sheep farming systems: A case study from the north Evros region, Greece
Manousidis T., Abas Z., Ragkos A., Abraham E.M., Parissi Z.M., Kyriazopoulos A.P..
Exploring the use of alternative forage legume crops to enhance organic livestock farming in a context of climate and socio-economic changes
López-i-Gelats F., Bartolomé J..
Alley cropping as a durable alternative for pasture land development in the drought prone region of Eastern Morocco
Chebli Y., Mrabet R., Chentouf M..
Assessing grazing animal production systems on large Greek islands: A case study on the island of Crete
Hadjigeorgiou I., Zervas G..
Use of front face fluorescence spectroscopy to identify sheep milk from different feeding diets
Hammami M., Karoui R., Selmi H., Rouissi H..
The hydrodynamic relationships of two herbaceous species in a grazed Morus alba L. silvopastoral system
Sklavou P.S., Karatassiou M., Tsiouvaras C.N., Noitsakis B..
Change in milk composition and fatty acid profile of dairy ewes depending on nature of two annual grasses species in sub-humid region of Tunisia
Maamouri O., Atti N..
Challenge the roots. Moving toward a sustainable agriculture
Mulè P., Manca G., Vargiu M..
Current trends in the transhumant sheep and goat sector in Greece
Laga V,, Ragkos A., Skapetas V., Mitsopoulos I., Kiritsi S., Abas Z., Mazaraki K., Bambidis V..
Root colonization of hybrid maize cultivars by mycorrhizal and pathogenic fungi at establishment in an acid soil with high phosphorus content
Sainz M.J., Aguín O., Bande M.J., Aris G., Pintos C., Mansilla J.P..
Irrigated fodder as the pillar of cattle products' supply chains in the South Mediterranean area: present situation and future prospects
Sraïri G.M.T..
Legume-cereal mixtures ensiling in Sardinia
Sulas C., Ruda P., Salis M., Atzori A.S., Correddu F., Cannas A., Carroni A.M..
The quantity and quality of different forage resources (fallow land, grassland and stubble) in the semi arid area of Sétif
Tedjari N., Madani T., Abbas K..
Enhancement of agro-pastoral productions in the rural community of M’Nahba (Wilaya of Marrakech – Morocco)
Lubino M., Mortaji M., Porqueddu C., Sitzia M., Roggero P.P., Melis R..
Increasing production and improving quality of lamb's meat through grassland cultivation and rotational management
Atti N., Mahouachi M..
Reflexions on agro-pastoralists in the WANA region: Challenges and future priorities
Ates S., Louhaichi M..
Silvopastoralism in Mediterranean Basin: Extension, practices, products, threats and challenges
Moreno G., Pulido F..
Research priorities for grassland science in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Kyriazopoulos A.P..
Advances in grassland research in the Mediterranean region of Chile
Del Pozo A., Ovalle C..